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Comment Re:Trusting the UN? WHAT THE FUCK? (Score 1) 325

I've got news for you, sparky: saying "right wing propaganda" isn't some kind of magic incantation that makes your favorite teleprompter-in-chief's incompetence just vanish in a puff of wishful thinking.

What you are complaining about is that Obama didn't manage to clean up the complete mess that Bush managed to create

More like, the motherfucker continued everything he ran against. How many times has he signed extensions to the PATRIOT act?


Comment merging threads (Score 1) 1823

Well, I am going to throw it out there, I actually came up with this idea years ago but only implemented a version of it for a client of mine, who decided not to use the feature in the forum that we created for their system. However just a thought, maybe it could be done here and maybe it could have a positive result.

The idea is that often the same question is posed or a statement is made across multiple threads and the answer to all of those could be the same exact one, so why repost the same comment over and over?

The design idea that I came up with and we implemented was to mark a number of comments and then write one reply instead of many replies. Then each one of those parent comments would have a reply to it, that would indicate that this is a merged reply.

Leaving more comments on this merged reply actually moves the conversation to the merged thread instead of keeping individual replies to the merged comment in their individual threads.

I think it's useful, others may disagree.

Oh, also metamoderation - it doesn't work here. People really should have to justify 'Troll' or 'Flamebait' or 'Overrated' because it's easy to use those simply to shut down an opinion.

Comment Re:Swift is making Rust obsolete already! (Score 4, Insightful) 123

The main reason for using swift is that apple wants their developers to be locked in, on a language level.

Oh, for crying out loud.

The reason for Swift is that Apple is highly aware of where they spend their engineering time, and Swift makes the most common Obj-C mistakes difficult or impossible to write at all. It's not some kind of Machiavellian plot.


Comment Waiting for a reaction... (Score -1, Flamebait) 204

I can guess what the reaction is going to be by an average person and I must say that it is justified to react in a reactive manner.

I used to advocate only for banning of copyrights and patents here (and everywhere I can) but I must admit, this makes me want to include trademarks into that list as well, at least trademarks on common words.

This is about using government oppression (a redundant statement, government is oppression, that's all it is) to prevent people from putting titles on things such as: 'mom reacts to ... a spider'.

I mean 'American funniest home videos' can most definitely claim prior art and really anybody who is older than these guys can claim prior act, that's what 1st of April is about - reactions.

But of-course there will be those who will say: banning copyrights, patents, trademarks and really any government protection for things is insane, who would ever create anything if government wouldn't protect them. I will tell you this: you are the scorn of this civilization, brainless zombies. Government is oppression, all it does it steals, it doesn't give you anything because it has nothing to give (at least nothing it didn't steal first). Using government for market protections is using the biggest Mafia guy around for market protection, it is morally wrong and economically stupid at every level and it is counterproductive for the society.

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