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Comment: Re:not the real question (Score 2, Insightful) 200

So if Roberts was telling the truth he should be charged for hacking the avionics. If he wasn't telling the truth then he should be charged with making false statements.

Though of course the FBI will want to dig up evidence either way before doing anything. Even though it's obvious the second is the case. If a plane he had caused a plane to climb the pilots would have reported that the plane initiated a climb all by itself and the FAA would be investigating and probably grounding planes or having them disable the entertainment systems.

Comment: Re:Keeps the brain sharp (Score 1) 170

There's no issue with his choice of sports (aside from why would you risk the brain damage - but that's an different topic). I also do bjj - the wussiest of the "combat" sports - two people rolling on the ground hugging :)

Of course when you think about it when I train bjj I'm really trying to get another human being into a position in which they will die if I don't choose to let go - let's ignore all the other people around who will *make* me let go if I'm actually psychotic.

I don't think there is a big deal - he just said something that when taken at his word is reasonably disturbing. Though CTE is pretty scary lurking in the background, possibly more so for someone who claims to need to be physically violent to start with.

Comment: Re:Keeps the brain sharp (Score 0) 170

That's not what he said.

When football season if over plain old football training doesn't provide enough physical violence to make him pleasant so he adds kickboxing and wrestling where you do get to physically assault people in training.

He didn't say he "enjoys physical sports" he said he needs to be able to perform physical violence on other people in order to not be "not a pleasant person to be around".

Sure maybe he just worded things badly - then again he's supposed to be smart in a field of logic and precision and so just as likely meant exactly what he said.

Comment: Re:Not convinced (Score 1) 408

Right you took that 4 from 48 and constructed a claim with two significant figures (ignoring that 2 of those 4 were people driving cars that happen to be capable of self-driving but were not doing to as the time), something that clearly can't be supported with the pitifully small data set used.

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