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Comment: Re:What trolls (Score 1) 379

by simplypeachy (#47694655) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Would You Pay For Websites Without Trolls?

Yeah, I suppose I'm picky where my bubble extends. If it's a place that doesn't cope with trolls then I leave the discussion or the service for somewhere better. There was a time I participated in the discussions on Gawker's Kotaku gaming blog, but the web site became barely functional and every change they implemented made it more difficult for me to join in. So I stopped. (I also tried their IRC channel, but gave up on that because it was mostly about game piracy, the irony.)

Comment: Re:For Win9, MS should go back to Service Packs... (Score 1) 300

At least with Service Packs you knew that it was complicated and had a lot of updates to install, and were aware it could hose the machine. I've come to expect Microsoft's monthly updates be trouble-free, because they are almost every single occasion.

Comment: /.ed (Score 4, Interesting) 150

by simplypeachy (#47606169) Attached to: Synolocker 0-Day Ransomware Puts NAS Files At Risk

Forum post so far:

Hello Everyone,

We’d like to provide a brief update regarding the recent ransomware called “SynoLocker,” which is currently affecting certain Synology NAS servers.

Based on our current observations, this issue only affects Synology NAS servers running some older versions of DSM (DSM 4.3-3810 or earlier), by exploiting a security vulnerability that was fixed and patched in December, 2013. At present, we have not observed this vulnerability in DSM 5.0.

For Synology NAS servers running DSM 4.3-3810 or earlier, and if users encounter any of the below symptoms, we recommend they shut down their system and contact our technical support team here:

-When attempting to log in to DSM, a screen appears informing users that data has been encrypted and a fee is required to unlock data.
-A process called “synosync” is running in Resource Monitor.
-DSM 4.3-3810 or earlier is installed, but the system says the latest version is installed at Control Panel > DSM Update.

For users who have not encountered any of the symptoms stated above, we highly recommend downloading and installing DSM 5.0, or any version below:
-For DSM 4.3, please install DSM 4.3-3827 or later
-For DSM 4.1 or DSM 4.2, please install DSM 4.2-3243 or later
-For DSM 4.0, please install DSM 4.0-2259 or later

DSM can be updated by going to Control Panel > DSM Update. Users can also manually download and install the latest version from our Download Center here:

If users notice any strange behavior or suspect their Synology NAS server has been affected by the above issue, we encourage them to contact us at

Apologies for any problems or inconvenience caused. We will keep you updated with latest information as we address this issue.

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"into using a password manager that holds -unique to every site- passwords that I can't even remember myself at 25 characters of complete ASCII gibberish. And you know what? It's easier on top of being more secure."

Bingo. Why would anyone want to remember all of their passwords? I wouldn't even recognise 99% of mine if you showed them to me.

Comment: Re:HAHA WUT? (Score 1) 280

But my method of creating passwords myself only takes three screens-worth of text to describe and has a mere three caveats! Wait, no I got that step wrong. Oh that site doesn't work with the method because I skipped a section.

Oh those early sites used my old method of simply creating passwords which wasn't as good. Here I can explain it all to you, it's simple!

Or I just type Win R->password->enter.

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by simplypeachy (#47439693) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: Do You Want a Smart Watch?

Just checked my £30 Timex and it's lost two seconds in about a year. That's what I get for buying cheap. It was worth a bit more retail value - Timex sold me this at wholesale price by way of apology when they couldn't repair my previous Timex. It was 15 years old and they didn't have the parts any more. That cost a whole £40 in 1996.

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