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Comment Re:Easy to explain (Score 1) 416

Why not contrast it with eating a banana? Since it has more relevance to that than beating up refugees.

None-childish asshole businesses withdraw there services in some way that impacts the politics they don't like. This is refusing service to all people with the name "Fred" because someone with the name "Alan" holds a different political view to himself.

Comment Re:Fairly trivial software? (Score 1) 416

Clearly you have not had to deal with software written by biologists. It doesn't matter how trivial it is, it is not going to be an afternoon...

I've seen an awk script that did FASTA searches which, and I'm not making this up, used a subset of regular expressions for the searching and the bulk of the script converted those into strings to match with - completely ignoring that awk already does regular expressions better than they ever will... I'm so glad I don't have to deal with that particular collection of code anymore.

Comment Re:Easy to explain (Score 1) 416

He disagrees with some of the political decisions made by the politicians in some countries.

Thus he is banning the use of his software by non-politician academics who happen to be in those countries. Regardless of the actual views those scientists have - and note it is affecting biologists which isn't exactly a field famous for being politically powerful and driving country level politics.

It's exactly childish - lashing out at something almost but not quite related to the thing you are angry about.

Comment Re:Let the Public Decide (Score 2) 439

... being siphoned away from a local business towards non-taxed multi-national corporations

You must prove this will in general make the community worse off compared to keeping the rent-seeking of local dealers.

That's not usually how it works. The existence of local dealers (and the laws that protect them) is the status quo. Since people tend to be resistant to change the status quo doesn't have to prove anything, instead the proposed changes have the burden of proof.

Sure that's often dumb, but welcome to millions of years of evolution.

Comment Re:What is it about... (Score 0) 620

Claiming that 2nd amendment only applies to the militia would have made about as much sense as claiming that the 1st amendment only applies to the press.

Except that the 1st amendment doesn't say "A free press, being necessary to maintaining a free State, freedom of speech shall not be abridged." So that analogy makes no sense at all.

Comment Too be fair (Score 1) 372

If the police routinely harass, put in hospital, and arrest for "disrespect cop" random people, you would expect crime rates to go down. After all they'll get lucky occasionally and pick someone who was just about to rob a gas station or something.

Apparently the FBI thinks that's a great way to reduce crime. Which isn't unexpected given the FBI's views on warrantless surveillance.

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