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Comment: Americans are great. (Score 0) 244

by outsider007 (#41567235) Attached to: We Don't Need More Highways

We love you, America, You make great movies, wonderful music videos. I hope America cures cancer so we can fill the world with more of the most carbon emitting lifeforms on the planet. Seriously, America, let's keep you guys around until we all choke to death. We really do care about you because you're the best.
The rest of the world.

Comment: Its not about mental energy (Score 0) 398

by outsider007 (#41548923) Attached to: For Obama, Jobs, and Zuckerberg, Boring Is Productive

He can have an aid pick his breakfast/ties if he wants, but he doesn't do that because he likes his cereal and diet cokes. He's an old man now and he's comfortable with routines. There's nothing wrong with that, it happens when you get old. Before you know it you're yelling at the secret service to wipe their feet before they enter the White House. But so what? At least he can spontaneously decide to switch his diet coke for coffee if he wanted to without risking the wrath of an interplanetary time traveling deity.

fortune: cannot execute. Out of cookies.