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Comment Re:2x Pointless = Pointless (Score -1) 54

You got that right. Is studying muscle atrophy and stupid plant experiments really worth $3 billion a year? What a waste. We could be exploring the moon and asteroids with Constellation if not for the activists currently in power. I thought 'commercial space' was supposed to be fast.

Comment Re:Fans' Vote Was No Award (Score 4, Interesting) 1040

Nobody had to pay $40 to vote in the Slashdot poll. They had to pay at least $40 to vote in the Hugos. This is also, apparently, a huge increase over the last number of people who voted in the Hugos (65% more than last time?) suggesting a significant groundwell.

Comment Normal people have no way to know that (Score 4, Insightful) 394

Normal people don't know what applications are or how to install them. They click blindly, like newborn infants, until Microsoft Word appears, and then they express whatever it is in them that drove them to this extreme. Outlook is a gateway into a magical world of 576,442 unread emails and 500,333 unsent drafts. The "fix it" button on the front of the machine usually works, but sometimes doesn't. Their grandson tells them to stop hitting that button, but he's into voodoo and something called Mimecraft, so what does he know?

Comment Re:Most people who say (Score 3, Informative) 157

I don't keep up with Harlan's schedule these days, but I worked with him briefly back when he was at Netflix. At the time, he didn't strike me as much of a braggart or prone to exaggeration. And his work ethic was ... not high on work/life balance.

I wouldn't bet against him working that hard on NTP -- I've never before met anyone who loved a protocol as much as Harlan loves NTP :)