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Comment Re: Trump just says stuff (Score 5, Insightful) 875

Trump just says stuff because he doesn't actually know how anything works. Business included. He's a complete moron who just got handed a silver spoon at birth. His apparent success should not be any indication he has a clue how anything other than bribing works in the world. He know nothing about politics, nothing about business, nothing about people, nothing about the world. He's gotten were he is simply because of money.

Sounds like every US president ever. What exactly was your point?

well, we know obama wasn't handed a silver spoon at birth. they don't have those in kenya :)

Comment Re:Luke Force Choked (Score 2) 188

yes, and that's the interpretation i've always gone with. in RoJ, luke is on the cusp of succumbing to the dark side. he dresses in black. he is part machine. His lightsaber is green, not blue, not red. He's walked the line since his "failure in the cave"

The movies aren't really that subtle about it. They've established these symbols over and over. Darth Vader and the Emperor spit it right out and say they can feel the conflict within him.

Comment Re:One great thing (Score 1) 188

in the movies defense it doesn't really say she had forgotten anything. We don't know anything about her past or what she knows, but she never says anything to imply that she doesn't know. She is uncommunicative about why she doesn't want to leave jakku, but it's not because of amnesia. Her vision upon touching the lightsaber is a revelation to the viewer, but maybe nothing she doesn't already know. in fact it could be seen as a vision of things she is very aware of and possibly trying to distance herself from.

Comment they stink (Score 1) 381

i've got no opposition to eating bugs. i'm not growing my own though. I'm not growing them in my house. I've done it enough in the past to feed my reptiles. the fact is these guys stink. crickets, mealworms, dubias, they all are dirty and stinky and require a ton of cleaning. No thanks. let me know when i can go to the supermarket and just get what i'm going to cook that day.

Comment That sucks. (Score 2) 371

This would irk me so much. First i'd be pissed that the company was paying people to decorate the office. taking that money and just boosting the salaries of the engineers tends to make us happier. Second, i'd be insulted that they think i'm so shallow.

Finally, I'd be pissed at myself. Id suffer from cognitive dissonance knowing it was a cheap trick, but feeling giddy excitement with some pretty girl hanging around at my desk.

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