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by ultranova (#48210797) Attached to: Michigan Latest State To Ban Direct Tesla Sales

Queue up the "Somalia" thread here ...

Rather than being bitter that people keep bringing up the flaws of your favorite ideology, why don't you think up ways to fix those flaws? We all got a rather thorough lesson about what happens when ideological purity trumps reality with Soviet Union, and are currently getting a repeat lesson with neoconservatives. Surely you don't want your ideology moving from "questionable" to "inherently evil" category in the annals of history?

Then again, an untested ideology is perfect. It could solve all the world's problems if only people adopted it. Just like a lot of people dream of a perfect book (or game, or movie, or whatever) they'll write one day, but never will, because then it would be subject to actual criticism. So I wonder if libertarians actually want people to vote libertarian, at which point they could no longer dismiss criticism with comments like yours without it backfiring horribly, or if they'd rather just stay in the margins where they can build their utopia in the safety of castles in the sky?

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by hairyfeet (#48210595) Attached to: The Classic Control Panel In Windows May Be Gone

Why go to TPB when Win 10 is free to download straight from MSFT? And YES the tiles are only on the right side, where devices and printers and control panel used to be (they are on the left now, big whoop) and its easy enough to simply remove those tiles.

On a positive note you can make those tiles anything you want (as well as nothing at all) so I have stuck the weather there, although now that I have my Windows 7 gadgets back I'll probably get rid of it as I can easily add weather along with my beloved CoreTemp there.

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by Qzukk (#48208523) Attached to: Deutsche Telecom Upgrades T-Mobile 2G Encryption In US

They're eager to do things they can charge for. I bet AT&T charges a pretty penny for the connections to room 641A

They're a little less eager to do things they can't make money on. Of course, if they don't participate they might find themselves like Qwest's CEO, who lost all the government contracts because he wouldn't play ball with the NSA, then got arrested on securities charges for losing stockholders' money by losing the government contracts.

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by hairyfeet (#48208271) Attached to: The Classic Control Panel In Windows May Be Gone

Which is why everyone voted with their wallets and Windows 8 flopped like a fish on the bank in August!

I'm running Win10 on the netbook at the shop (figure if it runs good on an AMD Bobcat with a 5400RPM HDD? It'll run good on anything) and I have to say...I like the new UI, its enough like the traditional control panel you aren't sitting there playing "guess WTF they called it" like you did with Win 8 but at the same time thy have an easy mode for the casual users...I have no problem with that as long as I can bypass easy mode and get to the full tools, which at least in this build you can.

If they set the price right I could see this killing off XP and getting a good chunk of the diehard Win 7 users (like myself) to jump on board. Its fast, has a good solid desktop, the UI works well (with the exception of that damned start menu lagging as it downloads the updates to the tiles, but that is easy enough to kill) and its easy enough for a long time user to use while giving the casual users a good hand holding...again i have no problems with this, unlike Win 8 where that shit just wouldn't fuck off.

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Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox

They all have your data, they can do whatever the f... they want with it. Unless you're talking about a client backdoor to access all the other files you didn't want to share with the cloud, but I don't think any of the others are any better. If you want real control, it's ownCloud or no cloud I think...

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by Kjella (#48208115) Attached to: Judge Says EA Battlefield 4 Execs Engaged In "Puffery," Not Fraud

Wow, the ability to come up with "he did it, but it' wasn't bad enough to warrant legal action" excuses has had a huge renaissance.

More like you accuse someone of defamation and it's the difference between "He told people I'm an asshole" and "He told people I'm a child molester". Both are defamatory statements by definition "1. (Law) injurious to someone's name or reputation)" but only one is actually illegal. Even if you're selling a polished turd you can make a lot a objectively highly questionable praise, misleading statistics and lies by omission without actually incriminating yourself. Like the defamation example above, you usually have to be caught in a factual lie in order to be convicted. Every sales pitch strategy I've been involved in involved pushing our strengths and concealing our weakness, if that was illegal we'd have to put all of marketing and sales in jail. And every person who went on a date ever. Meaning /. won't change much, I guess.

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by ultranova (#48205577) Attached to: Shooting At Canadian Parliament

Time and time again, posters on Slashdot talk about the 'fictitious' threat of terrorism that government uses as the excuse for encroachments on perceived liberties.

How many people died in terrorist attacks last year? How many died in the hands of various authoritarian regimes?

I think even the most cursory review of history shows which threat deserves more attention.

You, the posters are the reason why an actual coordinated attack within a 'safe' democratic country is news on Slashdot.

We're the reason why coordinated attacks are rare enough to be newsworthy and why rushing in with a gun now counts as a coordinated attack? I think you give us too much credit.

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by Kjella (#48202907) Attached to: Internet Broadband Through High-altitude Drones

Assuming the need is infinite, if your demands are satisfied you might turn to flexibility and convenience. Last quarter we here in Norway saw a tiny dip in fixed residential broadband for the first time ever, whether that's a fluke or not is uncertain but business lines have been on the decline for some time because small 1-5 man shops use 3G/LTE to check their mail rather than having a dedicated broadband line in the office. It's just an extension of that most "normal" people I run into use wireless now instead of wired networks because it's capped by their Internet speed anyway. And even if you gave them gigabit Internet, they'd probably still feel wireless was fast enough.

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by hairyfeet (#48200747) Attached to: 'Microsoft Lumia' Will Replace the Nokia Brand

Uhhh...did everybody forget that Nokia still exists as a company? And that as part of the sale they are only barred from selling mobile devices for 3 years? Why in the hell would they want to build positive rep for a brand they will be most likely competing against in a few years?

Frankly the whole argument is moot anyway because you go into mobile stores and folks don't call it the "Nokia Lumia" anymore than they call it the "Samsung Galaxy" or "HTC Evo" its just the Lumia, Galaxy, and Evo. Working retail I deal with folks and phones all damned day (one of the new services I offer is loading Android ROMs,becoming quite popular here) and I can tell you nobody calls them the full name, they just call it by the model.