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+ - Poll: Should Kubuntu become an independent distro?->

sfcrazy writes: Looking at the ongoing spat between Canonical and Kubuntu developers it's high time for them to consider their options. The release notes for 15.10 also indicated that the future of Kubuntu is uncertain. There is a poll asking KDE users what will be the right course of action for Kubuntu going forward — splitting up with Canonical and become independent distro like Linux Mint and elementary OS or stick to Canonical and continue as a step child? What's your vote?
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+ - LibreOffice now available on Apple's Mac App Store->

sfcrazy writes: It's an event of historical magnitude: One of the most popular Open Source projects, LibreOffice, is now available directly from Apple's Mac App Store. You can get LibreOffice on OSX with automatic updates, long-term maintenance, and optional professional support, for the first time. There are two editions of LibreOffice available on the Mac App Store: LibreOffice from Collabora and LibreOffice Vanilla. While the Vanilla edition can be downloaded free of cost, LO from Collabora has a price tag of $10.
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+ - Riddell Asked To Step Down From the Kubuntu Council->

itwbennett writes: Friction between the lead Kubuntu developer Jonathan Riddell and Ubuntu reached extreme temperatures on Monday when the Ubuntu Community Council (UCC) asked Riddell to step down from 'leadership in Kubuntu' as well as 'all positions of leadership in the Ubuntu Community.' According to Riddell, the bone of contention was a years-long, ongoing inquiry by Riddell about the distribution of donations collected by Canonical from The Kubuntu Council met this morning and has come out behind Riddell, saying they didn’t find his behavior in violation of Ubuntu Code of Conduct.
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+ - Mark Shuttleworth orders Kubuntu leader to step down!-> 1 1

sfcrazy writes: Friction between the lead Kubuntu developer Jonathan Riddell and Ubuntu reached extreme temperatures on Monday when the Ubuntu Community Council (UCC) asked Riddell to step down from the position of Kubuntu Leader.

Monday night in a conversation via Google Hangouts, Riddell told me that the bone of contention was a years-long, ongoing inquiry by Riddell about the distribution of donations collected by Canonical from

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When a user downloads Ubuntu from the site, there is a PayPal button where a user can choose the amount towards the listed options. Riddell has been inquiring about the status of donations that Canonical/Ubuntu receives through the 'download button.' The UCC responded that he couldn’t complain about the money he never asked about.

There were accusations and defenses from both sides. It turned out that there was a certain lack of transparency in regards to the distribution of wealth. It’s also undocumented what is actually done with the collected donations, and how flavors like Kubuntu might possibly use those funds.

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+ - Plasma 5 becomes the default desktop of openSUSE Tumbleweed->

sfcrazy writes: Jos Poortliet, former openSUSE community manager wrote in a blog post, “At the time of writing this, the openQA servers were busily running tests and, by the time we publish this article, they should be done. What was being tested? A massive amount of changes, bringing not only the latest Plasma 5.3 and Applications 15.04.1 to Tumbleweed, but also marking the switch to Plasma 5 as the default desktop!” The switch to P5 will also have a massive impact in Plasma 5 development because now there will be more users finding bugs and filing reports to make it even better.
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+ - iPad, Android users get images support for Google Docs and Slides->

sfcrazy writes: Last week I was stuck with an iPad to do some pending work. I was traveling and my laptop broke leaving me with my Nexus 6 and an iPad. That’s when I realized that Google Docs for iPad was in a sorry state (actually the whole iPad experience was extremely poor compared to Android, I will write about it some time later).

Two major flaws that I came across were the inability of Google Docs to create hyperlinks and insert images to any document. In a nutshell it works more or less like a text editor and not a true word processor.

This situation forced me to use an app which I never though I would use – Microsoft Office. Not only I was able to create hyperlinks within the document, I was also able to insert images.

I also found that Microsoft’s Office App had many more features than Google Docs. Sometime it’s a good idea for a Linux user to keep an eye on competitors to know where do we need improvements.

The good news is today Google addressed one of the two problems. There is an upgrade for iOS and Android which allows users to add images to their Docs and Slides from mobile devices. You can either take a new photo or insert it from the device. Slides also allows you to crop or resize an image; though Docs can’t.

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+ - 7 things Linux users still can't do->

sfcrazy writes: Linux users kind of brag about the fact that there is nothing beyond the reach of Linux users. When a writer is given a challenge to find IFF there are things that can't be done on Linux and he sets out on a quest to find an answer. This is what he finds. Linux users may jump in, attacking that we don't need Photoshop or iTunes. But that's not how the real world works.
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+ - Is Ubuntu moving away from .deb packages?->

sfcrazy writes: Will Cooke, Ubuntu Desktop Engineering Manager, posted on Google+ "Our plan for 15.10 (which is still being finalised, and will be discussed in more depth at UOS in a couple of weeks) is to have a build based on Snappy Personal and so the current .deb based Desktop Next image will be going away and will be replaced with the new Snappy version."

Cooke’s post has the potential to spread confusion among users and the Linux community, so to clear things up, the author talked to Ubuntu Community managers Alan Pope and Michael Hall, and Canonical engineer Robert Ancell. The story gives the most comprehensive view of the story.

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+ - 6 things you didn't know you could do with VLC->

sfcrazy writes: VLC is one of those many applications which continue to prove that locking down the source code behind fortress of proprietary software doesn't ensure quality product. VLC is like a Swiss knife which can play virtually all video formats which even official clients for Mac OS X, QuickTime can’t play. It’s undoubtedly the must have app on any platform: whether it be Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Android or iOS. VLC is more commonly known as a video player, however there are many advanced features of VLC which most users are not aware of. This article covers 6 great features of VLC which most of us never knew.
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+ - Linus Torvalds: I don't care if Terminator robots run on Linux [parody]->

sfcrazy writes: Linus Torvalds denied any association or knowledge of Skynet Corporation. During a local Linux conference in Portland, Linus was addressing a small crowd when a reddit user asked if he had been approached by Skynet? Linus, with a faint smile on his face, said ‘no’ while nodding (in yes). Later he posted on his Google + page, “I don’t really care if Skynet uses Linux or not. I still want the desktop.”
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+ - CrunchBang rises from the ashes->

sfcrazy writes: An open source project never dies. CrunchBang just showed this. The developers of the project recently announced that they are shutting it down and move on to do other things. The users were suggested to look for alternatives. It didn’t take that long for someone else to take over the helm. A site called CrunchBang Plus Plus is bringing the distro back. They have already made a beta available for testing. They will be using Debian Jesse packages for the distro.
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+ - Should Linux users worry about no-cost Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi?->

sfcrazy writes: The Raspberry Pi foundation has announced the release of Raspberry Pi 2, the apt successor of their extremely popular credit-card sized computer.And Microsoft is getting on-board with this device. Linux users want a platform that they can tinker, hack and improve by directly contributing the code. None of that is possible with Windows. I remember a discussion with an executive who works in the area of open source in governments and he said that the biggest difference between Microsoft products and open source products is the same as cab drivers and cab owners.
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+ - Bill Gate' Facebook post shows poor kids taking online classes using Ubuntu->

sfcrazy writes: I really don’t know if Bill Gates, the created of Windows empire, manages his Facebook page or if it’s been updated by some PR folk. Today some readers caught a Bill Gates’s post about his Foundation’s efforts to ‘revolutionize’ learning in schools. The irony of the post was that the picture attached with the post showed kids using Ubuntu Linux.
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