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Comment: These movie villians (Score 1) 167

by shadowrat (#49347313) Attached to: NJ School District Hit With Ransomware-For-Bitcoins Scheme
why didn't they just install some mining software? Sure, it's going to take a while to mine 500 bitcoins, but nobody would have ever known they were there. Instead they take the showboating route. it's like they need to know people know about them to stroke their egos. I bet they deliver some bloated soliloquy at a key moment and ruin their entire plan.

Comment: Re:This test is impossible and pointless. (Score 1) 515

by shadowrat (#49337305) Attached to: A Bechdel Test For Programmers?
well, my team is a product team within a big software company. We aren't allowed to actively pursue hires. There's red tape and stuff. We've been given the green light to hire only 2 times in the past 4 years. Our candidates are handed down from HR. I don't believe that our lack of female team members has anything to do with my team. But I DO think it is strange that I have never even seen a female candidate since joining this team.

Comment: Re:This test is impossible and pointless. (Score 1) 515

by shadowrat (#49331601) Attached to: A Bechdel Test For Programmers?
I work on a team of 10 people. my understanding is that about 15% of the entire software workforce is women. given those numbers, it is unsurprising to me that a random sampling of 10 software engineers will contain no women.

I can't find statistics that claim the percentage of unemployed software engineers who are women is any greater than 15%. So I assume that I don't have women on my team because there just aren't a lot of them in my industry.

I'm not dismissing this as a non issue. I do think that we should have a higher percentage of women in the industry. There is something weird going on. I feel like that's the thing for sociologists to be working out though. I'm just a software engineer. who want's women to know that the reason my code doesn't pass this test is not because my team is actively trying to keep you out.

Comment: There's lots of things to be afraid of (Score 1) 291

by shadowrat (#49328737) Attached to: Steve Wozniak Now Afraid of AI Too, Just Like Elon Musk

I am as afraid of AI as I am of malevolent alien life coming to destroy us. It's possible. It's far more possible that I will get ebola though, and I have zero fear of that. It's really really possible that I will die in a car crash and that's not keeping me up at night.

Spiders though. they terrify me. The arachniphobia has me pinned down.

Comment: This test is impossible and pointless. (Score 1) 515

by shadowrat (#49328665) Attached to: A Bechdel Test For Programmers?
On my team, there are as many Y chromosomes as X chromosomes. It's impossible to pass this test. In my almost 30 years of writing software, The only time there was more than 1 woman on my team was a year during the dotcom boom. Otherwise, if there is a woman, she's the only one. I didn't need this test to know that.

You don't need to come up with circuitous gimmicks to prove that there aren't a lot of women in tech. We know it. Everyone who has worked in this field knows it. Society knows it. The unknown here is why? can you come up with something that demonstrates brogrammer culture is scaring them off? can you show that kindergarten teachers discourage girls from interest in computers? can you show that hormones make women afraid of logic? can you come up with a test that shows that HR departments throw women's resumes in the trash so i never see them?

Comment: Re:Here's MY test (Score 5, Interesting) 515

by shadowrat (#49328569) Attached to: A Bechdel Test For Programmers?

If you can substitute the term "white male" into your premise and suddenly find it offensive, then was actually racist/sexist all along.

"a project that passes the test must feature at least one function written by a white male developer, that calls a function written by another white male developer. "

i'm a white male and most of my projects don't pass. It's a joke i know, but it's a good metric in a way. Really, joking aside, to pass, a project should feature at least one function written by a developer that calls a function written by another developer. i'm aware that sadly, I don't work as well with others as i should. I often reinvent the wheel and isolate my codebases. From what i've seen, this is common.

Comment: Re:Sooo .. (Score 1) 127

If your are carrying your unlocked phone, and you get mugged and hand over your phone, then the mugger now doesn't have to enter a passcode until he/she puts it down.

What phone does protect against this? AFAIK all phones will remain unlocked as long as you keep using them. If a mugger grabs any phone right out of your hand, they are going to have access to your email long enough to change key passwords and get all your info.

Comment: surprised? (Score 4, Interesting) 232

by shadowrat (#49302917) Attached to: FTC: Google Altered Search Results For Profit
ever notice how the products recommended for your car just happen to be made by the same company that made the car? Ever notice how the manual for your new hiking boots claims they will work best with the leather sealant made by the same company? Ever notice how the helpful recipes found on the packaging of food items happen to have ingredients that all come from the same food company? why would anybody expect anything different?

Comment: Re:Not a stakeholder (Score 1) 451

by shadowrat (#49292595) Attached to: Lyft CEO: Self-Driving Cars Aren't the Future
I'm pretty sure it's all just posturing on both sides. The Uber CEO wanted to make it sound like Uber was all futuristic and stuff for investors. The Lyft ceo saw uber raise some hackles by supporting autonomous vehicles. He figures if he just takes the opposite stance maybe he can get some more drivers in his fleet. In the short term, that's a pretty valuable victory. Then, yeah, he can take his money and buy self driving cars.

Comment: Re:Missing the point (Score 2) 155

I take it because I know how to pay for it. yellow cabs have weird habits of telling you after you get where you are going that they only take cash. sure, i can say, "well all if have is $5 cash so here you go." but honestly, planing for a confrontation at the end of every ride just isn't enjoyable.

The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent. -- Sagan