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Comment Re:Missed the Boat? (Score 1) 267

In a pyramid scheme, the ones at the top profit from the ones at the bottom paying up. It's more like a tree structure passing money towards the root.

You're describing more of a Ponzi scheme where the ones in first profit and leave. It's like a queue structure with the money being collected as people leave the queue.

Comment Re:Smart guns are a dumb idea (Score 2, Insightful) 555

Well there's the problem of police guns getting stolen and police guns being grabbed and used against the officers. Smart guns are a valid solution to that. Cars are much more complex (with extra points of failure), but modern smarter cars are much safer than older non-smart cars, no reason to believe the same wouldn't happen with guns.

Comment Re: RF? (Score 1) 935

If that is the case, then why have the loaded firearm or even a firearm at all?

Good point!

Fire extinguishers are unlikely to ever be used to stop a fire so inspections are unneeded. How many people are likely to ever be in a traffic collision where seat belts or air bags make a difference?

I haven't checked the numbers, but I'm pretty sure injuries from fire extinguishers and air bags are pretty low, and higher when they aren't in use. They also are recalled when they kill people, so if you think that's a good analogy, I guess we better get some recalls going.

Do you have evidence that smart guns are unreliable? What percentage of the time to normal guns fail? What percentage do smart guns fail?

How many times are guns used to kill people by those that aren't owners?

We absolutely should be giving these to law enforcement since police guns do occasionally get stolen and are used in crimes.

Comment Re: RF? (Score 1) 935

Are you arging that there are less than 505 defensive uses of firearms in the US per year that saved a life?

That sounds about right - defensive uses of firearms are pretty uncommon. We'd know more if the NRA didn't block studies like this. Also have to factor in stolen guns used against their owners (or others).

A gun lock would prevent people using a family member's gun for suicide (those numbers are separate from accidents).

Comment Re: RF? (Score 1) 935

If that's the case then it doesn't even matter if the gun works properly!

. So we have the cases:
  1. Majority of time: Gun not used, safety device prevents accidental shootings
  2. "Vast majority of time gun is needed": Gun used, but presence is all that is needed, safety device irrelevant
  3. Minority of minority of time: Gun fired, safety device must work as intended

Seems like a no brainer since it's only the minority of time the is used, the minority of the cases the gun needs to be fired, and the minority of times the mechanism malfunctions (stats are unknown on this one - could be similar to current cases for all we know).

Comment Re:RF? (Score 1) 935

Gun ownership is up, gun crime is down

Gun ownership is also down as a percentage of people that own guns. The reason some stats show gun ownership to be up is they calculate number of guns divided by number of people when many gun owners have multiple weapons.

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