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+ - A Tech Rebellion Brewing?->

Submitted by gthuang88
gthuang88 (3752041) writes "Joi Ito is a rebel, but he’s also head of the MIT Media Lab and depends on funding from big companies like Fox, Intel, and Google. Anil Dash is a Web entrepreneur, but he wants the industry held responsible for its nefarious terms of service, poor civic track record, and lack of diversity. Ayah Bdeir runs a hardware startup, but she rails against blind consumption of apps and devices. A recent PopTech gathering shows tech leaders are wrestling with their role in society. It also uncovers a fundamental tension between rebellious startups and the institutions they seek to disrupt."
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+ - Companies Genetically Engineer Spider Silk->

Submitted by gthuang88
gthuang88 (3752041) writes "Spider silk is touted for its strength and potential to be used in body armor, sports gear, and even artificial tendons and implants. Now several companies including EntoGenetics, Kraig Labs, and Araknitek have developed genetic approaches to producing commercial quantities of the stuff. One method is to implant spider genes into silkworms, which then act as spider-silk factories. Another is to place the gene that encodes spider web production into the DNA of goats; these “spidergoats” then produce milk containing spider-silk proteins that can be extracted. There’s still a long way to go, however, and big companies like DuPont and BASF have tried and failed to commercialize similar materials."
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+ - What's After Big Data?->

Submitted by gthuang88
gthuang88 (3752041) writes "As the marketing hype around “big data” subsides, a recent wave of startups is solving a new class of data-related problems and showing where the field is headed. Niche analytics companies like RStudio, Vast, and FarmLink are trying to provide insights for specific industries such as finance, real estate, and agriculture. Data-wrangling software from startups like Tamr and Trifacta is targeting enterprises looking to find and prep corporate data. And heavily funded startups such as Actifio and DataGravity are trying to make data-storage systems smarter. Together, these efforts highlight where emerging data technologies might actually be used in the business world."
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+ - Microsoft's Missed Opportunities: Memo From 1997->

Submitted by gthuang88
gthuang88 (3752041) writes "In the 1990s, Microsoft was in position to own the software and devices market. Here is Nathan Myhrvold’s previously unpublished 1997 memo on expanding Microsoft Research to tackle problems in software testing, operating systems, artificial intelligence, and applications. Those fields would become crucial in the company’s competition with Google, Apple, Amazon, and Oracle. But research didn’t do enough to make the company broaden its businesses. While Microsoft Research was originally founded to ensure the company’s future, the organization only mapped out some possible futures. And now Microsoft is undergoing the biggest restructuring in its history."
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