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Comment Re:Wrong people to strip (Score 1) 430

japan is a dying country because they have no immigrants. look at the statistics about how many elderly japanese they are going to have with so few young japanese supporting them. the japanese attitude on immigration is nothing to admire, it is in fact something to pity. to see xenophobia so strong that so many japanese would rather their country slowly shrivel and die. it's pathetic sick racist self-destructive and weak. frankly, korean people are pretty much identical to japanese genetically, so the hate against koreans is just moronic

as for your attitude on hard working immigrants, i would like to know your background. if it isn't native american, why don't you fuck off with your ignorant hypocrisy and go to europe. many of the mexican immigrants have aztec mayan and other native american bloodlines far closer to the original inhabitants here, and so as a racial argument that is so popular with social retards like yourself, have more right to be here than you

btw, if your ancestors were italian or irish, they got exactly the same thuggy hysterical racist hate you heap on mexicans

if you endorse civil forfeiture, you really should educate your ignorance of the kind of abuse that has played out with that applied to american citizens. with noncitizens, that abuse will probably get far worse, and just force them to stash their money with mexican mafias. thereby actually creating the crime you and your low iq propaganda tries to pin on these hard working people

I am just waiting for the day we get some leaders with some balls who will completely dismantle the democrat plantation in all of its forms.

the demographics are clear and the nation is trending democratic. so why don't you hurry up and die with the rest of your old knuckledragging retard friends

fighting fights from 50, 100, 150 years ago that were already lost with previous waves of immigrants that are now called "true american"

btw, my WASP ancestors came over in the 1600s to new england. fought in king philips war, being scapled by native americans and scalping native americans

that's my legacy. and so according to the "logic" of you racist mouth breathers that makes me a "real american"

so granted this fake authority by your loser thought processes, i make the following judgment on you and your ilk: a guy 15 minutes off the plane from somalia or bangladesh or ecuador, if they have a positive outlook and a tolerant attitude, they therefore embody the real american spirit and real american ideals, and i embrace them as fellow real americans

rather than some "entitled* racist shitbag who thinks he's special because his bitch mother shit you out on in dirt called american, just so you could begin your life of feeling superior for false, ignorant reasons. i wouldn't want to deport you, so you could ruin some other poor country with your dim brain wattage, so perhaps you could be dumped in the marianas trench or some such, apologies to south pacific nations for the stink of your useless stupid corpse

you're simply not an american in my eyes

i mean that with every fiber of my being

you have no fucking clue what real american ideals are

all you have is whiny entitlement (ironically, considering right wing talking points on that concept)

Comment Re:All bullshit (Score 1) 251

yup. it's like the church pastor who is caught having a gay affair, smoking meth, or committing adultery. a large number of his congregation will deny it, defend him, and attack the accuser. "slut, blackmailer, out destroy a good man because the devil" etc.

welcome to the human condition: too many tribal partisan morons with closed minds who don't want their precious, erroneous, beliefs challenged

Comment Re:All bullshit (Score 1) 251

because there are many sexists and misogynists on slashdot, and in life

there is such a thing as false charges of rape. but actual rape greatly outnumbers false charges of rape

but hear it according to the prejudices of sexist people, such as many comments here, and the discussion is immediately about fake rape charges. there is no thought or consideration to the more likely possibility the girl was actually raped. because that possibility goes against their misogyny. they have to reinforce their hate. so all of the "she's faking it" information-free comments get voted up and discussed. without the slightest shred of actually looking into the case and possibly discovering that there is solid evidence of rape

many people, as the comments in this thread show, are prejudicial assholes and morons, and don't think before opening their blind ignorant mouths, to pass shallow judgment on situations they don't know, and don't try to know, just so they can preserve their ignorance, hate, and prejudice

it's a window onto the souls of some people around you, as you can see in many of the comments here, some people are hardcore shitbags

Comment Re:iPhone competitor ?! (Score 1) 131

well he tries to sell them as upmarket.

they're not. pirate copies of samsung phones are more upmarket(no shit really, they have better specs, despite being pirate clones! 100 bucks for octacore nowadays. and yes they put octacore socs in phones they try to make look like samsungs! the business logic is baffling but thats what they do).

also the guy does not understand dual sim. he thinks it will help people call internationally to home. that's really baffling.

Comment these guys are so amazing: (Score 2) 102

resistant to heat, cold, vacuum, desiccation, radiation, pressure, toxins, etc.


you realize they could leave earth (ejecta from a sever impact) and colonize other planets

then you think... wait a second, maybe we're here because these guys colonized earth

Comment Re:In other words. (Score 0) 271

The letter of the law and the spirit of the law are separate concepts.

The laws are often written where vague terminology, grey areas, and wiggle room can be extended or limited according to whim.

I do hope she gets the records another way, that satisfies all of the legal snags, real and ridiculously interpreted.

Even better if the Secretary helps Beth do that. Right?

But if another attempt results in another overly aggressive block, maybe you should stop defending the corrupt and believing their lies.

Comment Re:An MMC/SD/SDIO bus? (Score 1) 109

yeah connect your gpu with that, sure.

they're thinking it the wrong way.

it should only have one 'main' module that had the soc and a keepalive battery, then a case module that had screen and battery and maybe storage. then perhaps maybe camera module or rather have that be part of the case module. drop same main module into different size cases as you want during the week.

Comment Re:Sad Birds (Score 1) 108

they were doing nothing with all the people.
that's why it's so easy to lay them off.

you have to understand that they kept hiring people because they had money and there plenty of people to hire, they didn't have a plan what they were doing with them.

also you have to understand that hiring shitloads of people gave the execs more prestige in finland.

also just dumping money with no creative thought is why the angry birds marketing pictures are now all fancy 'pretty' 3d with no artistic merit.

also you might want to remember that Rovio's high income comes from product sales(hats etc angry birds crap) that the company doesn't make and which only needs few people in the company to handle the licensing for.

and last but not least they have not come up with a single game idea in house EVER. so the well respected leaders of the company don't really understand how to make another interesting game or how little money it actually took. the leaders really have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER what made Angry Birds a hit and it shows. and they didn't come up with the idea for angry birds either, it's a ripoff of another game LIKE ALL THE GAMES PRODUCED BY ROVIO EVER, that wouldn't be too bad if they knew what was worth ripping off but they're going solely by luck - also they're putting a number of games they did under the rug by not mentioning them on their site at all(like stuff that was made on commission for nokia).

that they have no idea what made it a hit doesn't really stop them from flying around the globe giving ego lectures on what made it a hit. that's only making things worse really.

rovio is dumping 75 million into a movie. if everything is as it seems, that's about 65 million too much for the cgi flick movie they're making - but the thought process was more money = more quality, but it doesn't work like that with art(games are art, movies are art).

in short, they're not what Rare was and the execs were interested in ballooing the company so that they can have a big company - they didn't balloon the company to any purpose so that's why they're laying people off, they never had any work to begin with, you only need so much of angry birds stock graphics..

also it's not really connected to the current startup financial state. they're not a startup. it might affect how much money the execs have to splash around at other startups in efforts to buy some talent though but that's about it.

they should have kept their developer teams at under 10 persons per game. they're just fucking arcade clones of other games that have simple assets to manage and simple engines to write.

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