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Comment Re:"a group of state university professors" (Score 1) 337

1. Rape is legally defined and arm touching does not constitute "first degree rape"
2. They would be asking professors relevant to their fields of study and multiple professors would be reviewing the textbooks, so it's unlikely a particular ideology (such as "uber-feminism") would control the narrative.
3. The point about drunk college boys seems unlikely to come up in a high school textbook.
4. The same thing could happen now since it's controlled by the textbook makers

Comment Re:Why? For the PR i guess? (Score 2) 281

Partially because the tools are getting much better. Unity (a popular game engine) works in Windows and Linux, and even had better support for 64bit in linux (the most recent version should even that out). When a game developer can easily make their game for multiple platforms, then easily deploy to multiple platforms through Steam, they can easily access that extra 1% of the market.

Comment Re:I can't see how this will work (Score 1) 1291

That's exactly right. Among other programs we would also be able to eliminate the minimum wage and let market forces take care of wages. If someone wants to make an extra few bucks a day, they can take that easy $1/hour job, but if the employer can't fill spots, they may need to raise their offerings to something more people would be interested in.

Comment Re:Not Free. (Score 1) 210

Well that's because it's stupid to keep following money back. You could say it comes from the employers of those people or back more to the customers of those employers - eventually I guess you'd get back to the government.

It's the same way you say you're paid by your employer, not the customers or the customers' employers.

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