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Comment Isn't Wikipedia licensed under a CC licence? (Score 1) 370

So anyone can go ahead and make a "beautiful" version of Wikipedia, right?

What's that? Oh, the curious sound of crickets mixed with tumbleweed.

(But I do wish it was much easier to correct very minor mistakes, like typos, just by clicking on the text to make it editable, like the descriptions under [one's own] Flickr photos).

Comment Re:So what? Hong Kong has this already (Score 1) 121

I knew someone would say this...

I'm sure some parts of NYC must be as dense as my area in HK, and even in London there are very wealthy areas which could easily afford this.

The trial will be in *Kesgrave*, for goodness' sake! Why!? I lived in the UK for decades and had never heard of it!

Comment Re:Free sharing far pre-dates RMS (Score 1) 174

The catalyst was actually The Copyright Act of 1976 which brought software under the copyright regime, and Stallman's travails at the AI Lab at MIT with Symbolics. A good source is the well-written and fascinating, and particularly Chapter 9 (

Comment Re:"Celebrity"? (Score 1) 233

"Let me make the argument another way. Say your wife is sleeping with another man. Obviously, they are having an affair. However, you never agreed to such things, and never endorsed them. You can't sue for breach of contract, as that's not how marriage works. Such a thing is obviously wrong and unethical. Thus, there is a law intended to prevent such things."

A car analogy is also needed but I'll let someone else do that.

"Confound these ancestors.... They've stolen our best ideas!" - Ben Jonson