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Submission Porsche chooses Apple over Google because Google wants too much data->

countach44 writes: As reported in number 5 of this list from Motor Trend, Porsche went with Apple over Google for the infotainment system in its new 911. Apparently, Android Auto wants vehicle data (throttle position, speed, coolant temp, etc...) whereas Apple Play only needs to know if the car is in motion. Speculation is around what Google, as a company building its own car, wants that data for.
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Comment Definitions of words (Score 1) 546

A clue: saying you're not doing something and then doing it doesn't mean you're not doing it.

A clue: When someone clarifies their intent because they are aware that others will misinterpret them you might consider actually taking them at their word. The word snide means to mock and I was in not mocking anyone. I merely wish to understand the motivations at work here. Had I wished to mock it would have been trivial to do so.

Saying you're not being snide then making snide personal attacks on the person in question means you actually lied about not being snide.

Never made a personal attack on anyone. I asked if the guy was "having a snit" (the word means to sulk or to have a fit of irritation) which is a reasonable question in this context. I've seen plenty of projects fork because of personality disagreements. Merely curious if that might be the case here. I also asked if there was any tangible benefit to his proposed additions to the kernel that an end user like myself would care about. If he has a good point and it matters to me then I'll sit up and pay attention. But it seems to merely be a personality conflict based on what I'm reading so I no longer care.

Well done on not reading my post or utterly failing to understand it.

Likewise. Pot meet kettle. (see THAT is being snide...)

Comment Single parents (Score 1) 220

In the old days when someone got pregnant without being married they were considered irresponsible. Society gave them two choices. Either they would get married or give the child up for adoption to a married couple.

Yeah, it didn't really work that way a lot of the time. Single parents and pregnant teens have always been a thing since the dawn of mankind. You really shouldn't get your opinions about how the real world works from 1950s sitcoms.

We know a child will be much more successful in life if they are raised by a mother and father.

No we don't "know" that because it isn't actually true. Most studies of this sort of thing badly confuse correlation with causation and fail to control for other factors. Having a mother and a father can help but the relationship between success (which you conveniently didn't define) and living in a traditional Norman Rockwell family is a weak one. What matters is having parents and guardians and family that are involved. Whether they are married or not is irrelevant.

Today what we do is tax the responsible people and give that money to the irresponsible people to raise their kids.

Even if that were true (and it mostly isn't) the VAST majority of the money we tax goes to the military and medicare and social security. I'll start worrying about a few folks taking advantage of my tax dollars once we stop spending trillions on fighter jets we don't need and wars in the middle east that we can't afford.

The liberal feels bad for the girl that gets pregnant without being married.

Why should I feel bad for that person unless they are underage? I don't care at all. What I do care about is whether society helps that person or not. Sounds like your attitude is to tell them to fuck off and then complain about the bad results after you couldn't be bothered to help a fellow human.

Meanwhile the single moms raise children that are a drain on society.

As someone who was raised by a single mom allow me to give a hearty FUCK YOU to you and your ignorant opinion of single moms. You have NO idea what you are talking about. The real world isn't an episode of Leave It To Beaver and there are millions of single parents who are doing a damn fine job raising their children to be fine productive members of society. I'll be happy to introduce you to some and you can tell them what a drain they and their children are to their face.

Comment $400K is a lot but not THAT much (Score 1) 220

$400K/year is the kind of salary that strat getting a high investment/expense ratio. Also the kind of salary that eventually buy $200,000 cars.

I have family members and friends that have make that kind of salary. (doctor's, lawyers, private equity, etc) Even in a location with low cost of living, it's not nearly enough for most to justify buying $200K vehicles and very, very few do. $400K becomes about half to two-thirds of that once taxes are taken out. Comfortable to be sure but not enough to start acting like a rap star. I assure you that very few people making that kind of salary are driving around in vehicles that cost anywhere near $200K. Just go look in the doctor's parking lot at any hospital if you don't believe me. You aren't going to see a lot of Ferrari's there. It's not that they can't eventually do it but the people who buy $200K cars tend to be folks that either come from money or who make close to seven figure incomes.

So a once in a lifetime $250,000 expense is not necessarily out of the question.

VERY different statement. Yes someone making $400K/year who is reasonably thrifty could drop $250K on a trip to space if they wanted. Most won't but it's possible.

Comment So you're saying it is a snit? (Score 0) 546

Yeah you do, otherwise you wouldn't have said this:

No I don't which is why I wrote what I did. If I mean to be snide I'll just go right ahead and do that without bothering to claim otherwise.

