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+ - WikiLove to encourage newbie editors? ->

Submitted by mikejuk
mikejuk writes: Wikipedia has a cunning plan to make wikipedians nicer to each other — its all about WikiLove. They can click on the Love button to make each other feel good about contributing anything from an article to an edit. The idea is that this will encourage newbie editors to stay and contribute rather than slink away into the rest of the web because their contributions get deleted and derided.
Perhaps all we need for world peace is a big enough love button.

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Comment: Re:Due Process? (Score 2, Insightful) 569

by sanctimonius hypocrt (#33751810) Attached to: White House Pressuring Registrars To Block Sites
Maybe off-topic, or maybe not, but it's not trolling. I'm fine with killing al-Awlaki, but targeted assassination, just on the say-so of the National Security Council, is open to abuse. There needs to be judicial review or congressional oversight. If the Whitehouse shuts down your website, at least you're still alive to take it to court.

Kids Who Watch Popeye Cartoons Eat More Vegetables 119

Posted by samzenpus
from the I-yam-what-I-yam dept.
markmark57 writes "Popeye cartoons, tasting parties and junior cooking classes can help increase vegetable intake in kindergarten children, according to new research published in the journal Nutrition & Dietetics. Researchers at Mahidol University in Bangkok found the type and amount of vegetables children ate improved after they took part in a program using multimedia and role models to promote healthy food. Twenty six kindergarten children aged four to five participated in the eight-week study. The researchers recorded the kinds and amounts of fruit and vegetables eaten by the children before and after the program."

School District Drops 'D' Grades 617

Posted by samzenpus
from the pass-fail-education dept.
Students in one New Jersey school district will no longer be able to squeak by in class after the Morris County School Board approved dropping the D grade. Beginning in the fall students who don't get a C or higher will get an F on their report card. "I'm tired of kids coming to school and not learning and getting credit for it," said Superintendent Larrie Reynolds in a Daily Record report.

Comment: Re:Well, Opera Mini isn't strictly a browser... (Score 3, Insightful) 292

by nedlohs (#31086238) Attached to: Opera For iPhone To Test Apple's Resolve

You are running a software built by said commercial 3rd-party company. They don't need that server in the middle to see all of those things.

So there's no increase in capability if they are malicious. There is an increase in risk if they are incompetent - and do something like cache requests/responses containing that data.

Comment: Re:They may have won in the courts.... (Score 2, Interesting) 307

by Starmac (#31086232) Attached to: Microsoft Wins Windows XP WGA Lawsuit

now you have steve watching every single thing you do on his computer, you will pay 130$ for service packs, and good luck getting parts or repair on that mac (which has a very high chance of failure within the first year)

Try using Apple HW instead of just bashing it. There are a lot of MB/MBP out there running MS crap because they are so reliable, and actually run software without machinations. Rating a new version of an OS as a service pack is ludicrous. Maybe you ought to actually use a permissions based OS before you run your keys the next time

Comment: Re:Lack of Faith in Humanity (Score 1) 1142

by clone53421 (#31086132) Attached to: If Everyone Had To Pass A Particular 101 Course, It Should Be About...

My friend is way into horoscopes, and I point out to her a lot that horoscopes are actually, quite bogus. That they have some 80% accuracy rates because they don't get specific, and then people are forgetting some 80% of it anyways. So you're presented with a person, who is mostly recreating memories when thinking back about it, reinterpreting the facts to be more important, more significant and more potent than it was before.

Ah. Yeah, I understand you now. Sort of like the old wives’ tricks for telling whether you’re going to have a boy or a girl... people will swear by them, but in fact they’re bound to be correct 50% of the time, and people don’t remember the times they were wrong.

Comment: Re:Smartest workflow move ....ever! (Score 1) 401

by clone53421 (#31086088) Attached to: GIMP 2.8 Will Sport a Redesigned UI

Terrible ideas. Just terrible.


In any event, hiding the dialogs when GIMP loses focus makes a hell of a lot more sense than dialogs that won’t minimize or hide at all. When I want to see the desktop, I want to see it without any stupid unhideable dialogs in the way.

They have made a single window mode available, that's what we're talking about.

I don’t want a single window mode. I want the things I mentioned. Unless I maximize the window, and then perhaps yes a single-window mode would be better than letting the floating palettes overlap the image window.

Comment: Re:Moronic commentary (Score 1) 50

by ottothecow (#31022466) Attached to: Brokers Get Strict Social Networking Rules
30 day holding periods eh? Damn seems a little harsh...what if something is really tanking and it makes sense to bail?

Last time I worked somewhere where my holdings were restricted, I couldn't touch the financials or anywhere there might be a conflict of interest, but if I was cleared to trade it, I could trade it whenever/however I wanted. Of course I didn't actually have to register my brokerage account with them either (just self-report holdings to keep from working on conflicts) once you have taken that step, it is probably easier to pile on the rules.

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