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Comment Re:OpenBSD (Score 1) 267

So is there a point to using OpenBSD if you install flash?

Is there a point to using any operating system, or any software at all, that lacks features you need? Flash is still sadly a major component of the web. Certainly not as major, and its importance is definitely fading, but it is still essential for using many sites at full-feature. less than 5 years ago flash-driven uploaders were all the rage. A lot of video sites have not transitioned to HTML5 video. Many games still require flash, and this "workaday" setup seems very games-centric. (government work?)

I'm curious and open to the fact that there is almost certainly something I haven't considered

A few reasons I can think of: automatic ZFS on root, ports system, and stability. Also, it's arguable (I lack any technical grounds for this statement) that BSD does a better job of "compartmentalizing" processes than Linux, so if you have to run Flash there might be no better way to do so.

Comment Re:Why do CS grads become lowly programmers? (Score 1) 637

In the curriculum at my university we learned at least one new language per semester. Assembler was required. Java was required. Python was required. Haskell was required. At different stages we learned about stack management, pointer allocation, memory management, garbage collection algorithms, and so on.

Point is, it's not about what language you use. Learn the techniques and the rest will follow. Learn to learn new languages, you will need them. Learn how the high level code you write is handled at the bare metal. CS is not just about producing programmers... Anybody with time on their hands and a computer can learn to code. CS is about furthering the art and science of computing.

Comment Re:cretinous because (Score 2) 316

Well, that's exactly what they're doing. The problem is they're doing it to those of us users who already have unlimited plans which they don't sell anymore, but are paying month to month and buying phones elsewhere to keep our contracts from being re-written. They won't be throttling the new "unlimited" customers because there aren't any.

Comment Re: so, I'm in the more than 8 yrs ago camp (Score 3) 391

Religious wars over operating systems are dead. All the major contenders are "good enough" for general purpose use. Most custom builds are going to have some piece of bleeding edge kit which will require some minor fiddling to get it to work with ANY OS.

Tbh if you find adding a ppa, refreshing the package cache and performing an update a challenging task, linux plainly isn't for you. For those of us who don't find this 30 second procedure paralyzingly difficult, we will continue to use a good POSIX compliant free OS without regard for your feelings about it.

You can feel free to have to run separate upgrade procedures for every single piece of hardware and each individual application over the life of your machine, to be subject to the will of MS for your desktop environments features, and work around the lack of POSIX compliance as long as it suits you.

Comment Re: FaceTime (Score 1, Insightful) 194

Much as I hate to shill for Apple, this is the correct answer. iPads do silent updates and don't complain much if they cannot. They have tremendous battery life and the simplest power connector ever. Works with all services, interface simplicity cannot be bested. The smart tv solution would probably work too, but there's more room for problems to arise. Not sure how the costs break down but this would even work with used iPads if you need to keep costs down.

Comment Re: Seems reasonable... (Score 1) 260

People voting with dollars is the reason we have regulatory capture in the first place. I mean why have any government at all? People can hire their own security forces if they need police. The private fire brigade can run a credit check on you to see if you can pay the bill before they put out your burning home... If it spreads to the neighbors, that's just more clients for them! All roads, bridges, ports, rail and telecommunications infrastructure can be private and commerce will THRIVE. I just had a brilliant idea for disrupting the regulated airlines via a fleet of drones. Who said the skies are friendly? I never voted with my dollars for the FAA and the NTSB.

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