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Comment: Re: nice, now for the real fight (Score 1) 631

by slashdotwannabe (#49149159) Attached to: FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules
Um, Cite? Because really, "around page 28" of a report that FCC gave to Congress in "march or may of 1988" (which was prior to the emergence of the Internet!) is a pretty ridiculous claim. Even if said report exists and says the things you claim it says, the Internet is a FAR different place now than in 1988. It is likely the rationalizations they used simply do not apply any longer.

Comment: Re:Just to be sure, compile it from source (Score 2) 155

by slashdotwannabe (#48835643) Attached to: 'Silk Road Reloaded' Launches On a Network More Secret Than Tor

But if you are using the supplied compiler then it could still be compromised. The compiler could be programmed to inject the malicious code.

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