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Comment: Re:Laser gun.... who knows. Railgun though (Score 2) 185

by shadowrat (#49720091) Attached to: Navy's New Laser Weapon: Hype Or Reality?

A railgun projectile that travels slow enough that the target can evade before the projectile reaches it?

Only if that target is the Flash.

The posted advantage of a railgun is it's range. At the extremes, time of flight for the projectile is probably long enough that it can be evaded. Of course, those extremes are beyond what you could even fire the laser at in the first place. If i've learned anything from Eve though, it doesn't hurt to have railguns AND lasers.

Comment: The future's still a long ways off (Score 2) 228

by shadowrat (#49630449) Attached to: Self-Driving Big Rigs Become a Reality
You'd think if autonomous vehicles could be 100% solved on any platform, it would be trains. You don't have to worry about steering to maintain the course. You only have one variable to adjust, your speed. In fact, automated trains are found all over. They have been around since the 60s. Yet we still live in a world where people drive trains!

Good luck getting those automated semi trucks out there.

Comment: Re:Ten seconds? (Score 1) 591

for some reason this isn't written up a lot. most information about how your lungs work imply that they are taking just oxygen out of the air you breathe. My understanding is your blood will just soak up nitrogen to match the content in the air you are breathing. it's why scuba divers get the bends, and i guess, if you breathe a 100% nitrogen mixture, your blood basically gives up all oxygen to match the nitrogen ratio.

Comment: not good enough (Score 1) 700

by shadowrat (#49478573) Attached to: 'We the People' Petition To Revoke Scientology's Tax Exempt Status

Singling out just one group because it gets the most publicity isn't good enough, and i don't think it would set a good precedent. signing petitions just to target one individual [organization] is little better than a lynch mob.

Instead, we should have a real discussion in this country about tax free status of all religions. In my opinion, none of them deserve it. They are all businesses bringing in money. They should participate in the system just like we expect Apple or Walmart to. Plenty of deductions and loopholes exist for charitable acts. I'm sure if an organization is leveraging those provisions, we would all be fine with them paying less taxes.

Comment: Re:the superbowl of stupidity (Score 1) 290

I remember the experience of seeing the first iphones. At the time a lot of people, myself included, said, "it's not capable of anything my current phone doesn't already do"

we had to eat those words. the device clearly was far better at stuff. it was too expensive, but clearly had a wonderous display and interface.

when the ipad came around, i felt like i had to at least acknowledge that even though i had a phone, the big interface was kind of a novel experience. those previous devices always left me feeling like, "omg! i could make use of that."

This thing just doesn't have that. it feels like ios was forced onto something just to prove it could be done rather than because it works well. It's a piece of ios jewelry. There's nothing really wrong with that though.

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