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Comment Re:And that's why I'm backing Sanders (Score 1) 352

What I do consider divisive is calling the working class "moochers" and "takers," ...

Who calls workers "takers"? Workers are generally the opposite of takers. Is this a strawman or did someone actually call some workers "takers"?

... children don't starve because their parents ...

When was the last time any children starved in the US (or any western country)? What were the names of these children?

BTW, you keep saying "the money you earn" as if people earn money on their own in a vacuum.

Yeah. Workers earn their paychecks. Investors earn their investment returns. Not on their own, but together, side-by-side.

Comment Re: I guess they realised... (Score 1) 149

It's been a while since I had to work with upstart, so I don't remember the exact list of grievances I had with it. But I do remember that one problem I had is that it has a seriously weird dependency model that works backwards: rather than saying what you need for your service to work, your service starts when it has what it needs.

As far as system administration goes I find this is very weird and undesirable. If a service is for some reason not starting it's now my problem to figure out what it wants, and isn't getting.

I guess that given that slackware lacks package dependency resolution, it can be expected that you don't have a problem with hunting down dependencies. I, on the other hand, prefer to leave the boring and simple jobs like dependency resolution to the computer, and have more time for things that require actual brains.

Comment Re:Your mortgage got you stressed? (Score 1) 111

It's a far better deal than CBO estimate that the Iraq and Afghanistan wars will have cost us ~$2.5 trillion by 2017. $60 billion is a drop in the bucket in comparison.

non sequitur (nän sekwdr)
noun - a conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from the previous argument or statement.

Comment Re:So the taxes were collected from salaries inste (Score 1) 227

IIRC, when Apple talked about paying dividends, they had some plan where they would use (some of) their $100B in cash held outside the US to collateralize a loan that they would use to pay those dividends. When you have such fantastically large sums of money, "not being able to repatriate it," is a soluble problem (unless your business is black market pharmaceuticals).


Comment They could fix everything (Score 5, Interesting) 67

by allowing user-defined colors in CSS. Not only could they offload the unwanted old names into a single stylesheet (legacycolors.css?), but it would be so much easier to adjust the color scheme of a website by changing a couple of definitions.

But I'm just an amateur; maybe that IS a CSS feature and I've missed it?

Comment Re:And that's why I'm backing Sanders (Score 1) 352

It's human nature for people to group around common beliefs. It's been donw for all of human history and you're literally doing so yourself, labeling yourself a "non divider" (which is pure arrogance as there's not such thing) and me as "part of the problem".

It's not about you or me or whether something is or isn't "human nature". The prisons are full of people who did things that are "human nature".

Encouraging Americans to divide against each other in order to gain power by organizing one group against the other is wrong. That's the point. Let's not do that. Let's stop supporting politicians who do that. Let's think twice before we endorse "solutions" that require division and conflict and re-examine options that help everyone. It's what a non-hater might do.

Comment Re:And that's why I'm backing Sanders (Score 1) 352

Dividing people into groups, and encouraging and widening the divisions, hyping up the hostility to gain power organizing one group against the other is almost the definition of evil.

And this is exactly what the wealthy are doing—claiming that the poor are trying to steal their hard-earned cash—while the poor are merely arguing for a return to a time when we had a large, healthy middle class. You can lament the use of the term "class" all you want; it's simply a distinction to talk about degrees of wealth and opportunity.

So you're saying wanting to keep the money you earn is "exactly" the same as trying to get groups of Americans to hate each other so you can lead one group against another?

That seems like a pretty weak argument, even by Internet message board standards. Can you explain why you think these things are "exactly" the same? Or similar at all?

Comment Re:And that's why I'm backing Sanders (Score 1) 352

We're talking about a country that had institutionalized slavery up till 150 years ago

Except the class-dividers don't talk about slavery as a class issue. It's a race issue, but they've already maxed out the benefit of race divisions, securing about 94% of the black vote in the process. And what benefit do those voters see for it? Should people allow themselves to be divided into classes to reap the same rewards, the same resulting prosperity that black voters have achieved by listening to the same voices?

You're really good at reciting grievances -- many against long-dead villains on behalf of long-dead victims. Other than trying to divide people and encourage people to hate each other, what's the point?

Comment Re:And that's why I'm backing Sanders (Score 2) 352

So we cant point to problems anymore because then we're succumbing to some nebulous evil?

There's nothing nebulous about it. Dividing people into groups, and encouraging and widening the divisions, hyping up the hostility to gain power organizing one group against the other is almost the definition of evil.

Trying to bring people together, finding common ground, encouraging peace and empathy is the opposite.

Which are you doing? Do you want peace and empathy, or do you want victory for your side and some sort of so-called "justice"?

And i said absolutly nothing about "hating" others ...

Of course not. If you did, you might say... Well, you might say something very similar to what you said. But with exclamation points or something. For someone not intending evil, that should indicate more thoughtfulness might be in order.

Comment Re:I guess they realised... (Score 1) 149

And as for init systems - there was nothing, absolutely nothing, that was more sheer hell to administer than SMF. SMF was a truly horrendous and unmanageable piece of crapware. Building a system similar to it is an act of sheer, calculated sadism.

Actually I never worked with SMF, so I don't know much about it besides that it exists. What I was pointing out that the deviation from the holy "unix philosophy" is getting pretty much universal, and that if the old way of things was so wonderful we wouldn't have multiple completely independent companies looking for alternatives and coming up with similar conclusions.

Certainly there are better and worse approaches of the same style. I have no love for upstart, but no issues with systemd so far.

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