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Comment: Re:Patriotism (Score -1) 588

by roman_mir (#49193085) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Should I Let My Kids Become American Citizens?

Patriotism is stupid. It is stupid to assign yourself to a group and then cheer for the group or go down with it. It is a sign of a weak intellect and stupid ideology to cheer for a team or for anything that is set up to consume and chew up and spit out an individual in the first place. Patriotism is for idiots and it is a useful way to control idiots.

There is only private property, in a war that is aimed at your private property and/or life you don't have a choice, but to be a patriot simply because of a set of circumstances that caused you to be born in a particular location within a particular set of people is stupid.

Stupid idea of patriotism is used for most horrendous crimes committed by the elites, who create walls made of people around themselves to protect their own power. These walls of people are then used as cannon fodder to destroy individual liberties, be it in civil or external wars.

Patriotism is a stupid idea that starts with the stupid idea of team sports and progresses all the way into wars.

Comment: Re:I respect the FAA (Score 1) 59

by sjbe (#49188387) Attached to: US Air Traffic Control System Is Riddled With Vulnerabilities

You've got to be kidding me. Nearly every instructor I've ever had offers different stories about the FAA.

So because a bunch of flight instructors don't like dealing with the FAA the organization isn't effective at ensuring airline safety? You can tell stories about stupid things that happen in ANY organization and the FAA is no different. Yeah, not everything the FAA does is perfect - news at 11. Of course the aviation industry has achieved a ridiculously impressive safety record and the FAA has been a huge part of that. Coincidence? Not remotely. Just because an organization does some silly stuff doesn't negate their actual accomplishments.

Hasn't anyone noticed the steady decline [] in the number [] of licensed pilots over the last decade?

For general aviation sure. It's expensive, time consuming, and causes your insurance rates to go through the roof if you are a general aviation pilot. Owning and maintaining a plane is not a cheap hobby.

If you are a pro the pay for a newbie pilot is ridiculously low and that has nothing at all to do with the FAA. That's simply due to the fact that there is an excess supply of pilot so wages get pushed down. I have a cousin who became a airline pilot. Spent a ton of money getting trained and was making all of about $30K/year in salary to drive the bus in the sky. Gee, wonder why people wouldn't want to become a pilot if the wages are shit and the hours are long.

However, if you piss off the wrong FAA guy and he decides to ride you like a pony, you will go broke and enter bankruptcy trying to comply with the specific and individual demands he makes in the name of safety regarding your plane, or you will stop participating in aviation altogether.

So don't piss him off.

When they raise the standards for safety so high that pilots and airlines go broke as super expensive FAA certified mechanics throw away perfectly good parts from their planes, the FAA is clearly failing again.

Just because a part is functional and not yet broken does not mean it is inappropriate to take it out of service. I'm sure you can find examples of something silly done by some FAA employee but the fact remains that without them the safety record of the aviation industry would not be anywhere close to what it is today.

Oh and the airlines industry right now is reporting record profits. Airlines going broke? Only the badly run ones. They've finally figured out that having excess capacity is economically stupid and they've started charging ticket and other fees that are high enough to actually generate a profit. What a concept...

Comment: Passive cooling != No cooling (Score 2) 361

by sjbe (#49187695) Attached to: French Nuclear Industry In Turmoil As Manufacturer Buckles

Well as an example, the new thorium reactors don't even need cooling as the reaction is cut off immediately when there's a failure.

Thorium reactors don't need cooling? I think you don't understand the physics involved. Some newer reactor designs have passive cooling systems which are (theoretically) safer but they still need and have cooling systems. Fission generates heat which is used to drive turbines. If you have heat you must have a cooling system. It takes a substantial amount of time for a fission reactor to cool even once the reaction is shut down and you have to have some form of cooling system in place to do that.

Comment: Nuclear is not cheap (Score 2) 361

by sjbe (#49187665) Attached to: French Nuclear Industry In Turmoil As Manufacturer Buckles

Nuclear is cheap.

Nuclear (specifically fission) power generation is cheap. All the safety systems, regulatory oversight, large construction projects, waste management/disposal, licensing, project management, environmental impact, financing and maintenance of nuclear power are tremendously expensive. And you cannot separate the power generation from the rest of those items.

Comment: I respect the FAA (Score 4, Interesting) 59

by sjbe (#49181607) Attached to: US Air Traffic Control System Is Riddled With Vulnerabilities

The FAA is one of a very few government agencies that takes its job seriously and focuses on quality.

They're better than that. Surgeons in operating rooms are cribbing from the FAA for techniques and procedures to improve patient safety. The safety record of the airline industry is quite remarkable and the FAA deserves a huge amount of the credit for that achievement. I've worked as a quality engineer and whatever their other flaws might be, the FAA groks quality and safety as well as any organization I've ever seen.

I'd trust them to take IT systems security seriously and delegate the work to competent engineers.

As would I. The only thing I really worry about with the FAA is in keeping Congress from meddling with them too much. They are in my opinion one of the best run agencies in our government. That's not to say they don't have their flaws but on the big picture stuff, especially safety, they do a pretty good job overall even when they don't have all the resources they might.

Almost can't believe I'm saying this, but it would seem they have good workers.

Why should it shock you? We have many people in our government who are remarkably competent. I'd be happy to introduce you to some that I know personally. The FAA does not only have good workers but they have a safety first framework and have built a culture and procedures to support that. They also have the advantage of not being a political football for Congress to fight over. A good worker can be put into a system that doesn't work and chances are they will fail. Safety and reliability are NOT about competent people working hard. Those are important things but they will not get the job done unless you also have an organizational framework that supports them properly. The FAA has oversight over the entire process from certifying the airplanes before they even get built, to overseeing the ongoing maintenance and supply, to being able to force private companies to be grounded if they don't do what they are supposed to do when they are supposed to do it. They are able to get into all the corners of the industry that affect safety and they largely do a good job of ensuring that things are done properly like a regulator is suppose to.

