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Comment Re:Mobile communications experience in the US (Score 1) 88

Prices have been going down lately due to intense competition. Sprint and T-Mobile are aggressively competing on price, and V and T are cutting prices to keep from losing too many customers. Meanwhile, Sprint and T-Mobile are steadily building out their networks to compete with V and T coverage advantage, but they have a long way to go.

And Dish Network has bought a huge amount of spectrum at auction. They will be entering the business in a major way sometime in the next few years.

They're not acting the way you describe. Not anymore.

Comment Pay a lot or give up on good coverage (Score 1) 88

Verizon is the only good choice for good coverage outside of cities. You will pay a lot. If you don't want to pay a lot, then get something cheap and spend your time looking for free wifi. There's no really good, inexpensive option.

The US is vast. It will be a long time before all the networks fill in their coverage holes and have to mostly compete on price. If bandwidth keeps increasing, it may be forever.

Comment Re:This is just a diversion (Score 1) 22

Windows 10 gives up all pretence of having any privacy.

Sending every keystroke to MS HQ!!!! We used to call software that does that a virus, key-logger, malware, now Microsoft are doing it, hoping the general population doesn't notice.

You really have to advise anyone you know not to install windows 10, it is out and out spyware, and you can't turn it all off in the privacy settings.

Comment Re:I'm not a panicky guy but... (Score 1) 413

Linux Mint is probably the best, it doesn't worry about patent stuff and so will play back more movies etc.

But if games is your thing then Ubuntu is the one to go for, but AFAIK Mint is based on Ubuntu so maybe steam works with it too.

Note: KDE is more like windows UI-wise.

Linux Distributions Supported by Steam - Linux Issues - Knowledge Base - Steam Support

Comment Re:The Homer! (FP?) (Score 1) 400

like heads up display of facebook

I sincerely hope this gets banned instantly, HUDs should be regulated, text messages should not be allowed because they take concentration off of the road, even on a HUD. People who have lost concentration can look straight at you and still not see you, cyclists know this full well.

Comment Re:Regulation needed ? (Score 1) 194

Almost all people who vote want their own personal idea's and beliefs to be put into government. That's why we should all vote, so the super crazy hopefully doesn't bubble to the top.

That's two wolves and a lamb voting on what's for dinner.

Rather than government hurting whichever group has the minority of votes every year, government power should be decreased so they don't hurt people when it's not absolutely, critically necessary -- and then only with due process, with an absolute commitment to do the least harm. But that idea won't be popular with a certain sort of people who want to use government to get stuff and to stick it to people who aren't like them.

Comment Re:No government fans here? (Score 1) 194

If they "know" there's no basis for regulation, they should be able to explain why these citizens' complaints don't matter while they're sure other citizens' complaints do.

Unless they base their opinions on their day-to-day feelings -- and thoughtful people should all be able to agree that day-to-day feelings aren't a wise or just basis for government to regulate and police (and hence bully and punish) anyone.

Comment EA makes a lot of games (Score 1) 107

Comparing EA and Rovio is silly. Rovio has one product and a couple of other tiny ones. An accurate comparison of Rovio would be to one of EA's development studios, not to all of EA itself.

260 people is a ton for a studio. Even if you look at the really big studios working on the really big titles for EA and Activision, it is usually only a couple hundred people at most. That's to produce things like Battlefield (and it's associated engine, which is quite advanced) not to produce a silly mobile game where you fling birds at pigs.

It sounds like Rovio had way more people than could be useful.

Comment Re:The problem with neural networks (Score 1) 44

A human programmer cannot possibly think of every possible situation a car might encounter on the street and pre-program an appropriate response into the car.

And they don't have too, all they have to do is make sure cars are substantially better than humans at not driving into things. What to drive into and what not to drive into in the event of an unavoidable accident will be determined by a simple scoring system that determines each possible route and picks the one with the best score. The scoring system doesn't have to be perfect or even great because autonomous cars will very rarely ever drive into things by accident. When you look at the reasons humans drive into things and rule out the reasons that won't apply to autonomous cars, you won't be left with much - crashes due to mechanical failure are about 10-13% of the total.

Comment No government fans here? (Score 1) 194

Come on. Answer the question. Why shouldn't the FCC regulate this?

I know the answer can't be "free speech rights", because the government fans told me corporations like Time Warner aren't people and therefore don't have free speech rights.

Citizens seek regulation of this corporation. Are government fans taking this corporation's side against the people?

Comment Regulation needed ? (Score 0) 194

Why shouldn't the FCC regulate HBO and address these citizens' complaints about Game of Thrones? Regulation is good, isn't it? HBO (Time Warner) is a huge corporate machine. These citizen have complaints.

Slashdot government fans want regulations on everything else. Why not this?

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