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Comment: Re:Who wants a watch that you have to recharge dai (Score 2) 219

by American AC in Paris (#48628851) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Can I Really Do With a Smart Watch?

The entire point of having a battery in a watch is so that you don't have to worry about winding it every day,,, it's good for 3 years and then you replace the battery when it goes.

If I'm going to replace my watch, something that I've been using for years, and have only had to replace the battery twice since I got it, with something newer, then that newer thing should not create additional inconveniences that far outweigh anything it can do that a watch might not, particularly when there is nothing that it will do which a smart phone does not already do anyways.

There are a fair number of people out there who happily traded the 2-week battery life of their perfectly functional cell phones for dead-in-a-day smartphones. As it turns out, the inconvenience of having to constantly recharge a smartphone was worth putting up with in exchange for being able to do all the things you can do with a smartphone. Clearly, not everyone shared this sentiment, as you can still see any number of people using non-smartphones today--but significant numbers of people chose functionality over battery life.

It's hardly a stretch of the imagination to see the same thing happening with smart watches.

Comment: Re:Sales (Score 1) 215

by Dr_Barnowl (#48624149) Attached to: What Will Microsoft's "Embrace" of Open Source Actually Achieve?

It's a shame that Sharpdevelop is so tied to Windows ; if it lived up to the promise of the platform, it would just run on Linux. Monodevelop is a *terrible* port and really lags behind SharpDevelop on features.

Even MS gets that UI is hard - the Windows.Forms namespace was being specifically excluded from the open-sourcing AFAICR.

Comment: Re:Don't worry guys... (Score 1) 874

by gl4ss (#48598689) Attached to: Apparent Islamic Terrorism Strikes Sydney

if the general plan to free "yourself from slavery" from the book is to pretty much utilize the same dogma as Ur Quan, then yeah, it sort of makes you a warlord if the preferred plan to deal with other tribes is to conquer them, kill them and put in slavery. actually the plan is even worse than the green ur quans plan of action, because according to the books(tm) you're not supposed to offer them the possibility of being a vassal/slave state.

Islam, as it spread wide originally, had provisions for slave tribes(who need pay tribute), turning the conquered into Islam(assimilating them) and such - you know, basic empire building provisions in the general plan. Judaism does not. this might explain why the other spread regionally fast and the other did not.

besides, historically speaking, who were they slaves to? I thought there was no evidence of them actually being in egypt to build the pyramids like claimed? and parting the seas and whatever.

so both Islam and Judaism are pretty much warlord religions.

anyhow, you should note that all religions can be used as tools for conquering, through terrorizing, war etc. even budhism. many of the budhist nations are strangely patriotic and militaristic and proud of their military prowess(even if it is mostly made up).

Comment: Re:Not really missing vinyl (Score 1) 433

by gl4ss (#48598515) Attached to: Vinyl Record Pressing Plants Struggle To Keep Up With Demand

it's the sort of mistake people who see a picture of how a dac works in _principle_ make.

like the stairs. but in reality, the output smooths out of course. making a dac that did really, really hard transitions between the "stairs" would be harder to make!

though I think it's just a joke, with audiology and all. or maybe it was a mail order certificate from the top end hifi university.

Comment: Re:PRIVATE encryption of everything just became... (Score 1) 379

they were providing emotional support to the targeted reb... Terrorist, so they were Enemy Combatants.

what the drone strike system is in reality is a system for Jemen etc governments to order strikes on their dissidents - and USA gets the blame.

really, they're not strikes against people who would pose a threat to anyone in USA, but who are against the central, often dictatorial tribe politics engulfed government in said countries they happen in.

really, there's not any sort of attempts even to do ground apprehension and to bring into trial or do thorough investigation and the intel is based on what the locals say - so what they have in effect created is a system of ordering hits for rival mafia(tribe in local lingo) gangs.

said countries aren't even in state of war, so just double tapping people with missiles is pretty weird for any outsider and not doing anything to help anyone

Comment: Re:These are the men we want to memorialize? (Score 2) 171

by gl4ss (#48579607) Attached to: Julian Assange Trying To Raise Nearly $200k For a Statue of Himself

well yeah, since nowadays if you out that one government branch is lying to another, then you're a traitor if you out that information.

which seems kind of fucked up - get your fucking agencies in a leash, you're bleeding money to fuckups who ruin your reputation and provide you with no service whatsoever.

Comment: Re:How crazy (Score 1) 135

by gl4ss (#48578977) Attached to: Bank Security Software EULA Allows Spying On Users

that they try to find infection on their own computers/honey pot or whatever? ..how do you propose that they decide if the suspicious file hasn't gone and encrypted itself inside your family photos without them downloading them just for kicks? or into your big businesses yearly finance report, that the random tech guy over at rapport can take a glance at without oversight?

Comment: Re:Is SONY breaking the law with this "defense"? (Score 1) 190

by gl4ss (#48578941) Attached to: Sony Reportedly Is Using Cyber-Attacks To Keep Leaked Files From Spreading

breaking the law? yes, if it is sony behind the attack then they are. there's not really much discussion to be had about the subject if you any grasp of the usual laws.

but if it is happening from an asian country to another asian country, probably nothing will come out of it. maybe someone needs bribed but that's about it.

and right to bear arms applying to executing a cyber attack? that's like saying that right to bear arms should be interpreted as the right to form a lynch mob, WHICH IT IS NOT. this is not even a "stand your ground" situation - and applying that would be equally silly since that law applies to individual persons in some states.

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