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Comment: Re:More proof that copying is BAD! (Score 4, Interesting) 381

by Hogwash McFly (#39914605) Attached to: Did a Genome Copying Mistake Lead To Human Intelligence?

Imagine if you had somesimple computer-generated music into which random mutations were introduced. These could be presented to listeners who would decide through an online vote the 'fitness' of the new segment over the original. Any mutations deemed favourable could be recombined into the 'genome' of the track. Would it be possible for a basic track to evolve gradually over time into a complex piece of music that sounds better at each stage?

Comment: Re:No DRM but has tracking (Score 5, Funny) 196

by Hogwash McFly (#39500933) Attached to: What Book Publishers Should Learn From <em>Harry Potter</em>

"I don't understand potions", said Ron gloomily.
"You don't understand anything!" said Hermione snootily.
"Cut it out, you two. I'm trying to watch the Quidditch", said John Thompson, the twenty eight year old living at 17 Acacia Avenue, Surrey, credit card number 5753100085692323.

Comment: Re:kind of like the police (Score 2) 869

by Hogwash McFly (#36009150) Attached to: The Internet's New Alternate Reality

To take the Tooth Fairy example further, if we accept it is reasonable for a person to say "The Tooth Fairy does not exist" in day-to-day language without needing to add the disclaimer "of course, in a strictly scientific sense there is a small possiblity that the Tooth Fairy does exist so I am not ruling it out completely", is it not also reasonable for somebody to say "God does not exist" without having to add a similar disclaimer?

If somebody says "I was ten years old when I found out Santa Claus doesn't exist", nobody nitpicks them on the principle that you can't disprove something entirely. Why the special allowance for God?

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