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Comment Screaming (Score 1) 320

I was in HS and stayed home that day ("sick") to specifically watch the launch. I remember when it blew apart and knew instantly that is was over. The announcer on TV kept going on and on and on about how there might be a problem, this doesn't seem normal, they're checking the status, etc. I was screaming at the announcer to shut-up, understand, and realize a bunch of people just died. He didn't hear me.

Comment (Score 3, Insightful) 190

I think they crossed the line. Just wee bit. I mean, I'm not a rat lover or anything. But if kept clean, as in a pet, they are pretty damn cute. Smart too. Not as smart as my dog IMHO -- HEY! Let's wire up four dog brains next! Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket. How about a monkey? Why not!

These animals have a consciousness. You can't deny that. No, it is not at the human level, but a life none-the-less. How fucking freaky cruel is it to take a consciousness and tie it together with three others in some form to just see what happens? How freaked out were these rats in their little disembodied brains.


Comment 2 million (Score 1) 377

I let a upgrade bug slip by me during a software upgrade for the accounting software. In retrospect it should have been caught before it got out of hand. It got out of hand in about 3-4 seconds and had a cascading effect bringing down the whole datacenter for the company.

It happened when a "guaranteed" bid was due for a 2 million dollar job. We had nothing. Not so guaranteed...

Fortunately (?) I had a ownership stake in the company; so I also screwed myself too. Figuring ~12% profit on the job was typical and 10% of that was mine ... it cost me personally over $20K on that mistake.


Comment ass (Score 1) 297

If you don't make an ass out of you and me (assume) that the hard drive / ssd WILL fail then you are just the ass.

Backup your systems. Backup the backup. It will fail too.

S.M.A.R.T. is useless today IMHO. Don't believe anything it says about your drive. I've had drives that I know are failing, clicking, unable to read blocks -- but the SMART status says all is A-OK.

I personally like to put RAID-1 in my end user systems. The data goes to a RAID-6 array. The array is duplicated to another live. Never lost any data yet...

Comment Why? (Score 2) 269

Like everybody else is saying -- Why are you using your ISP's email? They should only be your pipe. I personally stopped using any ISP's email in the 90's... It was after the first switch over that I figured this problem out.

Originally I ran my own domain and spam filtering. I was on the first batch of first spam from those lawyers. Fuckers. Anyway...

Have since migrated domain email to Google apps -- not free anymore for you unfortunately, but on a user basis is still very free.

For speed Google wins -- never even came close to matching their speed for users with gigs and gigs of email they refuse to delete. Not that I'm one to talk.

Their spam filtering beats anything I've seen. I always had too many false positives on my setup; Google has really had one problem in the last decade with that -- false positives from the COPIERS (they have their own accounts and in the domain mailing to same domain users). Annoyingly I had to add a filter to each user to fix that problem.

Otherwise their spam filters are dead nuts on for me. One, maybe two spam messages will hit my Inbox in any given year. My account will @ the .com variant of the domain will get 2-5,000 spams a DAY...

Use Google.

Comment Oui (Score 1) 479

I always hate when I have to deal with "technical support", well, with one odd exception: our accounting co. rocks, but I digress.

Today Comcast wins for dollars to speed (in this area). Fortunately my technical support contact with them has been minimal so far -- it's been working nicely actually (!?). Knock on wood.

I remember having a 768/384 DSL connection w/ at&t (then Ameritech here) -- and one day my PTP connection speed changed to 384/128. No reason or billing adjustment. Should have been 768/384 -- their tech support asked me if somebody else in the neighborhood god DSL and that's maybe why my speed "seems slower". Disconnect. Right there. They lost my telco / backup ISDN to VoIP that day too...

Be polite and in my experience I'm vetting how knowledgeable a person is that I'm talking to... Don't talk down to them, but be politely forceful in your request. They'll either "get it" or pass you up to someone who does.

Be prepared to DISCONNECT when necessary. I usually make that the second call once I realize I'm not "getting through" on the first one. Have secondary service setup and in place to mitigate disruptions.

Ugh. Technical support. I AM IT

Submission + - Apple to develop high-speed cloud and data center infrastructure (

An anonymous reader writes: Apple has announced that it is implementing a high-speed data network and upgrading the way it designs its data centers, to be able to better compete with cloud services giants Amazon, Google and Microsoft. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple’s plans involve connecting its main data centers in California, Nevada, North Carolina and Oregon, and other states using its own private fiber optic links to improve content delivery speeds in densely populated areas. The tech firm has insisted that it will itself manage more of its traffic and not rely as heavily on renting server space from cloud service providers such as Amazon and Microsoft. Currently Apple data centers are also installed with third party equipment including HP servers, Cisco switches and NetApp storage. For now it is expected that Apple will maintain most of its existing vendor relations but plans to soon develop and bolster its existing infrastructure.

Comment Synology (Score 2, Interesting) 170

You're living in a digital cave IMHO.
Don't worry, I was too until recently...

Always mucked with fast external storage as the "main" solution -- firewire, thunderbolt, etc. This system is the main and had a few externals hooked up, that system had another, another over there for something else. It was a mess all around. How to back it all up??

Gave them all away -- bought a Synology

Then bought another (back it up :).

180-200M/sec throughput is the norm. On the network. Beats out most external drives I've ever come across. Everything ties into / backs up to the array. Home and work now too.

I use everything but Microsoft products. They're shit.

My filesystem is 60T w/ under 10T used today. I'll consider plugging in more drives or changing them out in the Synology somewhere between 2017 and 2020...

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