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Comment: My invisible friend says contraception is bad!! (Score 1) 903

by slashdotwannabe (#45856657) Attached to: US Justice Blocks Implementation of ACA Contraceptive Mandate
Is there any other area of life in which someone who made this claim wouldn't be laughed out of court and put on psychotropic medications? But because it's such a *popular* mass delusion we have to tolerate this idiocy. All the way to the Supreme Court.

Comment: Re: Fuck religion. (Score 1) 903

by slashdotwannabe (#45856623) Attached to: US Justice Blocks Implementation of ACA Contraceptive Mandate
Nobody on the planet has anything close to the clusterfuck that is the ACA. Germany is closest in that private insurance is still dominant, but even that is a single payer system. You can disavow this history of ACA all you like, but the genesis of it was the Heritage Foundation. It was pushed by the GOP as the alternative to Hillarycare. It was implemented by the GOP in Mass. (Where it is widely popular). So give up the bullshit lie that the GOP didn't support the ACA until they didn't. Conveniently, they stopped supported it when a Democrat made it happen. This means they stopped supporting it either because they *never* believed in it -- they just needed a foil for HillaryCare and fuck the people -- or they stopped supporting it because they could not take credit for it --- again, fuck what's best for the people. Neither possibility covers the GOP in glory.

Comment: Re:5 dollar patch (Score 1) 466

by slashdotwannabe (#31501226) Attached to: <em>BioShock 2's</em> First DLC Already On Disc

If I sold you a car and it had a cupholder with a lock on it, and you had to pay me any amount of money at all for me to take that lock off so you have a place to conveniently set your drink, would you feel right about it?

There is a simple explanation of this behavior. People who have, for whatever reason, paid this extra money for nothing must rationalize their justification. We all do it. For many of us, it's better to defend a stupid decision than to admit to a stupid decision.

Comment: Re:How does he know it's unique? (Score 1) 544

by slashdotwannabe (#31501166) Attached to: Yale Law Student Wants Government To Have Everybody's DNA

Yup. This guy is an idiot. How does he know government can always be trusted with the information, among other things.

Not to be pendantic, but he is not an idiot -- he is naive. When he gets old enough to shave, he'll understand that just because his intentions are pure does not mean that those who run the agencies that would own this data are pure. They aren't. Nobody in power is.

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