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Comment: WTF? (Score 1) 128

by sootman (#47758421) Attached to: Why Do Humans Grow Up So Slowly? Blame the Brain


"Humans are late bloomers when compared with other primates -- they spend almost twice as long in childhood and adolescence as chimps, gibbons, or macaques do."

And since chimps, gibbons, and macaques are the dominant life forces on the planet -- what with their iPhones and running water and skyscrapers and space programs and whatnot -- it is obvious that this difference in growth is a PROBLEM that must be FIXED.


Seriously, what the blistering fuck?

Comment: Come on, people! (Score 0) 239

by sootman (#47725077) Attached to: Latest Wikipedia Uproar Over 'Superprotection'

I know petitions are mostly worthless from the point of view of getting a meaningful response back from the government, but if you EVER want the government to take them seriously, quit using it for shit like this.

I'd have more respect for a 1st-grader using it to get his school to serve chocolate milk, than I do for this idiot wikipedia editor who thinks it's the proper venue for something like this.

Comment: Yeah, right... (Score 3, Funny) 249

by sootman (#47674239) Attached to: Apple's App Store Needs a Radical Revamp; How Would You Go About It?

Your post advocates a

( ) technical
( ) legislative
(x) market-based
( ) vigilante

approach to fixing the app store. Your idea will not work. Here is why it won't work.

(x) Apple is doing quite well these days, thankyouverymuch, and doesn't really give a shit how you think they should be run. (You, in general, public at large, and probably you, in particular, JLG.)

(x) Scammy developers will pay people in 4th-world countries to say their app is great.

(x) Probably a bunch more reasons that I don't have the energy to think up this second.

Comment: No great mystery (Score 1) 278

by sootman (#47656263) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Are Online Job Applications So Badly Designed?

Because ninety percent of everything is crap. This is not limited to job applications.

I was signing up for an online service just this morning. The page made no mention of password requirements anywhere, nor did it have a colorful JavaScript "weak/OK/strong" indicator, which is pretty standard and I'm sure can be done with a line or two of jquery. It's not an essential account so I used a simple password -- just a series of lowercase letters. I clicked submit, then got a message that my password must have a number. I added a number, clicked submit, and was told that I need a special character. I added one, clicked submit again, and this time the message was that it must contain both upper- and lowercase letters. Fourth time was the charm. :-\

Comment: Re:I'm sure he's a nice guy, but... (Score 1) 116

by sootman (#47608175) Attached to: Barry Shein Founded the First Dialup ISP (Video)

I first went online with a brand-new, crazy-fast 14.4 that I had to set the DIP switches on in 1995. So I wasn't there in 1989, but I'm not a total noob, either. Busy signals 90% of the time? Not in 1995. You're exaggerating just a shade, perhaps. Maybe once every couple days I couldn't connect, but I usually got through on the second call, and pretty much always by the third. I didn't get cable until 2000 or so.

I have no problem with how he runs his business -- phone lines, idle time, etc., yeah, I get that -- but it's 2014 and even though "literally" now means "figuratively", the word "unlimited" still means "unlimited". My only complaint with him is that he shouldn't say "unlimited" if there are, in fact, limits. That's all. There's a perfectly good word available for him to use: "unmetered" -- and I know he knows that word because he buries it under the asterisk. It is quite simply dishonest, whether it's AT&T or Comcast selling UNLIMITED* broadband or a little mom-and-pop shop like this.

Comment: I'm sure he's a nice guy, but... (Score 1, Insightful) 116

by sootman (#47604183) Attached to: Barry Shein Founded the First Dialup ISP (Video)

Add $5.00/month for unlimited* dial-up.
* Unlimited does not mean 24 by 7 connectivity. It means unmetered, interactive usage. Sessions inactive for more than 20 minutes are subject to disconnection. Attempts to defeat inactivity detection may result in additional charges or termination of service.


How hard is it to just say "Add $5.00/month for unmetered, interactive usage" without an asterisk and a bunch of bullshit between "Add $5" and the description of what you actually get for your five bucks?

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