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Comment: Re:If you're using GPL code, you have no choice (Score 4, Informative) 134 134

However, the summary also mentions iOS, and I was under the impression that GPL apps on the Apple AppStore are a no go?

FWIW, the situation is a bit more nuanced than that.

If the GPL licensed code is entirely your own work, you can relicense it any way you want, including to Apple for distribution on the App Store.

Where you can get into trouble with the App Store is if you take someone else GPL'd code and release it on the App Store. This could be by including third-party GPL routines, or by publishing code that was developed by multiple parties, without their permission, where copyright has not been reassigned. This was the case for the VLC player: as the article you linked alludes, Apple took that old VLC player app out of their app store due to a copyright complaint from one of the VLC developers. That was back in 2011 -- the VideoLAN Oragniaztaion has since released their own VLC for iOS, while still retaining the GPL license (albeit in part by dual-licensing it as MPL/GPL).


Comment: Re:Unclear (Score 1) 16 16

Let me be perfectly clear. Christianity may be my personal life's meaning. It informs my church activities explicitly, my online interactions less so, and is mostly implicit in business activities. That is, I don't run around evangelizing on the job, for all my work activities are not in opposition to my faith.
Government is a wholly secular affair. Despite the occasional "In God We Trust" flourish, I'm quick to point out that "Christian nation" is an oxymoron. Christianity is not carried out at the national level, and the Carpenter didn't lay it down for the United States as such.
All of which leads up to my bewilderment at

You sound more Randian than Christian.

Why wouldn't I? Christianity is like chess. It's all there, in plain view, the whole time. Countries are more like poker, bluffing and cheating like. . .governments.

+ - Is our universe ringing like a crystal glass?->

TaleSlinger writes: Two physicists at the University of Southern Mississippi – Lawrence Mead and Harry Ringermacher – announced that our universe might not only be expanding outward from the Big Bang, but also oscillating or “ringing” at the same time. The Astronomical Journal published their paper on this topic in April.

As many know, scientists today believe our universe – all space, time and matter – began with the Big Bang some 13 billion years ago. Since then, the universe has been expanding to the size it is today. Yet, the universe as a whole has self-gravity, which tries to pull all the matter – all the stars, gas, galaxies, and mysterious dark matter – back together. This internal gravitational pull slows down the universe’s expansion. Mead said in a statement from Southern Miss:

The new finding suggests that the universe has slowed down and speeded up, not just once, but 7 times in the last 13.8 billion years, on average emulating dark matter in the process.

The ringing has been decaying and is now very small – much like striking a crystal glass and hearing it ring down.

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