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Comment Re:Learn your mathematical operators (Score 1) 117

But that is true for all modern developers and all modern platforms.

IMO blaming developers is useless.

Or think of it in terms of the desktop software development: one does not have to bundle megabytes of libraries and frameworks with you desktop application, because they are already preinstalled by the OS.

Web? The mindless application of the "because security" argument made it impossible to even bundle something like jQuery with the browser. All sites use their own (often identical) versions and fetch them every damn time anew. Even in case of desktop browsing, this is shitty practice. Alas, "because security", browser makers decided to completely remove the responsibility from themselves.

They promote Web as a platform, but the sad reality is that making web-sites without the 3rd party libraries often reminds me of my younger days, coding in assembler: yes, you can do anything and everything efficiently and beautiful, it just takes so much time that it is simply not viable for any commercial development.

But I know, I know, "because security" nothing can be really improved or changed. "Because security".

P.S. The most profoundly ironic moment is the origin of the cross-site scripting vulnerabilities: they do exists largely because of the advertisement. Very few sites actually need multiple domains and would do fine in a sandboxed environment. If not for the web ads, the web security would have been a truly minor problem, paving the way for the much needed "web as a platform" changes.

Comment Re:Why does anyone care? (Score 1) 319

keep in mind, their cars are 100% legal in the much stricter European market

They are not. VW lied about the EURO6 compliance. The court cases are popping up all over the Europe.

IIRC, as a rule of thumb, California emission standards follow pretty closely the European ones. If VW is prosecuted in CA, then it is likely to be prosecuted in EU too.

Also, "keep in mind" most of those 10M cars were sold in EU. US market for diesel cars is relatively small.

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