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"No, because they are biased and/or simply fabricated."

Whereas a handful of protestors standing in front of a Ukrainian APC couldn't possibly be? It's obvious that wide scale polls are fabricated but small scale actions aren't? This is your problem - you have lost all sense of proportionality and rationality.

"So just like the Maidan uprising?"

You still really struggled with scale don't you? I know humans have an inherent problem imagining large numbers, but most people are capable of telling the difference between tens and hundreds, and hundreds of thousands. It seems you are not.

"Ya ne veru v eto. Seychas Kramatorsk controliruetsa vojakami is kieva, tak chto zhiteli boyatsa za svoi zhizni i govorat to, chto nuzhno. Ili ischezaut. Pokazat video togo, kak pravij sektor izbivaet ludej?"

You love Putin and believe everything he says? Why am I not surprised. Oh wait, you think that posting something in Russian somehow makes your argument more valid, silly me, there was me thinking you'd understand why anecdotes were meaningless as a measure of determining the will of the majority.

"Nobody kicked rebels out, they simply pulled orderly out. They didn't have strength to hold an extended front line back then."

Nice story. Shame it's false. Mariupol is a heavily populated city of just under half a million. If the rebels had popular support then how could the Ukrainian military drive them out so easily? How come there were only tens of casualties involved when their self-proclaimed HQ there was surrounded and attacked? Again, you seem to struggle with scale - a handful of people, numbering in the tens, in a city of almost half a million highlights how utterly isolated their viewpoint was. If they generally had support there as you're suggesting then there'd be far more than only a few tens of people there.

"So the main goal of democratic Ukraine is to be just as bad as Russia?"

How is having plurality of viewpoints as bad as having one viewpoint? I'll try again as you don't seem to grasp it: in Ukraine there are many viewpoints ranging across all aspects of the spectrum from far right, to right, to centre right, to centre, to centre left, to left, to far left - all of these are represented politically in the Ukrainian media. What's finally been banned however is Russia's propaganda channel- that doesn't decrease the overall plurality of the media beyond eliminating Russian propaganda (if you want Russian fact, without the propaganda, you can still get it). Contrast this to Russia where media plurality has been decimated such that many views that don't align exactly with Putin's have been silenced.

If Putin had just left Ukraine be, it would be well on it's way to being a modern democratic Eastern European nation like Poland - it came from the exact same background they did of being controlled by the USSR, the only thing that's different is that it's large border with Russia means it's the one nation above all others that Russia has desperately tried to hold on to.

Look I get it, you're from a pro-Russian background, and you love Russia, that's fine. Most Ukrainians no longer do however, most Ukrainians just want to be left the fuck alone to grow their country in a way that all their neighbours except Russia have - they've recognised that the Russian way just does not work. They've looked at what their neighbours have done in the last 20 years and and they want to follow in the footsteps of Poland, Czech republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia in becoming modern increasingly prosperous nations. I'm sorry that democracy has spoken and wants something you do not, but it is what it is- Russians can always go and live in Russia, but Ukrainians only have Ukraine - that's not for you to take away from them.

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"Please, get the CNN polls and stuff them deep into your rectum. They are worth just that."

Why, because they're inconvenient for your pro-Putin lies? What about the one which stems from a neutral Ukrainian polling outfit before it all kicked off? I guess that was so inconvenient you couldn't even address it?

"Here's a video of locals stopping a tank: Here is an iconic picture of Putin's agent provocateurs blocking a railroad crossing to stop Ukrainian tanks: and another one"

You know that repeating yourself doesn't make something true right? As I said, hundreds, some of whom are legit, but others who are agent provocateurs does not equate to popular support.

The fact you're persisting in arguing that numbers in the hundreds, or thousands in a specific circumstance in a specific place controlled by Russian's is somehow representative of the millions whilst also claiming polls that are objective and more representative are useless tells us one thing - you're not arguing based on rationality, you're arguing based on an agenda, a pro-Russian, pro-Putin one.

"I was personally in Kramatorsk helping to move my friend's family from there during the start of the conflict. And I certainly know that the reason for the conflict was not Putin."

I was there yesterday and everyone told me they hate Putin and it's all his fault. Last night on the phone Putin even told me it's his fault. See how that works?

"And? Mariupol is fairly far from Donetsk, and after one month or brainwashing by the Ukrainian media,"

So what was the excuse last time the Ukrainians liberated Mariupol because the populace helped kick the Russian's out? That was over a month ago, or is that also too much of an inconvenient truth for you? Why is it a problem if Ukraine blocks Russia today after months of pro-Russian propaganda but the fact that Russia only allows pro-Moscow propaganda? You only think it's bad when Moscow is at the receiving end of censorship? What you said about Ukraine having no opposition TV/Radio, that's false, what they don't have is Russia's propaganda outlet, RT, that's not the same as no opposition voice.

