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Comment: Privoxy (Score 1) 223
blocked by three different rules
blocked by a five-year old exploit protection rule
blocked (alright, by a geo-location rule, but still blocked!)

I don't think that one stood a chance here.

Comment: Re:One bad apple spoils the barrel (Score 1) 1134

by simplypeachy (#47833245) Attached to: Combating Recent, Ugly Incidents of Misogyny In Gamer Culture

I can't even remember the last time I witnessed or suffered any prejudice, sexist or otherwise, or harassment in multiplayer games or the community that I partake in. However, when I visit friends' places and get a taste of other sorts of games people play, particularly those which lean towards lots of strangers playing together, it's horrifying. I can assure you this problem exists and is at the scale that is claimed.

Comment: Re:Why? Simple bullshit is why. (Score 1) 107

by simplypeachy (#47804895) Attached to: Hackers Behind Biggest-Ever Password Theft Begin Attacks

Assuming an attacker has no knowledge of the password make-up, according to your policy the password nkeL4(b3 sits in a keyspace of around 6.1 * 10^15 combinations.

Under equal conditions the password refineddisplayparcelsuited sits in a keyspace of around 6.2 * 10^36 combinations. When I get back from my appointment this morning, I will still remember refinddisplayparcelsuited and won't have to write it on a sticky note, or save it on to the Dropbox App on my phone, which has a crappy password I use everywhere, using the file name "Work login password.txt".

Comment: Re:Anyone know what, exactly, was the issue? (Score 1) 186

by simplypeachy (#47739463) Attached to: BBC and FACT Shut Down Doctor Who Fansite

There is no special tax on television sets. There is no bureaucracy to collect any such tax nor an army of any special police. If you wish to watch or record live television as it is broadcast you are legally required to purchase a license. As I do neither, I am not required to, nor do I have, a license.

Comment: Re:What trolls (Score 1) 382

by simplypeachy (#47694655) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Would You Pay For Websites Without Trolls?

Yeah, I suppose I'm picky where my bubble extends. If it's a place that doesn't cope with trolls then I leave the discussion or the service for somewhere better. There was a time I participated in the discussions on Gawker's Kotaku gaming blog, but the web site became barely functional and every change they implemented made it more difficult for me to join in. So I stopped. (I also tried their IRC channel, but gave up on that because it was mostly about game piracy, the irony.)

Comment: Re:For Win9, MS should go back to Service Packs... (Score 1) 304

At least with Service Packs you knew that it was complicated and had a lot of updates to install, and were aware it could hose the machine. I've come to expect Microsoft's monthly updates be trouble-free, because they are almost every single occasion.

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