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Comment Re:Wrong- most of the world believes GMO is danger (Score 1) 357

And then there is the Lenape potato.

Perfect example of why at least some testing needs to be done before releasing new varieties on to the market....

BTW the Lenape was a hybrid bred with old school techniques. No GMO.... So I guess we need a label saying Warning Hybridized Bred Product on anything that contains something that is a hybrid. Of course that means effectively 100% of all food (other than wild fish.)

Comment Re:The brief puff of black soot... (Score 1) 496

Just to be clear here.... 30,000+ people get killed every year by cars.

But some small (possibly, probably, theoretical based on statistical modelling) number of extra deaths due to "cheating", certainly at the worst far less than a 1/10th of a % increase and more likely non-existent and the whole world comes to an end?

Every single person who uses a car or truck or bus or relies on anything delivered by a car or truck or bus bears as more responsibility for killing people with automobiles than VW does for some possible increase.

VW obviously violated a law. But put in perspective, simply using any motorized vehicle (including electrics) kills far more people.

Comment Re:To higher ground? (Score 1) 289

Nicely explained here:

Simply put, atolls with no people on them manage to stay level with sea level even though sea level has been rising for millennia.

Atolls with people have problems. Blaming CO2 levels for recent problems with erosion when there has been no increase in the rate of sea level rise probably is pointing the finger at the wrong cause. It does allow them to ignore the real cause (too many people) and try and extort money from the first world to help cope.

Comment Re:It's what I've been saying all along... (Score 1) 258

So you live in the 20% of the 80:20 rule. We'll solve for the 80% for great benefit. And let the 20% hang out to flap in the wind. It simply doesn't matter that we can't drive there. We probably don't want to drive there. And you can be like the Amish driving around in their horse drawn carriages.

Comment Re: Good Summary Until... (Score 1) 258

People who own parking garages own them so that people can park in them. It follows that if any substantial portion of the potential market for your parking structure cannot use it because of X (in this case because the mapping company for the auto-car industry has not mapped your garage) then you will solve for X (in this case get the mapping company in.)

In other words... there will be new businesses that are created to solve these problems. You need to repaint the lines in your parking lot because the municipality says you need to change things... most likely the paint company will also have a contact at the mapping company and arrange to have them come out and remap it before the paint dries.

Comment Re:"It has to be perfect before it'll work" (Score 1) 258

If you have used Google Maps / Waze / Apple Maps recently you will have noticed that they do a pretty good job of showing congestion for your route in real time.

For any obstruction on the highway, the FIRST car may have to figure something out, the SECOND car will simply have an updated "map" saying that there is an obstruction use the left lane and pay attention for a flagger.

Comment Re:fighting carbon pollution? (Score 2) 369

And the equivalent of 10 keystones have been built in the US since the Keystone was applied for in 2010.

The net effect of saying no was therefore slightly less than a 10% reduction in build and the equivalent increase in rail.

The net benefits will 100% accrue to the rail companies. The increased transportation costs will be borne by oil producers. There will be no reduction in oil output from oil sands.


Comment Chromebook - two accounts - powerwash (Score 1) 324

If you have a Chromebook, have a separate gmail account that looks active (subscribe to some innocuous mailing lists.)

Prior to border simply powerwash the Chromebook and login with the clean account. Nothing to see here officer. The password is 1234.

After you get home, login with your normal account.

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