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Comment Re:every consumer needs to assume some responsibil (Score 1) 44

You are responsible for what you can do. Of course you're not responsible for the firmware, but you have a responsibility to update it if it needs it. Balance the benefits WU gives you versus the risk in shutting it off for the average mouth breather; you can't save everyone but the chance of a compromise through WU is much lower than the risk of running an un-patched Windows machine. Leaving WU in its default state is the responsible thing to do, and that's the kind of responsibility I'm talking about. I don't expect the average consumer to be able to find and patch zero-days, but I DO expect them to know enough to not click on "punch the monkey" ads on the web, to know enough to install an anti-malware program, to know enough not to open attachments from people you don't know, to not run pirated software downloaded from some site in Elbonia, and to generally not be a fucking idiot. This is a perfectly reasonable set of expectations. The people who cause issues for others are the ones who don't do all that, who click on every banner ad in sight like a crack-addicted monkey hitting a lever, who send money to Nigerian princes, and are generally stupid enough to make people wonder how they tie their shoes. These are also the people who buy the shiny without knowing anything about how it works.

And how about not buying the fucking fridge if that's the way you feel about it? Nobody's got a gun to your head (that I know about, anyway)

Comment Re:every consumer needs to assume some responsibil (Score 1) 44

No, it's your fault for bringing a device into your house that has the potential to be compromised and spread misery to others without knowing enough about how to maintain its security through patches and other available upgrades. If you can't determine if that device is secure enough, don't buy it. If the manufacturers see that security is important to their customers (in other words, bad security is starting to cost them money, which is the most important thing, forget that 'quality' or 'security' shit) they will clean up their act.

Of course, this is free-market fantasy. Idiots will keep buying the shiny without any understanding of the implications. But I disagree that you're totally not at fault or not responsible for keeping your shit up-to-date with patches etc. If you turn off Windows Update, and you get infected with malware, guess what? You're partially at fault for disabling the manufacturer's provided security.

Comment Re:Suicide (Score 2) 233

Most for-profit companies are trading long term sustainability for short term profits.

FTFY. The phenomenon is not limited to advertising networks.

Also, anyone that tries to make me feel bad about using an ad blocker is trying to tell me that they have a right to shove ads into my eyeballs. They can go fuck themselves with a chainsaw; my eyes, my rules. I am not obligated to punch your monkey.

Comment Re: It won't matter (Score 3, Insightful) 108

Like the saying goes, "Rich people didn't get rich by spending their money." Anyone who's worked in some sort of service-industry capacity (hotel workers, bank cashiers, restaurant servers) will tell you that the cheapest, most over-entitled, spoiled brat customers are the rich. I probably tip better than most billionaires. The rich want everything for free and will pitch holy hell if you don't give it to them. They think that just because they have a lot of money that the rules don't apply to them.. and the sad thing is, they're right.

Comment Re:Loners count (Score 0) 108

It's not about productivity, it's about drinking the Kool-Aid. If your employer artificially forces work relationships (by encouraging "collaboration", which is usually two coders complaining about their manager), then you're less likely to complain about something ("we're all in this together") that you really should be complaining about. They would rather have a worker bee at 20% capacity than an independent thinker at 100%.

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