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Comment: Re:they don't make it easy (Score 1) 246

by nedlohs (#49373521) Attached to: Sign Up At Before Crooks Do It For You

None of my questions were "hard". 3 were the street, city, and county and somewhere i had lived - and the correct options where all for one address. And the other question was what bank did you open a credit card with in 2005. So anywhere I had something shipped from that I paid via a credit card had all the answers in that one transaction.

Comment: Re: Does this law protect puppies? (Score 5, Insightful) 823

You are ignoring that homosexuality is between consenting adults (the type that is legal anyway - homosexual rape isn't legal for example). Whereas bestiality and pedophilia are not. Which is a pretty significant difference making your "only difference" claim absurd.

Comment: Re:people are going to be saying (Score 1) 733

by nedlohs (#49354727) Attached to: Germanwings Plane Crash Was No Accident

You'll have to point out the part where I proposed forming a mob and restraining strange people. Or are you making shit up?

Understanding the causes and trying to mitigate them in the future has exactly jack shit to do with whether or not the person involved is a "complete scumbag".

You declare the person a scumbag and declare that what was "going on in their lives" does not excuse their behavour or make them any less of a scumbag and also try and understand causes. We do this all the time, so I'm a bit surprised you could be so incredibly stupid as to not notice.

Comment: Re:people are going to be saying (Score 1) 733

by nedlohs (#49344819) Attached to: Germanwings Plane Crash Was No Accident

They are irrelevant. People who commit mass murder especially of random civilians are complete scumbags. It doesn't matter if their daddy touched them or if they are going through a tough divorce or if their favorite TV show got cancelled or whatever it is "going on in their lives" that you think justifies mass murder.

If you want to kill yourself, go right ahead. Don't take 150 other people most of whom you have never met with you - certainly don't expect not to be called a scumbag if you do.

Comment: Re:Maybe you should have read more than one senten (Score 2) 264

Bullshit. From the article: "Students paid up to $15,000 for IIPM’s courses."

So they can plunk down $15,000 in fees but can't "afford data charges" to do a tiny bit of non-wikipedia research on what that $15,000 is going to get them?

Again, bullshit.

Comment: Wow who would have thunk it!? (Score 1) 485

by nedlohs (#49337291) Attached to: No, It's Not Always Quicker To Do Things In Memory

Writing lots of small strings to disk one by one, is faster than building an in memory string up from those small strings one by one - reallocating a larger chunk of memory and copying the entire current string on each little step.

It's almost like memory allocation and copying data over and over might slow things down a bit over simply not doing that at all.

Honestly the paper is completely retarded. Only a moron would not expect that result.

Comment: Re:Fuck those guys (Score 1) 569

If stealing the milk is a felony. And the death was caused by the stealing of the milk then sure.

But that wouldn't be the case in your example, since it's not a result of the felony (and there's not a felony start with unless that's really expensive milk in most jurisdictions).

And no you can't shoot everyone in the bank unless you someone make it appear like that was all caused by the robbery - which is going to be rather difficult. And even then someone else getting charged doesn't mean you don't as well.

Comment: Re:Fuck those guys (Score 1) 569

If there was no intent it's likely going to be a murder charge. "faces up to five years in prison" probably means there's a felony charge in there somewhere. So the felony murder rule would trigger (both illinois and Nevada have one). There is no "attempted' in that of course, someone would have to get killed.

Comment: Re:Fuck those guys (Score 1) 569

Then the robber is guilty under the felony murder rule.

In fact, if there were two robbers, and the teller happens to have a gun and shoots one of them then the other one is guilty under the felony murder rule.

If someone dies due to the commission of a felony those committing the crime are guilty of murder (assuming they get convicted etc). is a reasonably famous example.

Comment: Re:Fuck those guys (Score 1) 569

American police love to escalate conflict and to use their toys. There are also no consequences when they do so.

See random news reports for numerous examples. Eg: for a sheriff who makes jokes after a flashbang was tossed into a baby's crib with a baby in it because apparently that's not something important enough to be serious about.

The use of money is all the advantage there is to having money. -- B. Franklin