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Comment: Re:Nuclear Power Fears (Score 1) 419 419

Because everything works just as designed, as shown by this very probe successfully collecting data for the last seven months...

But yes an RTG would have been a much better choice, but since they haven't developed them and international treaties stop them sourcing them from the US or Russia there doesn't seem to have been that big a choice.

Comment: Re:Computer science and the lowest common denomina (Score 1) 179 179

Computer science also isn't programming the computer. Sure it involves that like "Chemistry science" involves test tubes and fume hoods.

But just like you can do chemistry without using a test tube you can do computer science without programming a computer. And just like you can use a test tube without doing chemistry you can program a computer without doing computer science.

But yes, it would be rather strange to wander through a preschool and hear: "OK class, can anyone tell me what a pushdown automaton is? Good Sally. Now can anyone else give me an example of something a pushdown automaton can do that a finite-state automaton can not?"

Comment: Re:"Result of... Snowden's whistleblowing"? (Score 2) 236 236

Of course it is.

Just like the video of a police officer shooting a unarmed (slowly) fleeing man should be blamed for all the resulting community uproar and unrest. After all there wasn't any uproar over the initial media reports of the incident full of all claims for such shooting ("I feared for my life", "he went for my weapon", etc).

With no whistleblowing there would be no problem. With no video there would be just another dead criminal and a another heroic officer getting a bravery award.

Comment: Re:Disagree with stupid wording (Score 1) 236 236

Because if the spying was still secret people wouldn't know about it and hence wouldn't be taking measures to try and avoid some of it. It's not still secret because of Snowden's whistleblowing.

There's a long history of government assisted industrial espionage (from all sides), so even if you aren't doing anything wrong at all knowing that everything involved in your dealings with US companies ends up in the hands of the US government and then potentially in the hands of your US competitors is a good motivation to instead choose non-US companies.

Sure their governments are probably doing the same thing anyway - but you *know for certain* the US is. And the US is likely better at it in any case.

Comment: Re:Next time turn off geo tagging (Score 5, Funny) 286 286

No, they just stand outside things they want to blow up and rather than actually having to do all the hard work just take a selfie with gps coordinated in the exif and post if to facebook with "ISIS new headquarters" at the description/title/whatever.

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