Comment: Yes the US lost the Vietnam war - get over it (Score 1) 533

The United States _won_ the war in Vietnam.

In what universe? I've been to Vietnam. If you think the US won you have no idea what actually happened there. There is no point at which you can claim the US "won" that war by any reasonable definition of the term. The US rarely lost battles in Vietnam but ultimately accomplished none of their objectives and the moment the US pulled out, South Vietnam fell.

The North Vietnamese were powerless, and the US left.

Really? Then explain why the Vietnam war ended with the fall of Saigon. The US did the largest air evacuation in history. That is not what you do when you have won a war. "North Vietnamese were powerless"? Don't make me laugh.

Comment: None too soon (Score 1) 533

Is it good to cut off access to the modern equivalent of the public square just because we don't like what is being said?

Let's not pretend that anything this ISIL group does is in any way an attempt at a discussion. These are psychopaths who even other terrorist groups have cut ties with because they think they have gone too far. These are people who would subjugate and kill you in a brutal and public manner without a hint of remorse. This isn't a public square debate. This is a war. Never confuse the one with the other. This isn't two civilized groups agreeing to disagree. ISIS has engaged in genocidal activities. And you seriously think that is a situation where we should just sit back and respect their rights?

Is it a victory to beat them by cutting off their ability to speak?

Very possibly. While I don't pretend to understand everything about them, literally everything I've heard from this group leads me to believe these are people who promote extreme violence and use the islamic faith to justify their psychosis.

How is this different from cutting off Mega's cashflow via PayPal and the credit cards?

How many people has Mega executed?

Comment: Re:Corporation != People (Score 0) 389

A corporation is not a person, however that is not what is meant by 'corporations are people', the people in question are the people who start/run/own the corporations. Corporations are 1 or more people that own the corporation and the speech of the person that owns a corporation is limited by government, when government denies that person the right to use his corporation to express his view.

Comment: Re:Black Mirror (Score 1) 257

by roman_mir (#49142707) Attached to: 5 White Collar Jobs Robots Already Have Taken

I was born in the USSR, not an American, lived all over the world and maintain a 5 flag strategy. I have a better understanding of the global situation than many people on this planet who have never even left their own city in their lives.

As to the rest of your comment, clearly you cannot read. I am not talking the general population, I am talking about welfare recipients, so try and stay on topic, would you please?

Comment: Re:Black Mirror (Score 1) 257

by roman_mir (#49139309) Attached to: 5 White Collar Jobs Robots Already Have Taken

Your assertion that people who aren't working won't do anything but breed is also not supported by evidence. People who are educated with large amounts of personal freedom have a much lower reproductive rate than people who need to spend most of their time working in order to survive.

- are you kidding? People who aren't working are breeding, that's all they are doing. This is proven conclusively by countries with welfare systems in place, such as the USA, Israel and others, where there are large swaths of population whose only fame to claim is the benefits that they are extracting from the system and producing more mouths to feed. There is a culture of welfare produced in the USA, white trash is among the top welfare recipients of-course. In Israel the Haredim (ultra orthodox) Jews see it necessary to have scores of children (while also using their procreating habits to encroach further and further into the Gaza strip increasing the tensions and violence and at the same time Haredim do not join the military forces in the country).

Comment: Re:Black Mirror (Score 2) 257

by roman_mir (#49138163) Attached to: 5 White Collar Jobs Robots Already Have Taken

spend their time creating, gardening, helping their neighbors, decorating things,

- yeah, that's what I call idle population. Creating new forms of porn and that's about it.

and eventually building businesses or small trading operations

- oh yeah, sure, subsidized by the 'basic income' for no reason whatsoever just because they graced us with their presence on this planet.

A person's worth is in what the person does, a person that lives off of others is not worth anything, he or she is a net drain on the system, not a net benefit. Thinking that a significant number of people with that mentality will amount to anything at all if they are not prodded by the cold reality of having to survive on this planet but believing they are owed something by others, who have something, that doesn't make creative and entrepreneurial people at all, but it will create a class of people for who it will never be enough. They will believe that if they procreate and create more mouths to feed for the system now, that the system has to expand its own production for their sake and feed them all and probably do even more than just feed them, because 'dignity'.

Dignity does NOT come from forced coercive threat of violence and income redistribution based on that violence. We have conclusively proven that in the former USSR (and North Korea and more).

Comment: Re:Screw your laws (Score 1, Insightful) 193

Individuals need to stop cooperating with the oppressive collectivist (socialist/fascist) governments. The oppressive collectivist governments derive their power from our cooperation and we must stop this and we have the power to do it. We must violate every oppressive collectivist rule and law, they send their goons to kidnap us and 'judge' us, we must not cooperate. We must not give up without a fight and when they overpower us (they are the collective socialist fascist mob with all the guns and muscle after all), we must not cooperate with their goon 'judges' and goon muscle. They should have to use force for everything, we must not even walk when they tell us to. Of course this is not a recipe for self preservation but for rejection of their authority over us. The only thing they have is guns and muscle, they have to be put into position to show what they really are every step of the way. The so called society has to be shown what it is, to create and maintain this system of oppression of the individual by the group. It has to be made clear to the mob that it is the mob with all its pitchforks and bonfires with individuals used for fuel.Without freedom individual has nothing and nothing else matters. All mob laws are pure expression of violence and they should be forced to display it and live with it or change every step of the way.

Are you having fun yet?