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The gold dollar was about to put a check on Lyndon Johnson's 'Great Society' crapola, but Nixon defaulted on the gold dollar, crossed the words 'I owe you' from 'I owe you X dollars' from the bank notes and called the little paper previously known as the 'Federal reserve note' into 'dollars'. This is what allowed the government to perpetuate its growth to the gargantuan size it is today and it is what killed USA economy reversing the economic growth in USA and eventually wiping out the economy completely.

As to statistics, some people compile this data, of-course unemployment rate shows some of this but the details of unemployment are much more important than the compiled averages, the poorer segment of society, the black Americans have suffered higher unemployment rate since the programs against poverty started, than ever before. Actually before the minimum wage was introduced in the 1938, unemployment among blacks youth (16-25, formative work years) was lower than among whites by 15%. Actually each 10% increase in minimum wage mandate had a disproportionate decrease in employment upon the minorities, which is counterproductive if the goal is to decrease poverty, of-course it was not, the goal was to turn people into dependants, voting for bigger and bigger government, while growing the said government.

The gold dollar was not allowing the government to carry with that goal and Nixon chose to default on the actual dollar than to abandon big government ideology.

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7000 people will die of the influenza in Liberia this year. That's nearly ten times the number of people that have died from Ebola. It's almost more than the number of people that have died of Ebola in all of human history. You are falling victim to hype by news agencies that want views and clicks. Why aren't doctors speaking out about this? They are, the news media aren't putting them on. Calming people down, makes them turn off the news. Can't have that happen.

I know you've seen a lot of scary made-for-TV movies and what-not, but despite that, there is no disease that can penetrate a hazmat suit. Period.
If my wife contracted this, I'd put on the suit and go right in and give her a hug. There would be absolutely no risk to me. None, zero, nadda.

Comment: so... (Score -1, Troll) 45

by Charliemopps (#47584983) Attached to: Elon Musk Promises 100,000 Electric Cars Per Year

So... not to stir up a hornets nest... but everyones aware that electric cars produce more pollution than gas right?

If you live near a nuclear plant, ok, maybe not... but the vast majority of electricity is produced from coal. Gasoline engines are terrible... only 30% efficient or so... but coals only 40% efficient. Add to that 6% losses in AC transmission lines... then the Tesla charger is only 80% efficient in practical applications (The instructions say its 90% but that's under optimum circumstances) These things consume a lot more fossil fuels than Gasoline cars ever would.

Sadly, unless we start building a lot more nuclear power plants, this will be terrible for the environment, especially CO2 levels.

Granted they will solve the problem of the soccer mom that's been driving around that mini van from 1998 and has no idea what a spark plug is much less a tuneup. People like that are almost solely responsible for smog in this country.

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by roman_mir (#47584627) Attached to: Judge: US Search Warrants Apply To Overseas Computers

I see a lot of negativity in your post directed at Microsoft and I wonder what kind of confusion of ideas turns a person into what you are, you are absolutely on the side of governments and against the individual freedoms and liberties. What happened, did you get beat up a lot as a child or something?

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by Kr1ll1n (#47584431) Attached to: Nintendo Posts Yet Another Loss, Despite Mario Kart 8

If you have 2 CPUs that are of a completely different architecture, it is a major fucking problem.
Can you tell me why VMWare has not been ported to say, Intel Atom?
You can get HP Moonshot servers with tons of nodes, but because the CPU is so limited and does not
support the same instructions as a Xeon, VMware will not run on it.
At all. Period.

And both the Atom and Xeon lines are x86-based.
CPU arch and instruction sets make a huge difference in porting.

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by Kr1ll1n (#47584355) Attached to: Nintendo Posts Yet Another Loss, Despite Mario Kart 8

OK, it's pretty obvious many folks did not understand what I was hinting at, so here goes;

If I have limited resources and talent, I am not going to pick Nintendo, since what talent I do have does not have to be wasted on CPU\GPU optimizations. For Sony and MS, the HW is almost entirely identical. Yes, certain OS specifics are going to come into play, but those are minuscule issues in comparison to problems where a game expects a certain instruction set, and they have to port around it.

