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Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 5, Informative) 423

There used to be laserdisc rips of the original trilogy on bittorrent. That is about as close as you'll get.

Not true! There are much better ones available! As an Anonymous poster noted below (and deserves to be modded up!) you should look for Harmy's "Despecialized" versions. Much of the source was actually taken from film and it looks really good at 720p. Look for version 2.5 of episode 4 and version 2.0 of episode. His current version of Jedi isn't quite as good yet, but hopefully a better version will be out soon.

Some info here.

Comment Re:This makes me want to run out and get a Blackbe (Score 2) 137

Yep. As long as the government has gone through the proper procedures and has a lawfully obtained warrant, then I most certainly want to make sure they can access my private communications. Smart move by Blackberry to differentiate their product that way! I'll get rid of my iPhone next chance I get and proudly buy a Blackberry.

For the sarcasm impaired, please disregard my comment.

Comment Re:In other news, SANITIZE YOUR DAMN INPUT. (Score 1) 79

Why does the software need to re-transmit a Windows key button press unmolested?

The software doesn't need to re-transmit anything at all. In a keyboard wedge barcode reader, the OS will interpret these keypresses and run the malicious code before your software even sees it. Just like if you push the calculator key on your fancy keyboard, the calculator pops up. It doesn't require that the running application interpret that keypress and launch the calculator app for you. This is why sanitization won't help you at all: the damage is done before your software even gets any of the data.

Comment Re:Windows (Score 1) 352

This is more of a Linux thing, Windows users are mostly locked to the OS-provided console UI,

I use Cygwin on Windows, and most often I use xterm running under Cygwin's X Server. I use xterm mainly out of habit, cause that's what I always used back in the day on Unix and later on Linux systems.

Comment Re:Honestly the law make sense (Score 2) 137

Gambling is a government monopoly by law in the province. So either repeal this law and allow competition, or be consequent and enforce the law whether online or in brick and mortar casinos.

Your argument would be a valid reason for the Quebec government to shut down online gambling services in Quebec. But they are trying to force ISPs to block the traffic to these sites. A brick-and-mortar analog would be to forbid taxi or bus companies from driving passengers if they might be headed towards an illegal casino. Or to require car manufacturers to install GPS and locking hardware to prevent people from driving themselves to these casinos.

Comment Re:What's the complaint? (Score 2) 187

We had our daughter at home with a midwife, and she required that we get the blood screening done. I had no idea her DNA could be in a database from that somewhere, and I never signed anything to authorize that sort of thing. The screening was performed at a LabCorp office.

The midwife requires this as a condition for delivering your baby? The problem is, by the time you're supposed to take your baby in for that screening, she has already delivered the baby! So what happens if you just don't bring the baby in?

Comment Re:What's the complaint? (Score 3, Insightful) 187

We still want a sample because

You may want a sample. I want a beach house in Malibu. Luck to us all.

we are mandated by law to screen every baby.

You may be mandated by law to screen every baby, but that doesn't mean I am mandated by law to hand you my baby for screening.

You can avoid this by refusing to have your child participate in the medical and legal systems... we won't mind.. less work.

Please cite the law which says my child can never go to a doctor or hire a lawyer because he hasn't provided the state with a DNA sample.

Comment Re:Definition (Score 1) 568

I would add to:

"1.the art or science of making practical application of the knowledge of pure sciences,...."

when such knowledge is available.

Engineers had to construct things before science provided any tools (like Romans built bridges, without stress analysis). Programming is a discipline where the practice is ahead of the theory, but I would still call it engineering.


Red Hat and Microsoft Partner On Azure ( 130

An anonymous reader writes: Satya Nadella has made some interesting reforms to Microsoft. Today, Red Hat and Microsoft announced that they will partner to deliver Red Hat's product suite in Azure. Red Hat will also support .NET core in RHEL. Additionally, Red Hat's CloudForms product will now work with Hyper-V/Azure, RHEV, VMware, and AWS. Microsoft has certainly come a long way from the Halloween Memos. Here are Red Hat's blog post and Microsoft's blog post about the announcement

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