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Comment: Re:Saturn pulling Jupiter (Score 1) 29

by Tablizer (#48925391) Attached to: We May Have Jupiter To Thank For the Nitrogen In Earth's Atmosphere

The idea that Jupiter moved inwards then back out would have the back out movement come from flinging smaller planetoids out of their orbit and exchanging angular momentum.

But Jupiter is massively massive, to misuse English. It's hard to believe all those small asteroids and junk would have enough bulk and momentum to make a difference on it.

Was there a lot more junk flinging around back then? I don't get it.

Comment: Re:not the point (Score 1) 154

by Todd Knarr (#48925283) Attached to: Why Screen Lockers On X11 Cannot Be Secure

You download a program that appears legit (and may be mostly legit, or be a hacked version of a legit program), and are running it.

But why would I do that? Almost all the programs I use come from the repository, and to get me to download one they'd have to compromise the repository first (which is possible, but not nearly as easy as just advertising a program for download). The rest are again ones I download from known sources, usually the developers' own official site, and again it's not trivial to compromise those sites.

The situation you propose only happens in the world of Windows where downloading random software from untrusted/unknown sources is routine. And if you're routinely doing that, you've got more problems than just a way to bypass the screen lock. The best way to avoid shooting yourself in the foot is to not blithely follow instructions but to stop and ask "Wait a minute, why are they asking me to aim a loaded gun at my foot and pull the trigger?". And if after pondering that question you still think following the instructions is a good idea, please report to HR for reassignment as reactor shielding.

Comment: Re:"Science"? (Score 1) 195

by Tablizer (#48924709) Attached to: Bjarne Stroustrup Awarded 2015 Dahl-Nygaard Prize

Let me clarify. It may be "software engineering science" to study reasons existing code bases need changes (written in varied languages and paradigms), but as given, it is not OOP-specific science. The /. intro says "object-oriented computer science". That study is not "object-oriented computer science" because it doesn't split it up by paradigm (OOP versus procedural versus functional, etc). To me "object-oriented computer science" is measuring OOP's impact.

I do not believe there are ANY field studies in Meyer's book that show OOP "being better". You are welcome to prove me wrong.

Comment: Strictly speaking... (Score 1) 187

by RyuuzakiTetsuya (#48923851) Attached to: The iPad Is 5 Years Old This Week, But You Still Don't Need One

A lot of us don't need powerful Core i whatever or AMD Phenom something or anothers.

Most of us could probably get buy with an ARM laptop running some oddball variant of Linux.

Most of us aren't going to because the experience sucks.

Even though my iPhone 6+ is plenty big, it's still not big enough and the form factor sucks for reading. Somehow 4:3 is really good for bashing out screeds on slashdot, reading reddit, facebook, writing email, etc. Not to mention specialized use cases like art creation tools and so forth.

Just because we don't *need* it doesn't mean that it's not worth buying. I love my iPad.

Comment: No. (Score 5, Insightful) 132

by eldavojohn (#48923389) Attached to: Facebook Censoring Images of the Prophet Muhammad In Turkey

To be fair to Zuckerberg and Facebook, the company must obey the law of any country in which it operates.

No. He came out in support of a universal maxim and then went back to his board who showed him X dollars of income they get by operating in Turkey. Just like the revenue lost when Google left mainland China. Instead of sacrificing that revenue to some other social network in Turkey run by cowards, he became a coward himself in the name of money. It is an affront to the deaths and memory of the Charlie Hebdo editors. His refusal could have worked as leverage for social change in Turkey but now it will not.

So no, your statement isn't fair to Zuckerberg and his company and the platinum backscratcher he gets to keep with "TURKEY" inscribed on it. Fuck that greedy bastard and his petty meaningless lip service.

Comment: Re:"Science"? (Score 1) 195

by Tablizer (#48921509) Attached to: Bjarne Stroustrup Awarded 2015 Dahl-Nygaard Prize

Do you mean % of software devoted to maintenance? % devoted to "changing data formats"? I know later in the book he claims OOP wraps data formats and therefore allegedly reduces the impact of those on code. But those later arguments are spurious in my opinion when compared to the alternatives. Adapters can be made in any paradigm. And reducing that 18% slice may increase other slices. Either way, those 2 slices are not measures of OOP improvements.

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