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Comment: Old news (Score 1) 93

by simplypeachy (#49372561) Attached to: How Malvertising Abuses Real-Time Bidding On Ad Networks

This article is about 15 years late. Malware via adverts/trackers has been around since before the word "phishing" was coined. If the advertising industry gave any shits about fixing this, they'd have done it by now as it's a very simple problem to fix. But surprise surprise - they don't care, and neither do the sites complicit in selling their users to the advertisers!

Comment: Re:I've done 3 or 4 cources on edx. (Score 1) 44

by simplypeachy (#49235949) Attached to: edX Welcomes 'The University of Microsoft' Into Its Fold

I tried to do their free "Introduction to Linux" course, and got as far as the second section. Before I finished it I was overwhelmed by the navel-gazing and felt it should be renamed to "Indoctrination to Linux". I tell you what, though. I sure do know that Linux powers millions of devices from hobby horses to fridge magnets to spaceships! There are millions of devices using Linux, all under the power of some head penguin wearing a mortarboard.

In all seriousness I do have a good attention span, I can grit my teeth and labour past the bullshit and as a Windows monkey I genuinely wanted to try this approach. I just couldn't hack it.

note to self: stop punning when you start the sentence with "in all seriousness".

Comment: Re:Really, really need to stop autoplaying videos (Score 1) 86

by simplypeachy (#49147049) Attached to: The Only Constant is Change

Neither can I, so I'll reply to your reply. I'm so glad that one web site in the world finally stops wasting my screen real estate. The width is actually used for content, not cruft! And once side navigation is scroll past, the comments actually take up the width of my screen. It's like someone who actually uses web sites finally designed on.

+ - DNS Hacked / Brought Back Online by CloudFlare->

Submitted by darthcamaro
darthcamaro (735685) writes "Multiple reports emerged this afternoon about an attack against Lenovo, allegedly executed by the notorious Lizard Squad. It appears as though the attackers were able to hack's domain registrar and change the DNS records. Though Lenovo wasn't a customer of security vendor CloudFlare, CEO Matt Prince">said that his firm was able to jump in and fix the situation."
Link to Original Source

+ - Wheel of Time TV pilot producers sue Robert Jordan's widow for defamation->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The tale of the late-night Wheel of Time pilot that aired in a paid infomercial slot on FXX has taken another odd turn. Producers Red Eagle Entertainment LLC and Manetheren LLC have filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for central California against Harriet McDougal (widow of James Rigney, who wrote the Wheel of Time novels under the pen name Robert Jordan), her company, Bandersnatch Group Inc., and twenty unnamed other persons ("Does 1-20"). The suit alleges that McDougal's statements about her lack of involvement in the pilot's production constitute breach of contract, slander, and interference with contractual relations and prospective economic relations; the suit demands declaratory relief and a jury trial."
Link to Original Source

Comment: Don't fear, all the tracking is SSL! (Score 1) 204

by simplypeachy (#48865789) Attached to: Sends Personal Data To Over a Dozen Tracking Websites

Visiting just the web site via Firefox generates the following URL requests:

At least all those advert and tracker sites - including those that have been helping pay for malware for over a decade - are using SSL!

Comment: Re:Maybe they should focus on... (Score 1) 415

by simplypeachy (#48563681) Attached to: Microsoft's New Windows Monetization Methods Could Mean 'Subscriptions'

Without even knowing what CBS is, that's quite a far-fetched conclusion. It's the Component-Based Storage sub-system, responsible for maintaining "packages", updates and verifying system source files, optional Windows components et cetera. Quite a wide-ranging sub-system and with so many responsibilities it is fair that it can generate large log files. I have used these logs with positive results on several customers in diagnosing Windows faults.

What the OP doesn't realise is how much background maintenance modern Windows performs. Just because a user has performed (redundant) manual defragmentation and (effectively unnecessary) disk clean-up doesn't mean that Windows will cease performing this automatic maintenance. A Windows system left idle after installation or updates (particularly the large updates Win 8 gets) will be quite busy for some time doing housekeeping.

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