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Comment: Synology (Score 2, Interesting) 170

by krray (#48214497) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Smarter Disk Space Monitoring In the Age of Cheap Storage?
You're living in a digital cave IMHO.
Don't worry, I was too until recently...

Always mucked with fast external storage as the "main" solution -- firewire, thunderbolt, etc. This system is the main and had a few externals hooked up, that system had another, another over there for something else. It was a mess all around. How to back it all up??

Gave them all away -- bought a Synology

Then bought another (back it up :).

180-200M/sec throughput is the norm. On the network. Beats out most external drives I've ever come across. Everything ties into / backs up to the array. Home and work now too.

I use everything but Microsoft products. They're shit.

My filesystem is 60T w/ under 10T used today. I'll consider plugging in more drives or changing them out in the Synology somewhere between 2017 and 2020...

Comment: I fear (Score 1) 451

by krray (#46423189) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do I Change Tech Careers At 30?

I think I fear for our children's future... (and mine)

> I'm 30, and I am a technology teacher [and]
> I like Microsoft products and would head in that direction, probably.

Is that what you teach? I mean, I realize Microsoft is a HUGE company making billions and billions every year. Amazes me people STILL buy their crap. The software they produce has pretty much always been bloated, slow, buggy, and a complete waste of my time. Thus I don't use them anymore.

> Is it too late for me to think about this?

YES. Apparently so. Go learn UN*X. Try BSD, learn to love Linux. Understand UN*X compared to Windows. Once you do you'll laugh at Microsoft.

> What is the best way to get started on this path?

Go to -- click on everything. Download and install Ubuntu (just my choice :) -- then once you "understand" ... go buy a Mac.

Comment: Re:I had to put down my 15 year-old dog. (Score 3, Interesting) 473

by krray (#45169113) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Hardest Things Programmers Have To Do?

I'm not sure why you got flagged funny.
Off-topic, sure, but FUNNY?

I'm with you though. Had to do the same not too long ago. 15 years and 10 months my black lab made it to. Hardest day of my life was putting him down.

And then shortly after... My uncle went ape-shit crazy. Killed his wife. And was shortly thereafter murdered himself by S.W.A.T. No joke.

And there sat the dog. So I got on a plane and drove the dog home +2,000 miles.

Probably the best dog I've ever had yet...

Comment: Obitalk (Score 1) 172

by krray (#44129415) Attached to: Is Google Voice Doomed To Be 2nd-Class Messaging System?

I guess I went a different direction with Google Voice. Best case my "home" line was a $25/mo VoIP line. $40/mo with the various Ma-Bells for a basic / barely use it line.

Then I ported existing home number first to Sprint (which was on some obscure VoIP provider which had ported it from at&t where it originated). Here I played a gamble as I already had an existing account with Sprint (wife's cell, I use wifi another GV# for mine w/ no issue). NOT having an account here would have seriously cost me [~$200]. Technically they could have charged me. $0 cost.

This could have just been a easy one step port, but because I was off on some unknown telco Google wouldn't port from I had to do it. Lost one day.

The moment the number went active / worked on the cell I initiated the new number request / port [one time $10 fee] with Google Voice for that number. It worked one day on the cell, and the next on Google Voice.

Then added Google Chat as a forwarded call line.

Bought the Obitalk device and configured it. One time fee $50. So for sixty dollars or within three months the move has paid for itself [so far :-].

Setup a free account ObiTalk at -- needed to configure the device...

So far Google / ObiTalk are $0/mo. EITHER one could change the terms and/or just cancel service with little to no notice. No notice with Obi and I'd just have to port my number someplace else. Same if Google cancels service (though they're good about notifying you). Problem: WILL Google port numbers out. Technically they are not a "telco" and I'm sure there's a loophole allowing them NOT to. Betting on "Do No Evil" here with my 30 year old phone number. Yes. It. Is. Cool.

Comment: Re:Apple wants to get it right? (Score 4, Informative) 252

by krray (#41843609) Attached to: Apple Delays Simpler and Cleaner iTunes 'to Get It Right'

AC is correct -- music from iTunes has been DRM free for years [again]. Originally it was all MP3's -- then yes, it was DRM'd AAC files.

Today it's DRM free AAC files -- that yes, have your Apple ID embedded. So what?

Even when it was encrypted it was trivial (for a geek :) to convert them to MP3's. Originally you could use your Firewire iPod connected to decrypt the files on the fly -- then Apple blocked that. Always has been possible to use something like Audio HiJack to re-record to MP3's.

