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+ - New universes will be born from ours

Submitted by
David Shiga
David Shiga writes: "What gruesome fate awaits our universe? Some physicists have argued that it is doomed to be ripped apart by runaway dark energy, while others think it is bouncing through an endless series of big bangs and big crunches. Now, physicists have combined these two ideas to create another option, in which our universe ultimately shatters into billions of pieces, with each shard growing into a whole new universe. The model could solve the mystery of why our early universe was surprisingly well ordered."

+ - OTC Fat Pills FDA Approved

Submitted by
SuperJew writes: "The prescription diet pill Xenical has recently been FDA approved for over-the-counter sales in the US.. This marks the first the the FDA has backed an over-the-counter diet pill. All the others available at the drug store have that nice "These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA" warning on them, but this one, to be called Alli won't carry that label. With over 65% of Americans overweight, does this "miracle-pill" from GlaxoSmithKline mark a new era in fat-meds?"

+ - Flytech Dragonfly ships, Radio Shack has it

Submitted by
robotsrule writes: "WowWee's wing flapping flying insect robot is now available on Radio Shack's web site for online ordering. The $49 Flytech Dragonfly is currently exclusive to them although reports indicate that in a month shipping may open up to other retailers. Except for a tiny propeller on its tail that is used primarily for trim, the Flytech Dragonfly gets its power from flapping its wings. It is based on a design made by Sean Frawley, who at the time was a high school student and was making and selling rubber-band powered Ornithopters with a friend through their own fledgling business. Sean recently graduated Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Fla. and is now a project manager for WowWee."

+ - Get shiny nanobiochips inserted into your brain!

Submitted by Maria Williams
Maria Williams writes: Get some shiny nanobiochips inserted into your brain and join the cool neurotechnology wave!

The LF report Neurotechnology and Society (2010-2060) says: Since the time of the Industrial Revolution there has been a relatively consistent pattern of 50-year waves of techno-economic change. We are currently nearing the end of the fifth wave of information technology diffusion, while a sixth wave is emerging with converging advancements across the NBIC (nano-bio-info-cogno) space, making possible neurotechnology, the set of tools that can influence the human central nervous system, especially the brain.

+ - Synthetic proteins better than real ones?

Submitted by
Roland Piquepaille
Roland Piquepaille writes: "Researchers at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) and Yale University have built proteins which don't exist in the natural world. They've constructed these proteins from beta-amino acids, which are distinct from the alpha-amino acids that compose natural proteins. Their synthetic proteins are as stable as natural ones, but provide a distinct advantage. As they will not be degraded by enzymes or targeted by the immune system as natural ones are, these beta-peptides could be used as the basis for future drugs that would be more effective than natural protein drugs. Still, a question remains: why don't these proteins exist naturally? In other words, will drugs based on these man-made proteins be more efficient or more dangerous? Time will tell. But read more for additional references and pictures showing these artificial proteins."

+ - Engineering shortage in US Aerospace and Defense?

Submitted by braindrainbahrain
braindrainbahrain writes: Yet another story about an engineering shortage, this time in Aerospace and Defense. The AIAA is claiming there will be huge shortages in those industries due to an aging and retiring workforce. Buried deep within TFA , there is talk about outsourcing design services overseas. Will the next (US) moon rocket or fighter plane be designed overseas, or by people holding H1-B visas?
United States

+ - DISA plans new top-secret presidential network

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes:

The info in this story came from the DISA budget....

The White House Communications Agency (WHCA) has developed a six-year plan budgeted at $35 million to beef up presidential communications with a new top-secret network and multimedia Crisis Management System (CMS) designed to operate in a wide range of fixed locations, on Air Force One and on a new fleet of presidential helicopters.

The WHCA also said it plans to begin research on development of communications systems that can operate in High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) environments. HEMP, generated by a nuclear blast, can knock out most forms of radio communications.

URL has the full story

+ - U.S. cyber counterattack: Bomb 'em

Submitted by
coondoggie writes: "If the United States found itself under a major cyberattack aimed at undermining the nation's critical information infrastructure, the Department of Defense is prepared, based on the authority of the president, to launch a cyber counterattack or an actual bombing of an attack source. All the military services are preparing for military cyber-response. yber-attacks.html"
The Internet

+ - New GreaseMonkey-killer?

Submitted by
oblique303 writes: "Lots of Slashdot readers are familiar with Greasemonkey, a tool that allows users to customize the look and feel of web sites using custom Javascript inserts. This video shows a new tool that seems to operate on a much higher level than GreaseMonkey, allowing users to manipulate the content of any web site, combine content from two different sites, etc."

Don't panic.