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by NeverVotedBush (#47419385) Attached to: Blueprints For Taming the Climate Crisis
I think it's too late anyway. With scientists figuring out we need crash programs to change basically everything in just 15 years to avoid major climate disruption, it's pretty much game over. People don't have the motivation and the cause and effect link is too removed for most dullards to understand what's going on. I think it's obvious from the postings here that the API has done their disinformation job very well. There is no way to mobilize the support we need to make this all happen in 15 years.

What it will take is these deniers finally realizing that in spite of setting new heat records every year and many months for the last decade, it really is getting hotter. It's going to take more major floods, more tornado swarms, more hurricanes, more droughts, and more weather disasters of scales never seen before these folks finally figure out they have been duped and used to enrich the few living out their last hurrahs.

But really, it's been to late for a decade. There is also too much infrastructure, too many IC cars, too much totally dependent on fossil fuels to roll things back in just 15 years. A lot of newly-installed infrastructure is designed to last 30 years and is amortized out over those time periods. These people make fun of him, but the time we should have really been working hard to fix this was when Al Gore popularized the alarm.

The term "dead man walking" comes to mind here. We're now just along for the ride. I am glad I am the age I am and have had a chance to live my life and won't be seeing when the real climate issues hit. When people can't feed themselves is when things will get really nasty and it's sad that kids today will likely get to see it. The earth is quickly headed to a time when it can't support anywhere near the life on it now. That means die offs. Big ones. Humans won't take that laying down though. They start wars. They steal. They kill. They basically go insane.

It will take a while but it's coming. These unthinking drones can deny it all they want. Make Al Gore jokes. Hockey stick jokes. Whatever. It's all simple physics and chemistry. Anyone with an undergraduate degree and any knowledge of infrared spectroscopy can understand the concept of greenhouse gases, trapping heat, and temperature increases. Throw in a bit of decaying formerly-frozen peat bogs, methane clathrates melting on the ocean floors, and the atmosphere's ability to hold more water vapor as it heats up, and we are making a mighty fine thermal blanket for this planet.

We just can't get out of this kitchen. We're stuck here.

+ - NASA Launching Satellite to Track Carbon

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "A NASA satellite being prepared for launch early on Tuesday is expected to reveal details about where carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas tied to climate change, is being released into Earth's atmosphere on a global scale. From the article: "The $468 million mission is designed to study the main driver of climate change emitted from smokestacks and tailpipes. Some of the carbon dioxide is sucked up by trees and oceans, and the rest is lofted into the atmosphere, trapping the sun's heat and warming the planet. But atmospheric CO2 levels fluctuate with the seasons and in different regions of the Earth. The natural and human activities that cause the changes are complicated. The Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2, or OCO-2 for short, will be able to take an ultra-detailed look at most of the Earth's surface to identify places responsible for producing or absorbing the greenhouse gas.""

+ - Fox moves to use Aereo ruling against Dish streaming service->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "A day after a surprise US supreme court decision to outlaw streaming TV service Aereo, US broadcaster Fox has moved to use the ruling to clamp down on another internet TV service.

Fox has cited Wednesday’s ruling – which found Aereo to be operating illegally – to bolster its claim against a service offered by Dish, America’s third largest pay TV service, which streams live TV programming over the internet to its subscribers and allows them to copy programmes onto tablet computers for viewing outside the home."

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+ - Apple Kills Aperture, Says New Photos App Will Replace It->

Submitted by mpicpp
mpicpp (3454017) writes "Heavy-duty photo-editing Mac users may not be happy this morning. Apple told news website The Loop that it has decided to abandon Aperture, its professional photo-editing software application.

“With the introduction of the new Photos app and iCloud Photo Library, enabling you to safely store all of your photos in iCloud and access them from anywhere, there will be no new development of Aperture,” Apple said in a statement to The Loop. “When Photos for OS X ships next year, users will be able to migrate their existing Aperture libraries to Photos for OS.”

The new Photos app, which will debut with OS X Yosemite when it launches this fall, will also replace iPhoto. It promises to be more intuitive and user friendly, but as such, likely not as full featured as what Aperture currently offers."

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+ - Korean government switches to open source by 2020->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "As the support for the Microsoft (MS) Windows XP service is terminated this year, the government will try and invigorate open source software in order to solve the problem of dependency on certain software. By 2020 when the support of the Windows 7 service is terminated, it is planning to switch to open OS and minimize damages. Industry insiders pointed out that the standard e-document format must be established and shared as an open source before open source software is invigorated."
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+ - Microsoft Suspending "Patch Tuesday" emails?->

Submitted by outofluck70
outofluck70 (1734164) writes "Got an email today from Microsoft, text is below. They are no longer going to send out emails regarding patches, you have to use RSS or keep visiting their security sites. They blame "governmental policies" as the reason. What could the real reason be? Anybody in the know?

From the email:

Title: Microsoft Security Notifications
Issued: June 27, 2014

Notice to IT professionals:

As of July 1, 2014, due to changing governmental policies concerning the issuance of automated electronic messaging, Microsoft is suspending the use of email notifications that announce the

* Security bulletin advance notifications
* Security bulletin summaries
* New security advisories and bulletins
* Major and minor revisions to security advisories and bulletins

In lieu of email notifications, you can subscribe to one or more of the RSS feeds described on the Security TechCenter website.

