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Comment: National Security????? (Score 1) 676

by sgt_doom (#49539189) Attached to: Except For Millennials, Most Americans Dislike Snowden
Oh, you mean how the NSA goes after financial intel for Wall Streeters and the ultra-rich?

If that's your definition, and Petrobas and others are your enemy category, than one might suppose he did, but if you stand by the citizenry, one day you might actually comprehend who your real enemy is (assuming you aren't a chatbot or some type of poseur).

Comment: Re:A Sympton of the Problem (Score 1) 303

by sgt_doom (#49529957) Attached to: Futures Trader Arrested For Causing 2010 'Flash Crash'
Sorry, David_Hart, but you are falling for their trap, and allowing them to define everything, including the latest in bullcrap charges.

In fact, this is to redirect attention from the actual cause, which is internalization, which is the purchase of almost 100% (like around 93% to 96%) of all public stock purchases by the top banks and hedge funds from the major brokerage firms. Then they do these trades they have purchased on their own internal systesm (known as dark pools), thus they control the public trades, and they have the insider data as to the trends --- really almost complete command and control.

Comment: You are mistaken of course! (Score 1) 303

by sgt_doom (#49529895) Attached to: Futures Trader Arrested For Causing 2010 'Flash Crash'
QuasiSteve, representing the typical commenter who speaks from volumes of ignorance, makes both a legal and criminal invalid point, since the official stance of the US Government is that such nonpayment or nonpurchases DO NOT AFFECT THE MARKETS (which any sane person who passed arithmetic would disagree with, but then who the eff owns the government, of course!)!!!

This is a replay of when the criminal AG, Holder, went after some small fry awhile back, proclaiming they had violated the Law of Fraudulent Conveyance, one of many crimes which the banksters had knowingly and willfully violated to bring about the global economic meltdown a few years back.

Comment: Re:So? (Score 1) 303

by sgt_doom (#49529857) Attached to: Futures Trader Arrested For Causing 2010 'Flash Crash'
Exactly, and since the federal courts have dismissed previously lawsuits brought against DTCC and their Stock Borrow Program, for much greater financial manipulation aimed at small, publicly owned companies, and since as any commodity futures trader realizes, if he or she isn't completely brain dead: an unlimited number of futures can be purchased to manipulate the market [which was what they did to speculate up oil prices in 2008 and other times, just as an unlimited number of credit default swaps can be purchased against bonds or outstanding debt, to financially manipulate everything and cause an economic meltdown.

Comment: Sorry, charley, but not everyone is a douchetard . (Score 1) 303

by sgt_doom (#49529825) Attached to: Futures Trader Arrested For Causing 2010 'Flash Crash'
. . best article on this latest fiction out of the DOJ:

(From Pam Martens excellent site)
I realize that to many Ameritards, just say it is so, makes it so.

I realize that most Ameritards have no idea, or even interest, that Holder earned his big bucks defending corporations which hired assassins to murder labor organizers and protesters (South American and West Africa), nor would such background data affect their nonthinking ways.

Comment: Re:Read "Outliers" (Score 1) 385

by sgt_doom (#49500927) Attached to: Can High Intelligence Be a Burden Rather Than a Boon?
If you ever came into contact with any of Gates' code, you would know he was a mediocre coder. Gladwell neglected to mention [SOP for that douchetard] that Gates' mom was on several boards with the IBM CEO, which is how Gates ended up with the greatest licensing deal in human history (DOS), that he hired someone to copy Gary Kildall's CP/M and call it DOS [MS would later pay $1 billion in out of court settlement to the holder of the license to it], and that Gates uncle was VP at First Interstate, where he obtained his original financing.

Otherwise, I agree overall with your comments.

Comment: The inventor, Edwin Armstrong (FM, etc.) . . . (Score 1) 385

by sgt_doom (#49500913) Attached to: Can High Intelligence Be a Burden Rather Than a Boon?
. . . used to say, "It ain't what people don't know, it's what they think they know!"

I've come in contact with at least one super genius that I know of, and it was a most humbling experience. I have solved technical problems which previous companies and persons have spent hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions of dollars, to solve, to no avail. Perseverance prevails when intelligence is sometimes lacking . . .

Comment: Due diligence required (Score 1) 113

Until one understands all the ARINC systems aboard, both the Boeing 777 and Airbus, and the satellites (including the Inmarsat satellites), and the avionics systems at control towers are ARTCCs and earth ground stations and VSATS, and the Microsemi FPGAs installed, and the Freescale chips, etc., and the report on the backdoored Actel/Microsemi chips, etc., this nebulous talk is all soooooo much bullcrap from the yahoos. With hardware trojans and hardware malware pre-installed, especially in any or all of the 1,000Microsemi FPGAs onboard a Boeing 777, plus other ARINC items, one cannot begin to fathom just how easy it is for the guilty parties to hack this and other avionics systems, and all others with such chips, etc.