"Incidentally, if we're talking about the people digging trenches: then it turned out to be a photo-op, staged by Ukrainian media."

Wow, who'd have thought it? Russian media outlet claims Ukrainian trench digging is photo op! Let's try a more neutral source that's historically aligned with Russia shall we, I suppose the Chinese are supporting Western propaganda too right? -

I think you need to stop swallowing Putin's propaganda, it's not good for you, you're siding with anecdotes and propaganda over polls and objective sources.

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Usually, after a certain number of complaints, the system automatically blocks the content, and the original poster has to challenge the block.

Many Facebook users have noted, as I did when I was using it, that political content would often fail to post without explanation. Not only would the URLs fail to thumbnail and link, but I'd actually go back and read my posts and URLs had actually been stripped off of the political content, while the test bullshit I added in to prove the point was still there.

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"You know, maybe some of us should complain to Slashdot about the Obama/Poroshenko-bots that reliably and consistently troll every single story about this conflict? You know, the ones who imply that anyone who even slightly skeptical about the propaganda we're all being fed, must be Russian or a paid Kremlin propagandist?"

No, we don't think that, we just think you're naive and stupid. But those who clearly are Kremlin propagandists (maybe not paid, just naive native Russians) with their broken English and undisguised love of Putin should just as well be allowed to be called out on it.

I wouldn't pretend to defend everything the Ukrainian army has done, but I'm still siding with Ukraine on this because everything from shooting down of a civilian airliner to annexed Crimea's Tatar population having their houses marked with X's and the disappearance of those who protest that annexation are all kinds of evil created by Putin that simply cannot be defended.

What you don't do is help your case with arguments like this, which are trivially debunked:

"Poroshenko has claimed Ukraine was invaded like ten times already."

So? Maybe that's because he is?

"He claimed he was being "invaded" by a fucking aid convoy, including after Putin's honesty about it's contents had been verified by international journalists and the Red Cross."

Why on Earth are you lying about this? The Red Cross themselves explicitly said they were only allowed to examine about 35 of 70 lorries that crossed the border and so could not support it, a bunch of journalists got a glimpse inside some they weren't supposed to see and they were basically empty. Why? What was going to be put in them at the border?

"We know what an invasion looks like. It looks like what the USA did to Iraq."

Oh I see, you're one of those people who in 2003 was, like many of us saying "The Iraq war is wrong!" but unlike the rest of us you're unable to let something go from 11 fucking years ago? That doesn't paint you as someone rational we should listen to. This has nothing to do with Iraq - that happened, it was an unacceptable fuckup, but it was a fuckup perpetrated by a regime who hasn't been in power for 6 years.

"It looks like Russian flags flying above Kiev and Russian tanks rolling down the streets to the parliament building."

This is just stupid. Why do you feel an invasion has to be fully fledged? Are you saying that Israel didn't in fact recently invade Gaza because they only kept tanks on the outskirts, only sent troops into the streets, and didn't raise the Israeli flag over Gaza? Putin has done what he's done because plausible deniability allows him to cast doubt on whether Russia deserves full blown sanctions, he was hoping he could take over Eastern Ukraine and not have anyone able to hold him immediately responsible for it. Unfortunately for him due to a variety of fuckups such as Russian soldiers being captured in Ukraine, and tanks that are operated by no one in the world other than the Russian military (T-72BMs) now turning up it's pretty clear it's Russia in there and no one else:

What's worse is that this is exactly what they did a few months ago in Crimea and now even admit it - why are you so adamant that they wouldn't do the same in Eastern Ukraine as they admitted to doing there? Something which is, for what it's worth, a war crime- dressing a professional army as civilians is a breach of international law, and unlike Bush who was simply arguably a war criminal, Putin is a self-admitted war criminal.

But you keep defending a war criminal based on half-assed information if it makes you feel like a cool counter-culture hipster or whatever you think you are.

Using the age old argument of "America fucked up once, so this isn't Putin and if it was it'd be justified anyway" makes you look like an exceptional kind of idiot. The world isn't that black and white, and two wrongs don't make a right.

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I assume the medical pot folks have a clue, and they say it tests quite a lot stronger than in the past -- more than six times stronger on average:

So I followed the links down and this is based solely on seized material. There's a zillion ways that could be improperly representative, especially since the volume has gone up so sharply. The figures became more useful year-on-year, and appear to become most reliable once you have hit around a couple thousand seizures. That is, if you look at the minimal available data with a critical eye, and not simply inclined to accept it.

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No it doesn't, the separatist movement has never had popular support in east Ukraine, the argument for populist support was tenuous even in Crimea that is by far the most pro-Russian part of Ukraine.

