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Comment: Re:... Driverless cars? (Score 1) 299

That's where we disagree. It's inevitable, but I don't think you can speed it up. It's already the holy grail of transportation, with numerous real world and regulatory hurdles. It might even end up like the flying cars of the 50's, unworkable without drastic infrastructure changes. This sort of negotiations are a drop in the bucket to all but the most rabid anti-union types, and they'll be pissed no matter what, right?

Comment: "Hack?" (Score 1) 95

by Sloppy (#49155605) Attached to: Blu-Ray Players Hackable Via Malicious Discs

Isn't the very point of this player's system, that the player serves the interests of the disc's publisher over the interests of the users, where the users' needs should always yield whenever there is a conflict? That's not a mere technicality; it's the very essence. From the spec's pov, this is desirable operation. Nothing has been subverted.

Comment: Re:Inquisition (Score 1) 384

by pnutjam (#49153769) Attached to: Lawmakers Seek Information On Funding For Climate Change Critics
I know that I'm not worried about it, because every time I am bothered to check on it, it is progressing in a meaningful manner. I'm certainly not obsessed with it and I'd rank it's importance somewhere under whether my turd was brown or brownish green during my last bowel movement.

Comment: Re:It still helps (Score 1) 96

by Cyberdyne (#49152807) Attached to: Twitter Adds "Report Dox" Option

And it would be trivial to keep any "clean" account(s) they have on a separate IP,

Trivial, perhaps... but over time it's easy to slip and use an IP that's more traceable to you, which is why I said to publish all of the IP's that handle has posted from.

I can see some appeal to that, but surely any sane leaker will post using a restaurant's free wifi or similar - meaning their doxing gets associated with any other innocent user who happens to have posted updates from that restaurant, with no apparent link to their own isolated accounts?

Personally, I'd probably use the free wifi at the railway station on my daily commute - indeed, I do use it most days, for innocent purposes - or if I wanted to do something that might be traced, ride an hour or so on one of the lines and use another station on the network, using a randomised MAC address on a laptop. Anyone who was identified as associated with me then is completely uninvolved. Yes, maybe you'd catch a few low-level trolls, but you'd be falsely smearing a whole lot of innocent third parties - making the identification worthless anyway.

Comment: Re:not fit for human consumption (Score 1) 77

by Megane (#49149289) Attached to: Banned Weight-loss Drug Could Combat Liver Disease, Diabetes

Corn syrup is probably why I stopped drinking Coca-Cola and switched to (aspartame) Diet Coke. It just didn't taste as good, though in recent years I've heard that may be because its flavor is more temperature-sensitive, and aspartame isn't. (Then I gave up DC so I wouldn't have to maintain a consistent caffeine dosage to avoid headaches, but I do get CFDC in the gold cans from time to time.)

But I also liked the original formula (with sucrose), enough that I could tell the difference in an unexpected blind test. When "New Coke" was about six months old, my mom took me along to a car repair place. They apparently were big on buying sodas by the case. I opened a can of Coca-Cola, took a sip, my eyes got big, and then I noticed the promo offer on the can from just before New Coke. Supposedly switching to HFCS was in fact not the motivation for making New Coke, it just happened to be at the same time.

Comment: Re: Split Shifts (Score 1) 299

So your solution is to hire a never ending stream of short timers who want to be in the city to look for work? Not make this job desirable to cut down on training and retention costs while insuring you will have a consistent experience for your customers? You honestly don't see how short sighted your proposal is?

"It's when they say 2 + 2 = 5 that I begin to argue." -- Eric Pepke