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Comment Here you go, UK Government (Score 4, Insightful) 145

You wanted functional encryption to be made illegal. Turkey has just taken a bold step towards this brave stance. How does it taste to you? I bet the EU spokeswoman's comments made the pill even more delicious, since she mentioned human rights, which is something the UK government also wants to shred.

Comment Re:Ner ner! (Score 1) 175

> I've had HDDs give me warning, and I've had HDDs fail without any warning. People have gone to their backups and found them unreadable.

Absolutely agree here - a backup is only as good as the system used to validate it. But as we've seen since this service was mentioned, Google have already been found to be re-processing the images sent to it (I've seen mention of RAW images which were quite significantly compressed), so they're just as good/bad from a backup integrity point of view.

At least one can monitor one's own in-house disks and backups!

Comment Re:Not ignoring the story is a good start! (Score 1) 384

Not that long ago I went hog wild over something that turned out to be a genuine bug in the Firehose. On top of that, it was very old news anyway. This time the hog was not let loose, and frankly, all the little bitches whining and crying about it are entertaining me.

Thanks for your hard work, btw. /. is a great place to be.

Submission + - TrueCrypt Alternatives Step Up Post-Cryptanalysis ( 1

msm1267 writes: What's next for TrueCrypt now that a two-phase audit of the code and its cryptography uncovered a few critical vulnerabilities, but no backdoors? Two alternative open source encryption projects forked TrueCrypt once its developers decided to abandon the project in early 2014, giving rise to VeraCrypt and CipherShed--and both are ready to accelerate growth, compatibility and functionality now that the TrueCrypt code has been given a relative clean bill of health.

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