If I want to develop for Nintendo, I already know the market segment is much smaller, and it will require a pool of dedicated PowerPC folks to accomplish.
That being said, I can pick up people familiar with x86 pretty much anywhere and everywhere, and outside of OS deviations, I am covered for 3 different platforms.

It's a cost\benefit problem. Nintendo choosing to go PowerPC again this year has made the more costly platform, and further pushed 3rd party devs away.

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by Kr1ll1n (#47584259) Attached to: Nintendo Posts Yet Another Loss, Despite Mario Kart 8

Hey look everybody, it's the elusive self-righteous piece of shit!
I can't believe we are catching one in the wild like this. Boy are we lucky!

Seriously, go fuck yourself.

Judging from other folks commenting, I am not the only one who thought it was a failure of Nintendo to release it like that.
And hey, maybe after a 12hr shift at work, I and many others just want to chill out and play a video game.

What I don't want to do is play some bastardization of duck, duck, goose and musical chairs, just because Nintendo QC
was so inept as to let something like this slip by. If it warranted an update later on to address, it was a QC failure. Period.

Comment: Selling shovels to the guillible (Score 1) 155

by sjbe (#47583765) Attached to: Inside BitFury's 20 Megawatt Bitcoin Mine

Why would anyone SELL bitcoin mining rigs instead of simply building them and getting rich themselves?

Same reason that people sell get rich quick schemes to the gullible rather than getting rich off the scheme themselves. They know there is no profit to be had in the actual mining of bitcoins but there is money to be had selling virtual shovels to those dumb enough to not figure this fact out.

If you really could make millions mining bitcoins why would you tell anyone?

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Sierra Leone's only expert on Ebola died from Ebola a couple of days ago, despite being an expert and therefore following all the safety procedures to the best of his ability.

I'm not going to bother confirming what you said but let's assume it is true. Do you have any idea what sort of conditions this person was working under? If it is anything like much of West Africa then you've probably been in highway rest stops that are cleaner than some of the hospitals. Per capita GDP in Sierra Leone is under $1000/year so I'm pretty sure any doctors working there are working without adequate supplies which equals unsafe working conditions. The CDC on the other hand has access to literally every medical technology known to man and the money to utilize them.

So what exactly is your point? That a doctor, heroically working to save people, died due to a lack of adequate medical supplies to do his job properly? Yeah, happens all the time in places like that. It's a tragedy but nothing new or shocking.

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What I find slightly curious is that they'd bother to transport the patient for a disease that (at present) has no treatment other than supportive therapy to try to keep the symptoms from killing you. The Liberian medical system is not exactly a shining star; but this isn't one of those "Oh, sure, we could cure that; but this hospital doesn't have an endoscopic microsurgery suite and we'd need $250k worth of drugs that you can't even buy here." diseases.

Is there a research interest? Is supportive therapy that much better here and the CDC is the place with isolation expertise? What advantage is being sought?

Because it's the right thing to do. Both of these people are heros, and had the bravery to travel to a remote foreign land and care for a people the majority of us didn't even know exist. They've a level of humanity that's rare in Americans, and we should celebrate that just like we'd protect a wounded soldier. You're not going to die alone in a foreign land. You'll receive the best care possible, and if you die, you'll be around your family when it happens. Because that's the right thing to do. Let people volunteer to care for them. I'm sure there are plenty that would do so. I would.

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Don't worry, Texas will be ground zero for this once the virus crosses over a now nonexistent border. Though I'm sure the feds will be all to happy to have border control between the states, just not the one's seperating nations.

Because of all those dirty foreigners? Take your Xenophobic nonsense to Anne Coulters site and leave slashdot out of it thank you.

Comment: Re:Yes, let's do this. (Score 3, Informative) 312

Let's bring all the diseases here. What could go wrong?

They are all, already here. If you think they aren't, you're rather foolish. The difference here is this case got the media's attention. You literally have to get the carriers bodily fluids in your mouth to catch this. That's only happening in areas with sanitation so poor that hardly exist in this country, or if you're in healthcare and taking care of the victims. Which, btw, is what both these people were doing. They're heros, and should be treated as such.

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