Guy gets finally fed up with dealing with insane LKML politics and decides to have his own tree with his own patches. Guy isn't some rando, guy is a long term contributor to the mailing list.

None of which I care about as an end user nor is the politics involved remotely interesting to me. My question was whether this mattered to me as an end user. It sounds like you are confirming that this is a developer having a snit.

You should probably care because the politics driving away good people means that inevitably the quality will go down when those good people find more enjoyable places to work. And good people always have options.

People leaving does not mean quality will "inevitably" go down. I run a company and have had to deal with good people leaving many, many times. It's rare that someone cannot be replaced. Did this fellow bring something to the table that cannot be replaced? If not then I'm not worried in the slightest. If the kernel dev team isn't robust enough to withstand people leaving (including Linus) then it probably was doomed anyway but that seems rather unlikely given its prominence these days.

Comment Benefit to end users? (Score 5, Insightful) 546

I don't actually mean to sound snide but can someone explain to me why I should care about this as an end user? TFS reads like someone got their panties in a bunch over some arcane detail and couldn't bear to not get his way. Is there some amazing benefit to users in this or is this just some developer having a snit because Linus disagreed with his preferences?

Comment Yes it is space (Score 2) 220

The concept of what space IS anyway has been cheapened by considering low Earth orbit is outer space anyway. It's not. The ISS is as close to me as the next major city. It's not even far away.

That's like arguing that a supertanker isn't in the Atlantic ocean because I can see it from shore. It's irrelevant to the discussion of whether it is in the ocean or not. Space is defined by the general absence of matter in close proximity. On Earth it is typically presumed to be the area outside our atmosphere. On other planets the boundary will be different though just as arbitrary. Some without atmospheres will have space start at the surface. Since there isn't an obvious boundary to an atmosphere like a shoreline they have to choose an arbitrarily selected one. You can pick a slightly different one if it makes you happy but once you are in a hard vacuum or a good approximation of one and not touching a planetary body, you are in space by definition. Whether that starts at 60km, 100km, 200km or 1000km is not really particularly important.

Even going to the moon, which is as far as we have ever gone, should be considered near space since it is still gravitationally bound to the Earth.

Absurd logic. Whether something is in space or not has nothing to do with what it is orbiting nor does it have anything specifically to do with Earth. Gravitation exists between every bit of matter in the universe so it's not a useful means of defining space. If you are on the surface of Mars you aren't in space but you certainly aren't gravitationally bound to Earth either. Nobody is going to agree with you that the ISS is not in space. It meets every commonly accepted definition of outer space.

Comment Lingua Francas (Score 2) 132

English is the closest thing we have to a universal language, even though it isn't one.

Since even the most optimistic estimate of the number of speakers (including non-native) is around 500 million, you are talking about a language spoken by about 7% of the world's population. So no, it isn't even close to being a universal language. It is probably the closest thing the a lingua franca right now but it's no where close to universal. Hell there are more speakers of Mandarin than English albeit mostly in one country.

It used to be German, but that fell out of favor for some reason, I can't imagine why.

No idea where you got that idea. The Holy Roman Empire and Austro-Hungarian Empires used it and it's still quite popular but not much outside of Europe. Unless you are talking about Germanic languages in general which includes English. The world is a lot bigger place than Europe.

Comment A certificate that isn't used is pointless (Score 0) 69

You're new here, aren't you?

Check my userid. Some have been here longer but unless you are being ironic the answer is no I'm not new here.

You know how many threads there are defending / promoting the notion that i devices are impervious to malware / viruses?

Yes I am aware. Yes their arguments are generally idiotic.

Also, it's possible once the malware gets a hold of the system, it might block actions.

If that it is true then that is a huge flaw in the system which Apple needs to correct as soon as possible. I understand that such a scenario is possible but I also understand that it is correctable. If some software needs to break to improve security then so be it.

It's an enterprise certificate, so those companies want more control over what goes in and out -- they don't want mission critical software to be suddenly removed because someone at APL bungled something.

Doesn't matter. If there is a security flaw where a certificate has been compromised then the only correct response it revoke the certificate. Yes this could be highly inconvenient but the danger of not revoking the certificate and disabling the vulnerability is worse. A certificate that isn't revoked when necessary is worse than useless. If the danger does not justify a certificate then what is the point of issuing one in the first place?

Comment Be responsible for your own navigation (Score 0) 132

ah by Vegas cabs almost universally don't have GPS.

