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by Sique (#47932349) Attached to: Scotland's Independence Vote Could Shake Up Industry
It's even more complicated. Ireland has experienced one wave of viking and two waves of english settlers. The vikings settled around Dublin in the 9th and 10th century, until they were beaten by Brian Buro in the Battle of Clontarf. Then after the normannic conquest of England, the Normans set also out to conquer Ireland in the 11th and 12th century, and the King of England became Lord of Ireland, and normannic and english earls were ruling Ireland. But with time, the english control of Ireland lapsed, as the Kings of England were occupied with their territories in France and the battles in the Hundred Years War. The english earls became more and more irish, started to wear irish clothes, intermarried with irish aristocrats and even started to talk Irish Gaelic.

But after the loss of the Hundred Years War and all their continental territory, the english kings started to look into Ireland, especially Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. They managed to revive english rule in Ireland, and they started to send settlers from England, Wales and Scotland to Ireland. Those were the New English, compared with the Old English who came 400 years earlier. Most North Irish Protestants are the descendants of those settlers.

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What they should do is use the ocean version of "pumped storage": build a giant vertical cylinder in the ocean, and when you have surplus electricity you pump water OUT of the chamber. Then when usage peaks and you need more electricity, you let water run back in and turn turbines to generate it.

It's probably a hell of a lot cheaper than batteries. Pumped storage has been an up-and-coming technology for 20 years now. I worked on one project in which they hollowed out an entire stone mountain, creating huge chambers to store water for a pumped-storage system.

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When I was a child, we had a nice wood boat. A ChrisCraft. The finish was getting pretty weather-worn so my father took it to a guy who refinished boats to get it done. He specified brass screws, just like the original. The refinisher said, "Everybody uses stainless steel these days. They're just as good." My father reluctantly let him use the stainless steel screws.

The boat was moored by strong chains to a dock in the ocean. (You had to leave lots of play in the chains so the boat could ride up and down with the tide.) A few weeks later, by family got a call from the SeaBees. They had found the boat, dangling underwater by the chains holding it to the dock pilings.

The seawater had eaten the stainless steel screws right up. It only took a few weeks.

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No; they are FAILED engineers; nothing they create works properly; that's why they are trying to force the world to their will through violence, not intellect.

I remember an actual medical doctor trying to explode stuff I think at Glasgow Airport. They said he was so incompetent, he would have caused more damage if he had kept working in his profession.

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Really it is true. The GOP in the US base most of their policy on religious and military views. For instance, GWBush used an expansion of the military to employ the unskilled and uneducated. He then used Homeland Security. If you are not actually basing your economy on a educated workforce, and maintaining control through religion, then any kind of secular education is a bad thing.

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If you have a deadline, and you can't finish the project within the deadline, you have a problem. If you tell your manager that you can't finish the project within the deadline, your manager has a problem.

Since managers don't like problems, bad managers try their very hardest to make you not tell them that you are going to miss the deadline. For example, by overriding your estimates. Without realising that overriding someone's estimates doesn't finish the code any faster.

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It is a matter of taste; but the proliferation of 'widescreen' has really made multiple orientation setups more attractive. In particular, the ubiquitous 1920x1080 is cheap as dirt and nice and wide; but actually throws fewer vertical pixels than a nasty old 1280x1024 17' from about 2001. If you read or write a lot of text, or code with reasonably short lines, taking a cheapo 1920x1080 and rotating it gives you a 1080x1920: this is handy because it's still wider than 1024(so even old and horrible programs/layouts generally won't break, since anything that old and horrible probably expects 768 or 1024 pixel wide screens); but provides more vertical resolution than even substantially more expensive monitors in their native orientation.

I prefer my 'primary' monitor to be unrotated; but the amount of vertical resolution you can get for the money, without totally sacrificing width, from a rotated secondary monitor is pretty compelling.

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In this case, you might want to go after the vets before the doctors...

It's not an accident that they were looking at agricultural workers (rather than, say, elementary school teachers, who would be seeing the worst of it from antibiotics-for-the-sniffles patients), nor is it an accident that there are 'livestock-associated' drug resistant strains.

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Not saying it would be simple. https means: Data is encrypted with a key K and decrypted with the key K', and somehow both sides agree about the key. First, Apple could store your email encrypted with a key A so it can be decrypted with key A'. If they combine A' and K, it could be possible to send the https message to you without ever producing the decrypted message at Apple. Now if Apple didn't store the key A', but some means to combine A' with a (yet unknown) key K, then they couldn't decrypt your message.

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