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Comment About that Star Wars movie, the one after sleeping (Score 0) 182

force: It sucks, it is a MAJOR EMBARRASSMENT, and I don't care who the effing director is, he sucks!
When the first three came out, with the excellent set designs and special effects, they could get away with mediocre actors, but this "geriatrics R us" freak show, with the younger submediocre actors, is a total monstrosity --- Harrison Ford cannot do wiseass while his hand is shaking holding a raygun yet miraculously having perfect aim! GET IT?????

Comment sgt_doom speaketh (Score 1) 129

top experts who spoke only on condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter. . .

Why are they anonymous? What are they afraid of? Are they stinking traitor scum?

We've been hearing this ever since the CIA within the CIA hired top assassins (Jean Souetre, Moise Maschkivitzin, Lazlo the Hungarian and the CIA's own, Lucien Conein) to murder President Kennedy.

If it is true, then "they" should come forward and declare who they are, otherwise STFU, spineless, cowardly traitor scum!

Comment I hate the purveying of pure bullcrap (Score 1) 168

As a lifelong activist and truth-seeker, I despise the constant purveying of bullshit! The original engineer who designed a decent enough bridge was ordered to submit lower standard building materials by management in order to save money --- he refused and was fired, the next substandard and dishonest engineer complied the rest is history --- END OF STORY, douchetards!

Comment Re:I'm upset because it's divisive. (Score 1) 289

I fully agree with you, but that is the essential point: it is always about divide and conquer, and certainly Google has just as much validity, or lack of credibility, as Jerry Yang when he gave up a pro-democracy activist to the Chinese government (doubt we'll ever hear from that poor fellow again)!

Every so often the Pew Research Center, funded by the oil companies and banks, comes out with a designed-to-be-divisive study, they are the ones who, a few years back, came out with the so-called study claiming the American news was "liberal" (Good Grief!!!!!!!).

Yup, it is always about divide and conquer, and since Google's funding originally came from the American intel establishment, I would assume they also would follow the official pattern.

Comment Re:Not all of it is new. But something IS new. (Score 1) 226

Negative, they aren't "US business interests" they ARE multinational interests, who have litte or nothing to do with American citiziens, just as those job creation numbers do not benefit American citizens, but do benefit those who have have been GIVEN the majority of new jobs since 2008, foreign visa workers (majority) and undocumented workers (minority).

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