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Comment: Re:Blocking access (Score 1) 61

The trick is that you don't need to get perfect results:

It is definitely not the case that you can be perfect results(given that we don't even have an unambiguous definition of what we seek to block, of course it isn't going to work); but even quite primitive filters will hit some stuff. This allows you to tell the Daily Mail readers that Something Is Being Done, just as it ought to.

Next, the real fun begins: various smartass nerds and/or concerned parents will point out instances where your glorious purity filter has failed. What's to be done?

Sort into two categories:

1. Porn site/source has violated some aspect of your broadly worded law and has some operations, persons, or assets in the UK or cooperative jurisdictions. Solution? A nice, soothing, show trial, followed by satisfied preening.

2. For technical, legal, or jurisdictional reasons, no penalty can be applied. Decry the depravity of the situation, where the wicked jeer as the good stand helpless, and announce that New Powers Are Needed. Announce bill to expand powers, decry opponents as pedophiles and enemies of decency, families, and the children.

You just can't lose. Sure, you wont' actually stop all the porn; but who cares?

Comment: Re:did they damage the car? (Score 2) 308

by drinkypoo (#49771217) Attached to: D.C. Police Detonate Man's 'Suspicious' Pressure Cooker

You can certainly unintentionally confess to a crime. Never talk to the police except through your lawyer.

Thank you, Mister Rockefeller, but what about all the poor schmoes who don't have a lawyer on retainer? They shouldn't have to worry about being shaken down by the cops, either.

Comment: Re:no power (Score 1) 207

If you swing for IT and miss, what are you going to do for a living? Phone support? Telemarketing?

If you swing for some real vocation and miss, like say smog tech or doctor, you can still fall back as something else, like a normal bolt-breaking mechanic, or a weed doc.

I don't know what the female equivalents are, it's probably sexist even to just suggest such a thing. Not a lot of women going into smog though

Comment: Re:It's not limited to the US (Score 1) 220

"As far as cold in Europe, cherry picking a few UK averages doesn't actually impart much information about what's happening."

You chose Britain. If your cherry picking backfired, don't blame me. Just learn to realise that if you're going to cherry pick based on some factually incorrect newspaper article then you're going to look a massive fool when it backfires.

You talk of facts, science, and actual data. I've provided that all along - you're still just spouting bollocks without managing to back it up in the slightest with anything other than the exact opposite of facts and data - you're backing it up with others opinions who agree with yours. That is not fact, that is not science, and that is not data.

Stop being a zealot and get over the fact your argument is broken and there's a severe lack of data to back the points you've made, and, if anything, an awful lot (as I've pointed out) showing the opposite.

You spoke of cold winters in places like Britain that had bad CCD, I pointed out with actual data we have had incredibly mild winters in those years, I showed the temperature records, and you still try and deflect and call me the zealot. I can only assume you either work for Bayer, or are actually retarded.

Science and data aren't things you get to declare, you have to actual do and show them, you've failed hard. Get over it.

Comment: Re:Plant? (Score 1) 380

by Xest (#49768663) Attached to: How Java Changed Programming Forever

Have you considered learning to comprehend posts that you read?

Of course Java is used heavily for server-side programming. I know this, because I have leader server side Java software projects.

None of which changes the fact that that's still not even close to a majority of developers, and not even close to a majority of the world's computer using population.

I can only assume therefore that you're either incapable of reading posts on the internet and comprehending them. Or you're just plain batshit insane and like to say things that make no sense in the context of the discussion.

Which is it?

Comment: Re:Spin everywhere... (Score 3, Insightful) 131

by drinkypoo (#49768605) Attached to: EU Drops Plans For Safer Pesticides After Pressure From US

The problem is that it's all so complicated that one cannot really understand the matter without spending years of work and research on it,

You can say that about absolutely anything, and have been able to say that ever since human knowledge became generally redistributable. But anybody can understand that nobody really knows whether these chemicals can be used safely, and that we have alternatives for them.

How anyone, who is not a subject matter expert, can make a decision in this is just beyond me.

They can err on the side of caution. It doesn't mean taking no risks, it means taking action to limit risk.,/p>

Comment: Re:Are they LEOs (Score 1) 83

Not just that, but many people stockpiled ammo when shortages were announced. Whether that was a bid to get people to stockpile ammo or just a handout to ammo manufacturers, either way there's a whole lot of ammunition out there as well as firearms. There's probably more ammo privately stockpiled now than at any time in history.

Comment: Re:Uber not worth $41 billion ... (Score 1) 94

by drinkypoo (#49768543) Attached to: Tech Bubble? What Tech Bubble?

Look at Coca Cola. They don't make anything that anybody else can't make.

Nonsense. I hardly even drink cola any more, but Pepsi still tastes like ass and Coca-Cola still tastes better. It's a complete falsehood to suggest that anyone else can do what Coca-Cola can do, because a lot of people have spent a lot of money trying and they've all failed so far. Coca-Cola doesn't have a good name just because they've had it for a long time, Pepsi is an old brand too. Coca-Cola has a good name because they make a product that people want to buy, and have been doing that for a long time. Even when they were busy dicking around with their recipes and alienating some customers they still managed to remain on top.

Uber, on the other hand, really can be replaced overnight, in whole or in part, in some cities or in all cities, in some countries or in all countries, etc. They do absolutely nothing that someone else couldn't do just as well, if not better.

So yeah, everyone else is being compared to Uber, you've got that right. And it's worth something, you've got that right, too. But comparing Uber to Coca-Cola is way off-base. I haven't consumed a cola that wasn't from a weird off-brand (Zevia, in this case) in literally years, but if I were going to get one in some mainstream establishment devoid of more potable choices like filtered water (you have to hand it to soda, they at least filter the water before using it, it's important for consistency) I would still lick the sweat off a dead dog's balls before I'd drink a Pepsi. I'd drink Tabasco. I'd drink mayo.

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