So what? You do if you have a smartphone. Or tote along a standalone GPS if you have one. Plug the route in and if they are taking the scenic route then direct them back or get out and complain to their parent company. A good cabbie won't need a GPS and it's not hard to figure out if they know what they are doing.

I was there just this summer probably took at least fifteen cab rides not one cabbie had a GPS.

So why not rent a car if you are taking that many cab rides?

Most of them asked ME for directions.

Then get out and find a different cab. No idea why people are so bashful about demanding that the drivers know what they are doing. Frankly if they can't find their way around Vegas then they are incompetent. That's about the easiest city to get around in there is.

So in addition to the outrageous fairs, I am left using my phone and MY data plan to navigate for the drive.

Which is why I rent a car in Vegas. Honestly unless you are going directly to/from one hotel and never leaving it, taking a taxi is a stupid waste of money in Vegas. I prefer to navigate myself places anyway. Plus I'm paying for the data anyway whether I use it or not so I may as well use it. I agree it is annoying but it's better than being ripped off.

Comment Caveat emptor (Score 0) 132

I go to Vegas every year to work at CES, not to vacation.

Getting ripped off by a taxi driver and having the same discussion about "fastest way to airpor" every year gets old.

Then that is your fault for doing the same thing every year. Tell them your preferred route upon entering the car or secure alternative transportation.

Comment Revoke the certificate (Score 4, Insightful) 69

YiSpecter's malicious apps were signed with three iOS enterprise certificates issued by Apple so that they can be installed as enterprise apps on non-jailbroken iOS devices via in-house distribution.

So Apple should revoke the certificate. Why is this a problem? What makes this newsworthy? What am I missing?

It should surprise nobody that malware makers find security holes. Apple is no exception. But the entire point of certificates is that they can be revoked in the event there is a problem. Revoke the certificate which should then disable the app. If it doesn't work this way then something is wrong and the certificate is pointless.

Comment Vegas wasn't built on winners (Score 1, Interesting) 132

LV taxi always try to trick you into taking the highway to the airport which is significantly more expensive than the normal way from the strip.

That's cute. Going to Las Vegas to be thrifty? What exactly is the point of that? You are aware that those huge casinos weren't built by people being smart with their money, right?

Personally I just rent a car when I go to Vegas. Costs about $30-40 a day and I can go wherever I want and parking is plentiful and mostly free. The monorail can get you to much of the strip and you'll be walking plenty anyway. Cabs can be useful but if you are going to take more than 2 cab rides a day you might as well rent a car.

Comment Ugly Americanism (Score 1, Insightful) 132

While I agree with your thesis that cab companies often provide shitty service for an outrageous price, I think you are wrong a few points.

It's frustrating dealing with taxi drivers who don't know where they're going or what they're doing, since they only arrived in the country a month before.

In the age of GPS this should be a non-problem. And frankly while I don't take cabs often I've NEVER run into a cab where the guy got off the figurative boat a month before. Maybe it does actually happen but I think that is more of an urban legend than anything else. More likely it is just the arrogant and often racist assumption that anyone who doesn't have English as their first language must have just gotten to the country 5 days prior.

It's also frustrating when they can't speak or understand English, which is the international language of the travel industry worldwide, especially in countries that are natively English-speaking.

English is NOT a universal language or anything close to it and certainly isn't the "international language of the travel industry worldwide". While it is among the more commonly spoken languages more of the world doesn't speak English than does. I've traveled quite a lot in places where not a word of English is spoken. The assumption that everyone should speak English is ignorant and arrogant and if you honestly believe that then you are a jerk. This is the sort of ugly-american stuff that gets us such a bad reputation. In the US, yes you should be able to speak English and in some areas Spanish is helpful too. Elsewhere different rules apply. If you cannot communicate with your driver then GET OUT and get a new cab. If you are offended at an accent then you are just being a douche.

And it's utterly disrespectful when they spend the whole trip chattering loudly on their phones or headsets in Arabic or some other obscure language the entire trip.

What do you care what language they are "chattering" in? Disrespect is a matter of opinion and perspective and local custom. I don't see that as disrespectful at all. Unprofessional in some cases but not disrespectful. Personally I don't care at all if the cabbie wants to entertain himself as long as he gets me where I want to go quickly and efficiently. I don't really want to talk with them anyway so what do I care? The only time I care is if I interrupt the driver I expect him to drop whatever he's doing and pay attention.

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