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The Internet

Free Online Scientific Repository Hits Milestone 111

ocean_soul writes "Last week the free and open access repository for scientific (mainly physics but also math, computer sciences...) papers arXiv got past 500,000 different papers, not counting older versions of the same article. Especially for physicists, it is the number-one resource for the latest scientific results. Most researchers publish their papers on arXiv before they are published in a 'normal' journal. A famous example is Grisha Perelman, who published his award-winning paper exclusively on arXiv."

Submission + - Google Android Runs on Sharp Zaurus

peterzen writes: "A small group of Hungarian hackers have managed to get Google Android running on a Sharp Zaurus SL-C760. In their blog post they've published a step by step guide for setting this baby up so those who were lucky enough to get their hands on a Zaurus can now have a go at it, saving quite a bit of footwork. Networking and the touchscreen doesn't work yet but it's certainly worth a break from the X-mas shopping craze to experiment with the software. I'm now off to the attic to find my Japanese import Zaurus that's laying around somewhere."
Wireless Networking

San Francisco Free Wi-Fi Plan Fails 117

Reader r writes with news from San Francisco that Earthlink has backed out of contract negotiations to blanket the city with free Wi-Fi, citing money problems. Seems like only yesterday that Chicago's Wi-Fi deal fell apart for much the same reason. Quoting: "The contract, which was three years in the making, had run into snags with the Board of Supervisors, but ultimately it was undone when Atlanta-based EarthLink announced Tuesday that it no longer believed providing citywide Wi-Fi was economically viable for the company... EarthLink spokesman Jerry Grasso said that EarthLink was willing to work with San Francisco but had decided that it 'was not willing to work in the business model where EarthLink fronts all the money to build, own and operate the network.'"

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