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Comment Re: Investors are parasites (Score 1) 138

"That said, I'm surprised that a useless social networking company that caters to narcissists..."

Wait, wait, wait a minute. I see this characterization all the time and it's getting tiresome. Yes, there are plenty of narcissists on Twitter. Fine. But there are also plenty of us who like to curate feeds of interesting people and organizations we like to follow. Twitter fills that niche for me, and it's pretty easy to skim past their minimal advertising.

i.e., people making these pointless observations about Twitter are adding nothing of value to the conversation.

I might also add in response to the comment above about no managers being targeted for firing... That may be, but the way I read it, the summary mentions whole departments and I would assume managers would be included in the layoffs.

Comment Re:FFS (Score 1) 398

"The same journal has a study showing pot-smoking teens are 60% less likely to finish high school than ones who don't."

Wait a minute, I thought *everyone* already agreed that, due to its affect on brain development, teenagers shouldn't be smoking pot?

Having said that, I assume Colorado and Washington won't sell to under 21. But I don't know - am I wrong about that?

Comment OMNI (Score 2) 122

Does anyone else remember an issue of OMNI magazine from the early 1980s that discussed this? I think it may have been around 1982.

In that article, they estimated the roundtrip would take around 42 minutes, which I thought was a grand coincidence having just read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Comment Re:But.. (Score 1) 340

"The largest driver for resistance is the over-use of antibiotics in non-health care related fields, like industrial agriculture, and hand soap."

Honest question: I was under the impression that there is a significant difference between the antibiotics given to (e.g.) cows, and "antibiotic" hand soap. The first acts intracellularlyâ€"inside the cellâ€"while antibiotic soaps act on the whole cell itself. Two completely different mechanisms. One comparison I read said, about the risk of developing resistance to hand soaps, "it would be like developing a resistance to fire." Ain't gonna happen.

Are antibiotic hand soaps really a problem?

- jw

Comment Re:How did they drift so far apart? (Score 1) 223

Patrilineal endogamy [*] is not an Islamic doctrine.....

Thank you Jamuna for this interesting post. There is an awful lot of complaining on this site about how it has deteriorated over the years. Perhaps. But I still love reading Slashdot because there are still a lot of damn smart comments.

- jw

Comment Re:This changes nothing. . . (Score 1) 449

Well, to be specific, I think you're talking about the representative from Colorado (Diana DeGette) who introduced a bill in November to do it:


But really now - how likely is this to pass? I think not very. Anybody know anything I don't?

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