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User Journal

Journal: 36 hours of Punisher

Journal by secondsun

During the semester I had it. Group projects were blowing, I was the only one doing work in one of them. Finally I had a weekend to myself, my roomies X-box, and a bunch of ripped games on it.

Punisher, dear god punisher.

I got to slice people like fish, blow em up, killem in various ways (quick kill was Godly). By the time my friends got back the found me sitting in my boxers, camping a spawn point, and had bodies stacked on either side of me. (I also had a million extra points by this time). After all was said and done I felt relaxed and vindicated. :-D

Most people say violent games are harmful, in this case it kept several people very much alive for being absolute fuckhats.


Journal: Finals

Journal by secondsun

It is finals time.*Takes a drag on a cigarette, since I don't smoke this is even more dramatic* That means I need 3 things: caffene, studies, and sex. I need these three things in very large quantities because otherwise I will go completely nuts. Meanwhile I went to a bar for a while in leu of studying for a few hours.

It was karaokee night, I was sufficently educated by the queens :-P


Journal: All things homo-gay-sexual 1

Journal by secondsun

Well nothing major in my life right now, outside of either a mild cold or allergies I can't figure out which this is.

MS pulls support for a gay rights bill which fails by one vote and gets screamed at. 365gay.com posted some remarks from Gates about it essentially saying he didn't know that many people would feel that way about it. He welcomed the critisism and said it would be a factor next time something like this comes up. I don't like big companies in politics, but at the same time I do like having nice things. *shrugs*

Nothing new on the love front, well I say nohing new there are a few warm spots on the radar, but shouldn't turn into anything remotly like a full blown relationship.

I graduate at the end of the summer, yay.

Well that is all for now, ttyl

User Journal

Journal: Updating Journal 2

Journal by secondsun

Well it has been a while since I gave a serious entry. Well for starters last fall semester sucked royal monkey nuts, my boyfriend and I broke up, another ex and good friend hated me, then he began dating a guy I had a crush on :(. But we got over it and made up. I passed all my classes (including 2335 which was hell) and made it out with a 3.0. This is my last spring semester @ ga tech and I am kinda sad, but excited too. I still don't have a boyfriend but I am hopeful someone will meet me.

User Journal

Journal: Long time ago

Journal by secondsun

Well it has been a while, school is great blah blah blah. The whole purpose of this post is for people to get in touch with me during possibly offtopic convo's in /. I don't like carrying on my flames in the main discusion but damnit I have a point to make :)

User Journal

Journal: On being gay in GA 3

Journal by secondsun

WHy would I be in south GA and be gay? It is my home and I grew up here. Will I be here when I get my degree? Probably not but until then it is a cheap place to stay and work.

I miss my boyfriend back in Atlanta, I miss him alot. I tried to come out to my parents but now they pretend it didn't even happen.

Oh well, in the south the people are fake nice so they usually don't say anything to your face.

Oh yeah, /. has really hot guys on it. Don't know how it happened but hell yeah!

User Journal

Journal: GLBT 4 U and ME 6

Journal by secondsun

Well I have lived through 2130 and 3500 at tech and now am back in gay hell... South GA.

All this really is for is to have a place for other GLBT /.ers to say hi to me and each other.

nite nite

User Journal

Journal: Ramblin Wreck

Journal by secondsun

Greetings ladies and whores.
First off I really like GATech, we get free software YAY!!!!! (Who cares if it is MS and it won't install on anythnig I own, it is free, free I tell you, freeeeeeeeee!)

Anyway I am moved into my apartment, I am happy, I have friends visiting me all the time, I have my own room in the apartment, and my roomies seem to be pretty cool (no frag guys, score!)

Anyway bbfn

User Journal

Journal: Hardware

Journal by secondsun

I like computers, I like the hum,, the smell, and the brerakdowns. I personally have had 5 go through my posession. First was a C64 (which nuked) then my p75 laptop (which nuked last year, 6 years going strong poor thang) then my first true box, built from scratch(which nuked. Damn Pricewatch powersupply). Then I have lefty (my p2 300 laptop) and thunk (my desktop) which are both stable and love linux (though thunk is now doing vieo and uses win 2 gay ugh) oh well thought i would share that.

User Journal

Journal: Sad state of software

Journal by secondsun

Or more like the sad state of people who review software. I just read cnet's preview for Safari (based on the beta version of the software). And what was their complaint? They said it needed to fatten up! Yes they (cnet.com) were actually complaining about not having enough software bloat. If they want to see bloat in action they should try out the KDE desktop *ducks*. Actually as a Desktop KDE is not bloated, the project is to create an entire desktop environment to replace say a windows environment (and they just about have it done).

Anyway, it just really pissed me off to see cnet complaining about the lack of software bloat.

User Journal

Journal: Why I want to kill everything that moves

Journal by secondsun

Ok, today was pretty good, but it had its crappy moments.

Crappy Moment 1) Efosa Idemudia's CS 2 class. I am sorry, but if this guy will not quit giving us the same assignment (do problem a, now do problem a again except use a private varible and a public function, now do it again with a public function and 2 private functions) and shit like that to fill up 3 hours twice a week. BAM BAM BAM!!!!

Crappy moment 2) My sex life. Everytime I meet someone that I think I can connect with he will find some reason to go. Edgar went str8, Eric doesn't want to date b/c he is going to move in a few months and Joel realized that we are 4 years apart in life (even tho only 2.5 in age)

Crappy Moment 3) I have an 8 AM differential equations class. BORING

4) MS trying to buy blizzard?? Kill me now.

5) I formatted my laptops hard drive to instal gentoo, but I forgot to get my notes and programs off of it DAMN!

6) We have room checks in the dorm tonight, I just found the floor in mine...

Yeah that is about it. TTYL

"Oh what wouldn't I give to be spat at in the face..." -- a prisoner in "Life of Brian"