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Comment they stink (Score 1) 381

i've got no opposition to eating bugs. i'm not growing my own though. I'm not growing them in my house. I've done it enough in the past to feed my reptiles. the fact is these guys stink. crickets, mealworms, dubias, they all are dirty and stinky and require a ton of cleaning. No thanks. let me know when i can go to the supermarket and just get what i'm going to cook that day.

Comment That sucks. (Score 2) 371

This would irk me so much. First i'd be pissed that the company was paying people to decorate the office. taking that money and just boosting the salaries of the engineers tends to make us happier. Second, i'd be insulted that they think i'm so shallow.

Finally, I'd be pissed at myself. Id suffer from cognitive dissonance knowing it was a cheap trick, but feeling giddy excitement with some pretty girl hanging around at my desk.

Comment Re:For starters... (Score 1) 842

yeah. i have a hard time imagining myself bored with notch's wealth as well. I think the difference between us (well myself) and notch is we have aspirations and interests in the world beyond work. I work to enable the life i want to live, but i have a hard time really enveloping myself in my work. There's all this stuff i want to do, and most of it involves going out in the world and hanging out with people and doing things. I work enough to afford living in the bay area and not being a bum, but i know if i had that wealth, it would take me a LONG time before i found myself feeling unfulfilled.

I get the impression that Notch liked sitting in his basement and making minecraft. That's not a condemnation. It worked out well for him financially. Right now, i think he feels pressure from society to go out and party and travel, and he honestly never wanted it.

Myself, i'm looking at cutting out of work early today to go surfing. I will reap no financial rewards from it, but i'll feel fulfilled by it.

"The most important thing in a man is not what he knows, but what he is." -- Narciso Yepes