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Comment Re:Simple (Score 1) 105

The case is what makes the difference for me ; without the case, I've had an occasion where the phone factory-reset itself ; not so hard on Android, only requires pushing the power and volume buttons in a particular order.

With one of those flexible plastic shell cases, pushing the buttons requires more effort than a pants crease can manage.

Comment these two firms will go under (Score 1) 173

but this type of gambling will continue

the NFL got a specific carve out for this crap when sheldon adelson and other las vegas oligarch assholes got online gambling in the usa shut down a few years ago as threat to their business (welcome to capitalism! aka, cronyism, but this is what most american morons don't understand about unregulated "capitalism"... also amazing that adelson donates to republicans, you know "free enterprise, get government out of business"... lies the poor morons believe for some reason while they do the bidding of the plutocrats)

too many idiots easily parted with their money for this gamblign shit not to continue

Comment Re:Wow! (Score 1) 92

i actually did subscribe to the dead tree service, and will be doing so again. i have no problem with accessing my existing account through the paywall in the interim. if nytimes has a problem with that, they can contact me. i believe you don't have any authority on this matter, as much as it pains your trollish heart

Comment Re:ITT (Score 1) 278

You can sometimes legislate around them (which is legal), and in theory you can make a contradictory law not subject to judicial review by SCOTUS

thank you for repeating what i said

you can attack the problem from another direction and render the supreme's decision moot

why do you feel a need to disagree with me when you agree with me? the point of arguing is to make a point, not to just argue for no fucking reason

Comment Re:Wow! (Score 2) 92

or mangle the url

when i get back a page that is paywalled i go to the url and i

1. chop off the domain upfront
2. chop off the trailing querystring
3. hit enter, you get a google result, the first link always being the story you want
4. follow that link

the referer is now sanitized

so you get the article. you even stay logged in

Comment Re:what KIND of wildlife? (Score 1) 139

what are you babbling about? are you trying to support the lame excuses of a neoimperial mafia country?

georgia, ukraine: invaded because they were neighboring weak countries. and russia just takes territory from them. it's living in 1815. the lame ass bullshit excuses for the thugging don't mean one fucking thing, except as a barometer of how many people are ignorant gullible retards who will believe lies

but russia is failing. it exercises it's military muscle because it is all it has left. but tanks rust, you need a strong economy to back up that military. and it's corrupt oligarch petrostate economy is crumbling, putin never diversified it. it alienates all it's neighbors it thugs on, it has no friends except other authoritarian jokes like kazakhstan and belarus. it's society is rife with authoritarian abuse: of the press, of freedoms of speech and sexuality, of political expression and to assemble. it's destroyed all political maturity and replaced it with immature cult of personality bullshit from north korea, centered around a kgb goon. when he dies, there's no mature succession because there's no mature political apparatus

so russia is at an end game. it will revolt and collapse. could take 20 years, could take 5. hey maybe they can make the 100 year anniversary in 2017. russia is a pathetic joke of a country that deserves all of the misery that is coming to it, because russians haven't learned a fucking thing since 1917, apparently. "we need big strong leader" yeah, actual strength doesn't work that way, complete morons

Comment Re:Aaaaaaaaannnnnnd (Score 1) 104

well the author is implying that bosch did the scandal and vw was unaware(comparison to vw is made and then if you replace sensor manufacturer with 'bosch' and user of said 'sensor' with VW.

bullcrap of course.

so maybe its something designed to shift the blame game away from vw. or just something stupid to fill the article quota for some poor schlob.

Comment Re:The last time I custom built a PC. (Score 1) 249

I once received a first gen xbox for free, back when it was worth something. it had the wrong voltage psu. I ordered a replacement but it didn't work, for some reason.

so.. some splicing and with a spare atx psu later it was up and running in a jiffy. wouldn't fit in the case anymore of course.

oh and I used a cardboard box as a pc case too, why not.

and soldered power in wires to a laptop that had a broken charger port, because why not.

Comment Re:Emissions testing needs to be fool proof (Score 2) 104

american v8's from late 70's to 80's are both fuel guzzling AND badly performing.

and the modern system is actually a lot SIMPLER to tune. if you want to pay for it you can get a custom ecu map in a day.

you make it sound like the carburetor is easy to get right. it's not. a fuel injection system is much more straightforward to setup. had you an aftermarket fuel injection system you would get your project tuned far better.

Comment Re:Can't make this shit up (Score 2) 233

it would have been a sound plan IF and only IF they had a working spaceship.

it's puzzling why they would spend hundreds of millions on a spaceport before having the final ship. like, the biggest costs would be the facilities to support the ship anyways so what's the point in building those facilities before you know what ship you have to support? hotels and such they could build in months.

the whole thing is stupid though. they should just have bought some u2's and do flights with them. practically the same effect with cheaper proven technology.

furthermore the sub orbital jumps are nothing about going to space and don't really seem to even further private space ventures as such. coupled with the fact that if high jump high speed supersonic transportation comes in the next 20 years the whole concept is going to be obsolete as you would essentially get the same experience from that while actually traveling somewhere..

Comment Re:what KIND of wildlife? (Score 4, Informative) 139

chernobyl is actually in ukraine, just outside belarus

it was a soviet disaster (although the soviet union was merely a construct of russian imperialism, so it can be thought of as a russian disaster, so perhaps i'm just tweaking the meaning of your joke)

but like the holodomor ( ), and the continuing vivisection of east ukraine and crimea, russians sure do treat their slavic brothers like shit

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