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Comment: I don't get it (Score 1) 337

by LihTox (#47522715) Attached to: 'Just Let Me Code!'

First of all, let me say up front: I'm not a professional programmer, just a hobbyist. I could understand the need for complicated tools when you're part of a large-scale operation or programming for a corporation. But the author's not talking about that at all.

On private projects, I keep hearing myself spit out between expletives, "I just want to code."

Why don't you? I write little programs all the time, in Tcl/Tk, in Javascript, in C++, in Python. I don't use an IDE. I don't use any version control though I probably should. (I'm starting to learn about Git and Github.) My bug tracker is a bunch of comments at the top of the source file, or if I'm feeling ambitious, a separate text file called "NOTES".

But what I don't do, for the most part, is share my programs with anyone else. If I were planning to release something to the public, I would have to spend a lot more time figuring out all the dependencies of my software, putting in more robust error checking, writing documentation, submitting the program to an App Store or at least putting it up on Github, etc etcyeah, that would be a drag. But I don't know that any of that is necessary; it's just important if I want other people to find my software to be useful. If all you're interested in is the problem-solving puzzle aspect of programming, or in writing something to make *your* life a little easier, then there's no need to follow the herd. Do what the heck you want; all the old tools are still there.

Comment: Re:We are wise to this (Score 1) 164

by MrL0G1C (#47514129) Attached to: Firefox 31 Released

FFS, my 40+ bookmark urlicons and folders just disappeared, the bookmark bar is still there, it is blank now. 1-click access to sites gone and some indeterminate amount of time pissing about trying to get them back.

Because hey, who doesn't want to click-type-type-type-type-click-wait-click to visit their favourite sites.

Comment: So, Verizons normal service is the slow lane? (Score 1) 74

Is this an admission by Verizon that normally their service is the slow lane and they will make everybody's service even slower to enable a small few to have a 'fast lane'.

Why don't they just put in the infrastructure needed for peoples internet to work like what they paid for already. Are they going to give refunds for not supplying the service they sold?

Comment: Re:The problem is... (Score 1) 188

Smallpox is not a MAD weapon like nuclear weapons, that analogy does not work.

Someone launches smallpox at you, what are you going to do, launch some kind of herpes at them?

Also, US has thousands of nuclear weapons, so the MAD argument again doesn't work because the US have far superior weapon at their disposal.

Comment: Re:The problem is... (Score 1) 188

You seem to have completely ignored the post you replied to, it's not like MAD because MAD stands for Mutually Assured Destruction. Smallpox is not MAD it is MAILS (Mutually Assured Itchy Little Spots) and as such is a stupid crap weapon. Smallpox inoculation was used by the Chinese over 400 years ago.

As the parent mentioned, you don't need to keep stock because if your enemy has lost their marbles and launched itchy at you then you have a sample of it. And if you'd read the summary you'd know that you don't need live samples to research it and anyway, if someone made a weapon out of it they would have most likely mutated it in which case you wouldn't have a sample until they launched it at you.

Comment: Ya, pretty much (Score 1) 890

by Sycraft-fu (#47513607) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

That is why when you play online shooters, which attract many immature males, "faggot" is the default insult. They are insecure about their sexuality, as most young men are, and thus being called gay is one of the more hurtful things to them. they externalize that, of course, and thus that is what they use by default against others. However if they find something that works better, they'll go after that. Race, age, nationality, etc, etc.

They are assholes, sociopaths sometimes, they want to hurt others and they choose whatever they think is the most effective way to do it.

For that matter humans in general do it, women included. Bill Burr ha some hilarious bits, based in truth as the best comedy is, about women steering a losing argument towards personal attacks against their man. Saying he has a little dick, is a momma's boy, that kind of thing.

Well, that really happens. It isn't because women are some horrible creatures, but rather because they are using the insults they have learned will hurt the worst, when they get mad and decide to turn to insults. It's what people do when they lash out.

The difference between a normal person and a troll/asshole/ITG/sociopath and so on online is that most people do it only when they are angry, when they are lashing out at another person. These asshats do it for fun, just to get a rise out of people, and so on.

It is not something to be celebrated, or even tolerated (in any community I moderate trolling is a fast way to the banhammer) but trying to act like it is a problem limited to or directed at women is silly.

Comment: Re:Let's draw a distinction here... (Score 2) 890

by Sycraft-fu (#47513585) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

Of course it is assholes acting out. That's what happens when you remove consequences. Games have been an excellent example of that in terms of gameplay and mechanics. There have been games that have tried the whole "No rules but what the players make, they'll work out a stable system." No, actually it devolves in to a bunch of griefer assholes, and everyone else leaves. These people can't do that kind of thing in real life because they'd face consequences.

Sociopaths learn to moderate their behaviour in the real world because if they don't, they get punished. Online, they can run rampant and so they do.

Comment: No shit (Score 2) 92

by Sycraft-fu (#47510777) Attached to: Buying New Commercial IT Hardware Isn't Always Worthwhile (Video)

We consolidated about 20ish old servers (and added new systems) in to two Dell R720xds that are VM hypervisors. Not only does this save on power n' cooling but it is way faster, more reliable, and flexible. It is much easier and faster to rebuild and stand up a VM, you can snapshot them before making changes, if we need to reboot the hypervisor or update firmware we can migrate VMs over to the other host so there's no downtime. Plus less time is wasted on admining them since there are less systems, and they are newer.

On top of that they have good support contracts, and some excellent reliability features that you didn't get on systems even 5ish years ago (like actively scanning HDDs to look for failures).

Big time win in my book. Now does that mean we rush out and replace them with new units every year? No, of course not, but when the time comes that they are going out of support, or more likely that usage is growing past what they can be upgraded to handle, we'll replace them with newer, more powerful, systems. It is just a much better use of resources.

Comment: Is this all necessary? (Score 5, Insightful) 98

Seems like you are trying to work out a solution to a problem you don't have yet. Maybe first see if users are just willing to play nice. Get a powerful system and let them have at it. That's what we do. I work for an engineering college and we have a fairly large Linux server that is for instructional use. Students can log in and run the provided programs. Our resource management? None, unless the system is getting hit hard, in which case we will see what is happening and maybe manually nice something or talk to a user. We basically never have to. People use it to do their assignments and go about their business.

Hardware is fairly cheap, so you can throw a lot of power at the problem. Get a system with a decent amount of cores and RAM and you'll probably find out that it is fine.

Now, if things become a repeated problem then sure, look at a technical solution. However don't go getting all draconian without a reason. You may just be wasting your time and resources.

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