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Comment Re:If Only (Score 1) 118

Scientists have a job because the vast majority of funding for climate science comes from government or NGO organizations that only fund research that is looking to confirm human caused global warming er global climate change.

Which is why most of the criticisms come from older scientists with tenure and no longer trying to maintain a research lab so don't need funding or are simply retired.

Comment Re:Will Ad Blockers Kill the Digital Media Industr (Score 1) 519

I keep hearing that if I don't want to see abusive ads I should simply not go back to those sites...

The problem is that there are (literally) thousands and thousands of them. Can't remember them all.

Perhaps what we need is a way for sites to indicate or for an ad blocking site to rate that they require "no-ad blocking" and then on pages with URL's instead of a blue underline we get a red underline. Then we can vote with our clicks without ever having to actually visit the site first. Don't want to view invasive ads then don't click on the red links.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 1) 361

Slate has an excellent summary on the GMO scare.


To quote Will Saletan "But the deeper you dig, the more fraud you find in the case against GMOs. It’s full of errors, fallacies, misconceptions, misrepresentations, and lies. The people who tell you that Monsanto is hiding the truth are themselves hiding evidence that their own allegations about GMOs are false. They’re counting on you to feel overwhelmed by the science and to accept, as a gut presumption, their message of distrust."

Comment Win10 with Classic Shell (Score 2) 321

Windows 10 with Classic Shell is an even better Windows 7 than Windows 8.1 with Classic Shell. Both are a better Windows 7 than Windows 7.

I did give the Windows 10 "start menu" a bit more of a try out than the Windows 8 one. A full ten minutes (nine minutes longer!) Then installed Classic Shell and got back to work.

Comment Re:Classic Shell (Score 1) 249

I've been running Windows 8.1 for the last year with Classic Shell. It ends up being a much better Windows 7 then. My preferred version of Windows in fact.

Did my first Windows 10 yesterday. Poked at the new and "improved" start menu for ten minutes. Installed Classic Shell and got back to work.

It looks like Windows 10 with Classic Shell ends up being a (possibly, maybe, hopefully) better Windows 7 then!

Comment Re:Most looking forward to? (Score 1) 231

Driver Tourism. Pick a nice road in the Italian Alps. Run it one way with minimum times between drivers. Charge a small fortune. Options could include having professional drivers who will drive you etc etc.

If you really think driving is fun then look for ways to pursue it safely. Sufficient money will make it happen.

Comment Re:HAHAHAHA! (Score 1) 231

Yes, but a more apt comparison would be to look at the rise in small computer companies (Microsoft, now Apple) at the expense of big computer companies (DEC, Unisys, Honeywell, IBM.)

A formerly popular product replaced by a much lower cost product kills or emasculates some companies but new companies pop up to take advantage of the cash flow available to spend on other things that are needed and now affordable.

Comment Re:Possible but rather unlikely I think (Score 1) 252

Sure they do. A lot of what is currently done with high cost buses will be replaced by smaller automated vehicles. Those might be owned (read financed) by the local transportation company (i.e. who is operating the buses now), the taxi company replacements (e.g. Uber) that are willing to fund them for profit they can make, or by end users for their own use and possibly for leasing out.

If they are cheaper to operate somebody will be happy to buy and operate them to replace costlier options.

Comment Re:Possible but rather unlikely I think (Score 1) 252

1. The UberLike service that is managing your car for you simply valets it for you before returning it to you for your use.
2. The UberLike service also tracks damage by passengers and bills them and / or simply refuses to rent to them in the future. In any respect the service restores your car to usable condition before returning it as part of the terms and conditions you allowed them to use it.

These are not like current taxis and buses. Much more like a cross between Uber and Avis. Uber like app but you are renting the car like Avis and the car delivers itself to you and takes itself back after use. Damage on the outside will mostly be not your problem. Damage on the inside will and they will know who to bill and who to deny service to in the future.

Comment Re:11 rear enders (Score 2) 549

Yes, Moores Law won't help at all.

Self driving cars are (not even) where the original iPhone was 10 years ago. Think where another two or three generations of chip evolution will get things to.

This applies to cpu speed to analyze. It also applies to gpu's to analyze video. It also applies to all of the sensors and radar and lidar units required.

Everything will be cheaper and faster with higher resolution.

Basic is a high level languish. APL is a high level anguish.