Today -- just convert to MP3 in iTunes. No issue. And I keep going back to MP3 because of legacy devices connected to stereo's that only understand MP3's [original SliMP3's :-].

What the issue? Sales are up (and my stock :)

Comment: Re:Apple AirPort... (Score 1) 615

by krray (#41724151) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Does Wireless Gear Degrade Over Time?

a back handed insult is how you introduce somebody to a potential product? not a good salesman or a bit disgruntled? which is it?

airport benefit: I can explain to anybody where to pick one up [apple store, best buy, walmart, etc] -- and how to quickly / securely bring it online for them. It's 5pm right now. They need a working solution by 6pm. mikrotik won't cut it -- I'll certainly look at it for local installs though. thanks (!)

Comment: Apple AirPort... (Score 2) 615

by krray (#41723801) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Does Wireless Gear Degrade Over Time?

Go get some Apple AirPort Expresses.
Note: I'm an Apple fanboy and heavily invested. :)

I've tried DLink, Linksys, Cisco [which works, but on the $$$ corporate level], a few others, and Zyxel. Zyxel came close -- but the configuration has to be specific [repeater talk to SSID w/ specific MAC id]. The default quick setup could leave the sub-routers chattering amongst themselves... But I digress.

The AirPort's at $99 pay for themselves in setup alone. And frankly, they "just work". Unlike all the others the AirPort DOES PROPERLY PASS ALONG MULTI-CAST THROUGHOUT THE NETWORK. All the other products sub-routers ... dropped multi-cast. No more AirPrint, AirVideo, etc... Yeah -- there's a ton of iOS devices along with Mac's involved on my networks now. :)

They dynamically can be setup as a sub-sub-repeater. Wander the network rather seamlessly. I've just recently gone through this headache and with the AirPort's they will *OWN* the area I want to cover -- add AirPort's as needed to have signal strength / coverage. Just did a 6,000sq/ft house -- all three floors, my home, and the office at 18,000 sq/ft plus yard coverage [as the bay doors are opened :-].

Amazing product.

Comment: Re:Stupid question from across the Atlantic: What? (Score 1) 614

by krray (#41708313) Attached to: FTC Offers $50,000 For Best Way To Stop Robocalls

Well -- others have told you what a robocall is.
Difficult? VERY. Call-ID is trivial to spoof in the US now. Unless they call a toll-free number which passes 'ANI' for billing purposes [you're paying for the call] -- never found a way to spoof *that*.

I remember one day about 15 years ago -- at 5:01pm (one minute passed office close) the ENTIRE switchboard lit up at the same time. I saw that happen once before -- someone was killed on our job-site. Freaked me out when it happened -- and going from rattled to pissed off pretty quickly once I started answering the calls.

Unfortunately for them then I had easy access to more phone lines than they did. There was also a bug in their software which I took advantage of [they didn't properly hide their caller-id].

I programmed 20 or 30 lines to call them [let it run for a week or two]. Once the call was answered -- and it's not that they were answering calls ... their system was picking up the line to make the next robocall which connected my inbound call. There's also another problem [for them] -- the caller "supervises" the line. Meaning once I got in a quick hang-up / pick-up [to make the next call] on their end would NOT WORK [the call was supervised by my end].

Within an hour I had our system providing the supervised calls fake dial-tones, listening [recording] the dialed attempt, and providing a fake busy signal back. Whatever they were selling for the next couple of weeks wasn't working too well.

Those victories to the phone spammers are few and very very far in-between...

Comment: Syllables (Score 1) 364

by krray (#39652089) Attached to: Assessing Media Bias: Microsoft Vs. Everyone Else

It's the syllables. 3 is so 1900's and too many.

Not that they simply stole money from me. To license their product on hardware that is 1) still running today and 2) never ran Windows, but still runs Linux. I can easily think of ~$4K they got from me -- money that I would have rather bought more ï£ stock with. That's roughly an additional $285,000 Bill Gates owes me I believe. Of course their antics are the reason I started looking at other companies and choosing the red or blue pill I'll leave for another day.

And as ingeniously stated previously, "karma's a bitch". And frankly I never forget.

Microwho? Troll

Comment: Re:Recycling? (Score 2) 254

by krray (#37149990) Attached to: Rare Earth Restrictions To Raise Hard Drive Cost

Well .. *I* have recycled my old hard drives... The magnets in server class hard drives are phenomenal. They make absolutely wonderful tool holders -- as long as the tool can become magnetized (and they do) without being a problem for you. You find yourself buying metal things just so you can hang them up easily... :)

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