Comment: MH370, for instance? (Score 1, Interesting) 78

by sgt_doom (#49480355) Attached to: GAO Warns FAA of Hacking Threat To Airliners
Good-bye, Mr. Chips!

(Or, why that missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 is a really, really big deal --- besides the murder of 239 souls aboard.) Onboard flight MH370 were twenty employees of Freescale Semiconductor, a major microchip producer, owner of major fabrication facilities (referred to as foundries in the industry).

Back in 2012, some researchers at an institute connected with Cambridge University discovered a backdoor, at the hardware level, in the Actel/Microsemi chip used for military purposes, designed and manufactured by the Microsemi Corporation. What the authors didn’t mention in their highly technical paper was that these chips are also to be found in ARINC avionics (ACARS: Aircraft Communications and Addressing Reporting System, formerly known as ARINC Communications and Addressing Report System --- plus other avionics communications systems), transponders and the black boxes (flight data recorders, cockpit voice recorders, crash recorders, etc.).

Microsemi chips are produced at Freescale foundries, as well as Freescale chips are also to be found in ARINC avionics, transponders along with a wide range of other industry applications.

It is important to note that the owners of Freescale Semiconductors are the Blackstone Group, the major private equity/leveraged buyout (PE/LBO) firm, and the majority owner, and the Carlyle Group, another PE/LBO firm and a minority owner.

It is also important to note that ARINC (designer and manufacturer of major avionics systems (fly-by-wire) aboard Boeing and Airbus jets was until recently owned by the Carlyle Group, and a portion of ARINC still is, as they moved ARINC’s DoD division over to Booz Allen, the major government intelligence contractor (where Edward Snowden last worked in America), and also owned by the Carlyle Group.

Malaysian Airlines, which may have figured into it, was at that time partially owned by the hedge fund of Lord Jacob Rothschild, long an advisor to the aforementioned Blackstone Group.

The previously mentioned Microsemi Corporation, whose chips are backdoored, or compromised, is managed by James Peterson, CEO and board member. Peterson is one of the sons of Peter G. Peterson, founding member of the Blackstone Group.

Both the process of chipping (purposely introducing defects into chips for cryptographic penetration) and backdoors in chips, dates back to the late 1950s and 1960s.

When the U-2 spy plane was shot down over the Soviet Union, it contained chipped cryptographic communications gear, developed by the NSA at the instigation of the CIA, which the CIA hoped the Soviets would copy, allowing deep penetration by the NSA. Unfortunately, this was around the time of the real defection of two NSA employees (Martin and Mitchell), so after being given the coordinates of the U-2’s air route by previous “defector” Lee Oswald to allow the Soviets to shoot it down, they were now possibly savvy to the covert operation’s agenda.

The first major successful operation involving backdoored chips was supposed to have occurred in the 1980s, when an American industrial controls computer system (SCADA) was sold illegally through a Swiss firm to the Soviets, and resulted in a series of major explosions at their northern Baltic Sea naval installation (chips set to control maximum temperatures of fuels did the opposite).

When a group is seeking to compromise, and therefore control, both the Internet and a wide spectrum of computer hardware applications (communications, transportation, industrial, financial, etc.) the process of chip access is crucial, and to do that covertly it must be done at the chip fabrication point.

Hence the use of, and subsequent disposal (murder), of those Freescale Semiconductor engineers aboard flight MH370. Below is the youtube link to a video from a SAIConference (SAIC, is one of the two government intelligence contractors, the other being Booz Allen), the expert from University College London (who spent years with the GCHQ), explains in general how to hack into a Boeing 777, but then ends with his opinion that it wasn’t hacked into --- unfortunately, he refrains from mentioning who the systems are designed and manufactured by, and also their ownership!

(And by the way, just how many Microsemi FPGAs are onboard the Boeing 777’s systems? 1,000!)

Very crucial data . . . Suggested reading:

Comment: Re:expanding the H1B #s is good for nobody but few (Score 1) 407

That's why they are pushing either Hillary Bush or Jeb Clinton for president: who was Sen. Hillary Clinton's major financial backer?

Tata Consultancy, of course, along with Rupert Murdoch! If I hear one more Ameritard claim either Clinton is a liberal, I will slice and dice them!

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