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Comment Re: 6 launches isn't complex (Score 1) 212

Actually, a number of things wrong there. First, lets say that you use a bigelow 330 unit to travel to the moon. It could be launched on an FH for 150 M. Then you have supplies for 6 ppl to last say 6-12 months. That would fit in a unit that could be attached to the ba's front. That is 1 FH launch. Now, add a tug with fuel which 1 FH can do. Finally, you send up a crew of 6 in an f9 and dragon. Now, you are ready to go to the moon with 4 cheap launches. And that is exactly how it will be done.

Comment You are kidding. Right? (Score 1) 212

Ussr launched it quickly when they found out that America was getting ready to put vangard into space. In fact, sputnik was put together in just several months and that is why it had nothing scientific except for a transmitter. In fact, that was much of how the Soviet space program was done . fast and sloppy. That is why when America announced our lunar program, it was already on its way.

Comment Re:Alternative (Score 1) 149

EME isn't really that much of an improvement over plugins, though it does its best to never call the 'CME' a 'plugin'. It's slightly better than just using the 'object' tag, since it standardizes a few details of interaction between javascript on the page and the 'CME'; but aside from a bunch of 'this section is non-normative' comments at the bottom to the effect of 'please don't write insecure CMEs, especially if they are going to run in a trusted context'; EME requires absolutely nothing of a CME aside from support for setting up a playback session.

If you feel like implementing a pure toy of a system, they have their goofy little cleartext-key javascript thing; but fully replacing the browser's media playback mechanism is accepted(and probably expected, since any DRM system that just hands the decrypted media back to the browser for play is going to be absurdly weak); and the standard neither requires any particular methods for interacting with the CME to be available, nor forbids the CME from having additional functions, communicating through channels unknown to the browser, or doing just about anything else it wants to.

The 'CME' does have the advantage of not starting with legacy baggage, which certainly isn't true of Flash; but architecturally browser plugins are much more tightly under the control of the browser than CMEs are.

Comment Re: "Advanced battery technology" is a flashlight (Score 1) 196

Larger cells mean inability to control the heat which is what really destroys the cells. In addition, with high parallelism, they are able to deliver a great deal more amps as well as charge much faster. IOW, the use of massive cells was an intelligent choice, not one forced on them. In addition, the wrappers are not the same as what goes into your laptop.

Comment Re: Sakura Battery (Score 1) 196

Uhm. Humm. Have you wondered why Tesla has the ability to do a supercharger and not ruin their batteries? Or why their batteries will outlast others? Or why they have such amazing performance? It is because they choose to go with small batteries. It was not forced on them. They wanted high parallelism in the batteries.

Comment Re: Resume the lunar program (Score 1) 212

If it's Trump then I predict a change to a program to send people to Venus. It's a lot closer, is similarly sized to earth, and has a real atmosphere.

Please tell me you're joking, right? Sorry if I missed the sarcasm. I don't consider 500 degree sulfuric acid at 90 atmospheres to be much of an advantage. Anyway everyone knows Trump would be more interested in building a casino on the moon.

Comment Re:Sputnik? (Score 5, Insightful) 212

Sputnik was never intended as a "slap in the face to anyone". Self centered people tend to think that others do things especially for their own benefit. Sputnik was a mere step forward in technology. It would have been difficult to create an orbital satellite that did NOT fly over the United States at some point or other. That America decided to take it as a personal insult from "those commie bastards" is another thing entirely.

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