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Comment Re:I guess I haven't understood this (Score 1) 12

This is a litmus test of how Democrat-style brass-knuckles the GOP wants to get. It is certainly in Her Majesty's best interest if the GOP nominee plays a Romney hand--and I certainly think Cruz's campaign tactics are in wretched taste--but it's hard to argue against all legal means necessary to keep that sociopathic priestess of Cthulhu out of the White House.

Comment Re:Are you being simple? (Score 1) 16

I guess you could say, in a positive sense, that the Anglo-Saxon idea of "equality before the law" is an example of "moral equivalence".
However, it is a typical perversion to say that "all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God"; therefore: pecca fortiter.
The former approach, you see, builds society. The latter, which you seem to cheerfully embrace, destroys it.
But I anticipate that you'll pat yourself on the back as a "societal transition advocate" in any case.

Comment Re:Are you being simple? (Score 1) 16

Two reasons to doubt this are:
(a) Draconian legal penalties
(b) General concern that betrayal of the country can be the sort of thing that might inform a Benghazi-style debacle*
I do think that Her Majesty is a pathological liar, and don't believe a godforsaken utterance of The Royal Lip, or that of any minions.

*Allow me to fall explicitly short of stating that I think there is a direct connection between Her Majesty's reckless, systemic and flagrant disregard for mortal rules, regulations, and common sense; for all such a hypothetical revelation would unleash my Shocked Face.

Comment Re:Are you being simple? (Score 1) 16

Your thesis seems to be that everyone else set up their own private email servers and trafficked in the most sensitive information outside of proper channels.
Could be time to give the whole system an enema and figure out if these theses are full of feces.
The supposition that I care fig #1 for any of these idiots is grossly in error: hang 'em all good and high.

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