"If you don't believe me, just look at the photos of the East Ukraine during March and April when citizens were blocking off roads to stop tanks, in some cases just like the Tiananmen Man."

If you think tens, at most hundreds of people, some of whom were themselves "rebels" aka Putin's agent provocateurs in regions of millions is a sign of popular support than I urge you to go and get a better grasp of millions of numbers. A counterpoint to yours would be the citizens of Mariupol who are currently helping the Ukrainian military dig trenches against the Russian invaders and who formed a many mile long chain of people to make the point that they don't want Putin's soldiers to take over their territory.

There are polls both before:

and after shit kicked off:

That show that the Russian made myth of support for joining Russia or being independent from Ukraine is just that, a myth.

Putin is trying to make Eastern Ukraine a buffer zone by injecting his own Russian puppet leadership there just as he did with Crimea, and just as he did with Ukraine (which is what led to this situation). It has nothing to do with what the people there want and everything to do with Putin's paranoia that Europe is somehow out to get him, rather than the actual reality - that Ukrainians would rather just join modern prosperous democratic Europe, than corrupt, poverty stricken, dictatorial Russia. That's why Putin has manufactured the myth you're parroting.

Stop propping up the propaganda of a brutal dictator, because that's what Putin is.

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"It is widely understood to be true that Java has, as an actual, real-life thing in its "pros" column (and in its "cons" column) that it is easier to use by low quality, replaceable programmers."

More so than systems languages like C/C++? Sure, more so than other mainstream languages used for business development like C#, PHP, Python? Absolutely not, so I don't really know what your point is. If anything I'd argue that Java developers are, on average, better than developers of scripting languages, because there's a higher barrier of entry. Java developers at least have to have a basic grasp of object oriented structure, and to be able to write something compilable before they can even get their application to execute - PHP programmers can have anything execute no matter how tragically badly structure or written it is. This is why big companies like Java - it enforces a baseline of quality so that even the worst programmers have to adhere to some baseline, that's barely true with scripted languages at all. Those interchangeable parts Wall is referring to are interchangeable without a reduction in quality to the level you will see with a change towards scripted languages where much more problematic code can reach a point of execution.

None of which of course addresses the point I've made and the question I posed that you've conveniently dodged - what methodology exists to allow scripting languages with no compile time checks to be inherently better quality than compiled languages that force entire classes of bugs to be dealt with before execution that can make it through to execution in scripted languages? I'm intrigued to know what this methodology is because I've never heard of it despite years of working with both large compiled and scripted projects.

Fact is, as a project gets larger, you cannot build something with a scripted language in the same time frame and for the same cost to a better quality level than with a compiled language like Java, or C# - the inherent disadvantages of scripted languages over managed languages make this a certainty. The performance disadvantage of translated languages over JIT compiled languages alone makes sure of this, the inherent quality difference and resultant increase in maintainability costs in large code bases just adds further weight to guarantee it.

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"[your] own party". Think through the implications of that, please.

I love how you, again, discarded the overwhelming majority of the text of my comment in favor of your favorite snippet. Nonetheless, as much as you try to assign me to a given party - or to claim that Obama is somehow secretly a part of some grand political movement / conspiracy that is counter to everything he has done to date as president - you are at least equally as much a member of the GOP. You can pretend that the Tea Party is somehow distinct from them but we all know how that song will go.

And also, understand that I laugh at your every attempt to change the topic off of the disaster that is OUR President.

i wasn't trying to change anything. If anyone here is trying to change the topic it would appear to more likely be you, with the way you so carefully discard text that you find to be too uncomfortable to reply to.

Although when you say "OUR" rather than "YOUR" you get closer to the truth than you have been in a long, long, time. What Obama has actually DONE as president is vastly closer to the goals that you champion than any of the ones that I ever have. Why you keep claiming that we are femtoseconds away from some grand about-face - when you should instead be celebrating the fact that by and large you are getting from legislation basically everything you have asked for - is beyond me.

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Why is the parent post moderated flamebait?

The comment is statistically accurate if a bit understated. Lots of charts:

There are countless articles anyone on /. should be competent to find on their own, such as this:

The punishment falls disproportionately on people of color. Blacks make up 50 percent of the state and local prisoners incarcerated for drug crimes. Black kids are 10 times more likely to be arrested for drug crimes than white ones -- even though white kids are more likely to abuse drugs.

As for the "war on black people" comment, see the book "The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness":

Once a person is convicted of a felony, like for having an ounce of pot or whatever, huge swaths of civil and privacy rights are just taken away for life, finding employment becomes very hard, and they end up never being financially capable of escaping the ghetto. This is just as effective as "whites only" laws.

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