For more information, or to sign up for an RSS feed, visit the Microsoft Technical Security Notifications webpage at"

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+ - Saudi Government Targeting Dissidents with Mobile Malware->

Submitted by wiredmikey
wiredmikey (1824622) writes "Human Rights Watch on Friday demanded a clarification from Saudi Arabia over allegations from security researchers that the kingdom is infecting and monitoring dissidents' mobile phones with surveillance malware. The New York-based rights watchdog said surveillance software allegedly made by Italian firm Hacking Team mostly targeted individuals in Qatif district in Eastern Province, which has been the site of sporadic Shiite-led protests since February 2011.

"We have documented how Saudi authorities routinely crack down on online activists who have embraced social media to call out human rights abuses," said Cynthia Wong, HRW's senior Internet researcher. "It seems that authorities may now be hacking into mobile phones, turning digital tools into just another way for the government to intimidate and silence independent voices."

The accusations against the Saudi Government come days after researchers from Kaspersky Lab and Citizen Lab uncovered new details on advanced surveillance tools offered by HackingTeam, including never before seen implants for smartphones running on iOS and Android."

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+ - FBI Issued 19,000 National Security Letters in 2013

Submitted by Trailrunner7
Trailrunner7 (1100399) writes "The United States federal government issued more than 19,000 National Security Letters–perhaps its most powerful tool for domestic intelligence collection–in 2013, and those NSLs contained more than 38,000 individual requests for information.

The new data was released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on Friday as part of its effort to comply with a directive from President Obama to declassify and release as much information as possible about a variety of tools that the government uses to collect intelligence. The directive came in the immediate aftermath of the first revelations by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden about the agency’s capabilities, methods and use of legal authorities.

The use of NSLs is far from new, dating back several decades. But their use was expanded greatly after 9/11 and NSLs are different from other tools in a number of ways, perhaps most importantly in the fact that recipients typically are prohibited from even disclosing the fact that they received an NSL. Successfully fighting an NSL is a rare thing, and privacy advocates have been after the government for years to release data on their use of the letters and the number of NSLs issued. Now, the ODNI is putting some of that information into the public record."

+ - Protestors Launch a 135-Foot Blimp Over the NSA's Utah Data Center->

Submitted by Dega704
Dega704 (1454673) writes "Plenty of nightmare surveillance theories surround the million-square-foot NSA facility opened last year in Bluffdale, Utah. Any locals driving by the massive complex Friday morning saw something that may inspire new ones: A massive blimp hovering over the center, with the letters NSA printed on its side.

Activist groups including the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Greenpeace launched the 135-foot thermal airship early Friday morning to protest the agency’s mass surveillance programs and to announce the launch of Stand Against Spying, a website that rates members of Congress on their support or opposition to NSA reform. The full message on the blimp reads “NSA: Illegal Spying Below” along with an arrow pointing downward and the Stand Against Spying URL."

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+ - CEOs who make outragous pecentages of company revenues->

Submitted by bizwriter
bizwriter (1064470) writes "Top earning Charif Souki of Cheniere Energy had a compensation package last year of almost $142 million, even as company revenue was $267 million with a loss of $554 million. His pay package was more than half company revenue. It turns out that hundreds of companies devote 1 percent or more — sometimes a lot more — of their revenue to pay their CEOs, including heads of such tech companies as Zynga, Splunk, TripAdvisor, Progress Software, and zulily."
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+ - Designer Brews Beer, Prints Resume on Side of Custom 4-Pack, Scores Job->

Submitted by Nerval's Lobster
Nerval's Lobster (2598977) writes "Canadian graphic designer Brennan Gleason wanted to attract more work, so he came up with a novel concept: custom-printing his resume on boxes of the beer he brews as a sideline. “I brewed up a nice blonde ale, so I figured it would awesome to use it to promote myself and my work,” Gleason wrote in a post on Dribbble. “Box contains the resume and the bottles each contain a piece of my work.” In addition to some bits about his work history, the carton labeling features a prominent link to his personal website. The best part? His creative effort reportedly gained him a few job offers. And if the employer loves beer, a resume on the side of a beer carton could go a long way toward scoring that job interview, provided the employer in question isn’t a teetotaler."
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+ - Google I/O: Hello Dataflow, Goodbye MapReduce->

Submitted by mpicpp
mpicpp (3454017) writes "Google introduces Dataflow to handle streams and batches of big data, replacing MapReduce and challenging other public cloud services.

At this year's developer conference, Google executives said MapReduce was so 2004-ish. It's batch oriented, when what you really need is a system that can handle both a large amount of data set aside for a scheduled batch process and one that can handle an ad hoc stream of unsorted data. In producing Dataflow, Google is attempting to steal a march on other public cloud services and provide a two-in-one data sorting and data analysis system.

At Amazon Web Services, for example, you might use Elastic MapReduce for the batch process and Kinesis, introduced last November at Amazon's Re:Invest event, for real-time streaming data. On Google App Engine or Compute Engine, you can use Cloud Dataflow for both tasks."

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