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Comment just wait till they get that cloaking device (Score 1) 236

I bet N. Korea will be the first country to permanently offset their phase. It'll be just like what happened to Geordi and Ensign Ro. Only it will be the whole country. Maybe someone will get out and explain how they can pass through walls, but don't fall through the floor.

Comment Re:not the only coutry (Score 4, Insightful) 236

ha! You just cleared up one of the great mysteries of my life! I remember sitting in paris watching the Eiffel tower begin twinkling at dusk. It was some ungodly late hour and I thought, "Man, how can it still be so light out? Paris must be way farther north than i originally thought."

mystery solved.

Comment it'll be bittersweet (Score 1) 904

There's a lot to like about EVs, If i owned a house and could get a charger, i'd consider a tesla, and if there were an electric jeep wrangler, i'd be all over that thing. massive torque and the ability to roll over indefinitely seems pretty darn cool to me. There's one thing i'd really miss though: Manual Transmission

After a decade of owning an xterra with automatic transmission, i bought a used 6 speed miata. shifting gears is just so much fun. yeah, it's more work, but there's something really rewarding about nailing the perfect down shift, powering out of a turn, and shifting back. it doesn't matter that a modern automatic could do it better than me. it doesn't matter that an electric roadster would perform better. There's just something about knowing I did it.

Comment Re:Pretty much (Score 1) 153

facebook also benefited from the smartphone revolution. myspace was built around laying out a clunky website. Facebook's status update centric design was a natural fit for the tiny screen. it was the right thing at the right time to form this symbiotic relationship. facebook was a must have for your phone, and you wanted a phone that could post your status to facebook.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 1) 213

i think it would be cool if they could squeeze in a low power data connection, like the kindle used for whisper sync. Something that would allow connectivity when it lacks wifi or a phone connection. It would give enough bandwidth to get a text or a small picture, but little else.

oh, and it would be at no additional cost to me. sounds crazy, but amazon did manage to negotiate that with the carriers at one point.

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