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What's your point? The main theory behind being an employee or a consultant (doing work for others in exchange for compensation) is to get paid as much as possible while doing as little work as possible. (The opposite is true for your employer/client; they pay you as little as possible while getting as much work as they can out of you.) Consultants extract money from the "job creators" and return it to the economy. Even if they did no work at all, that extraction justifies their existence.

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Now maybe if there was say very high H-1b min wage say 100K + COL and forced OT pay (so they can't get the work 2-3 people out of 1 h-1b) that would get rid of a lot of the abuse of the system.

Why do you hate America? Go back to your wage slave job and serve your "job creator" masters before we fire you for something like taking vacation time that you've earned.

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While your post is relevant and contains useful and accurate information, you have to remember who you're talking to here. Some people are impervious to facts that don't align with their ideology, so you can cite facts as much as you want, you're wasting your time. You might as well try to convince a brick wall to not just stand there.

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I don't think you understand what "community college" is. DeVry, UofP, etc. are not community colleges, they are for-profit diploma mills that employ far more salespeople than instructors. A two-year degree or certificate from your local CC carries far more weight than a for-profit degree, and is far far FAR cheaper.

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As a former call center worker (multiple centers), I can tell you unequivocally that that is bullshit. Your average CSR does not give a single fuck about the company they're working for (or the company that their company has a contract with). They're paid to absorb anger and read scripts. There is no intellectual input other than saying what they're told accurately. The first time your manager at the call center chews you out for doing a fantastic job and resolving the problem to everyone's satisfaction, but going over your handle time by 3 seconds, you run out of fucks to give.

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They go to a state university to get a nursing degree when hospitals are so desperate for nurses they're actually paying dental assistants to go to school in my local area!

Yes, they're so desperate for nurses that they're driving nurses with 40+ years experience right out of the profession (because 1) they make too much money, and 2) nurses actually give a shit about patient care, which tends to eat into the profits). They're so desperate for nurses that they almost never hire two uncertified techs at 1/3 a nurses salary each instead of hiring a floor nurse. They're so desperate for nurses that when the nurses join a union, they create scenarios in which they can fire the union president on a pretense (True story, the president was on call for the OR, and they deliberately chose the case so she would be unqualified to recover the patient, then fired her for abandoning the patient). They're so desperate for nurses that they would never consider giving nurses COL raises without being arm-twisted into doing it, despite making tens of millions in profit each year (Partners Healthcare, who own Massachusetts General Hospital and dozens of other hospitals in New England).

My mom just retired from nursing after nearly 45 years in the profession. There wasn't a single nurse at her retirement party that was under 40. Hospitals SHOULD be desperate for young or experienced nurses, but they don't give a shit about anything other than how much nurses cost them. They'll do shit like opening new dedicated outpatient surgical centers (think knee scopes, cataract surgery, laparoscopic abdominal surgery, tonsils, wisdom teeth.. anything you don't need an overnight stay for) where the nurses don't have a union, so that they can take the profit-making cases away from the hospital WITH unionized nurses, and then claim that the union is what's making the hospital lose money.

Nursing is a profession under siege. They're set up to fail at every turn by greedy administrators. I have no idea why they're training hygienist to be nurses, but I'll bet you they're LPNs that they can pay a pittance (certainly less than a hygienist makes).

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You can get the education cheaper than that; use a state college or university

Not really, not anymore. The in-state cost (not tuition, that's a very small part of the actual cost) of my state's public university exceeds $20,000 per year. While that is less than the $40,000 that "elite" private institutions get, I wouldn't describe it as "cheap". Plus, that degree from that "aggie"/"safety" school is waaaaay less marketable than the equivalent degree from Harvard etc., even though the quality of the actual education from the state institution is reasonably equivalent.

get a part time job instead of all debt

Let's do the math on that one. Say you can find a part-time job that pays you $12 an hour (not bloody likely). If you were to work 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, you'd make about $25k before statutory deductions, so let's say you take home $20k. That'd pay for a years' bills at an in-state university; however, since you're actually going to school, you can work probably 20 hours a week when classes are in session if you work your ass off. At my school, classes were in session for all but 16 weeks out of the year. So, 16 * 40 * $12 = $7680, and 36 * 20 * $12 = $8640. That's $16320 before deductions, so probably about $13k take-home. That won't pay your way through any four-year college that I know, and that number is likely the high limit of a reasonable probable range. You could go to community college for that much; just don't get your degree from there, it's a waste of money. No matter which way you look at it, you're talking probably close to $10,000 a year in loans to make up the gap under ideal circumstances (I'm counting incidental expenses as well, like books and meals the cafeteria plan doesn't cover.)

get used books or borrow a friend's

Used books aren't cheap either. It's changing with pirated PDF versions of the texts, which are free, but if you want the actual book, even a used copy will set you back $100 or so depending on subject. And that's if you can get a used copy of the specified text; they love to put out new "editions" every year that eliminate any used books from the market. This is especially bad with professors that make you buy the book they wrote, you're a captive audience and they want that cheddar.

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Furthermore, you should not be going to college/university for money.

Bullshit. College has become an investment in your future earning potential; it's all about the money. Whether it's a good investment or not depends on a large number of factors, such as your chosen career path and the bullshit "reputation" that your chosen school has. It's become far too expensive to go to college for a "well rounded" education, or for a good general basis for further study without actually doing that further study (masters, doctorate, etc). Nobody gives a fuck if you did well in Rocks for Jocks or waxed eloquent in your Comp Lit class; they care that you spent a lot of money on your education so that they can treat you like crap without your quitting, due to your enormous student loan payments.

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And even the first kind of companies is restricted by the prevailing wage law, so they pay quite a good wage as a result.

No they don't. They don't because the H1Bs don't complain about it (because complainers get fired, especially when they complain to someone who's in a position to cause the business trouble), so there's little chance they'll get caught. Even if they do complain, good luck finding out what the "native" workers actually get paid; that information is usually confidential.

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