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Obligatory old joke:

One day, at a U2 concert in (insert traditional butt of jokes for your area, I'll say Newfoundland,) Bono stops the music and starts clapping his hands, slowly, rhythmically.

As he gazes out over the crowd, still clapping slowly, he intones 'Every time *clap* I clap *clap* my hands, *clap* a child *clap* in Africa *clap* dies *clap* of starvation. *clap*'

From the audience comes up the outraged cry of 'Then stop fucking clapping, you idiot!'

Comment: not sure that we want it controlled (Score 1) 119

by WindBourne (#47900877) Attached to: US Scientists Predict Long Battle Against Ebola
The truth is, that whenever the world has mass die offs due to nature, we do not get wars.
Right now, we have massive numbers of small wars popping up. This has gotten old. In addition, it could lead to a real war with nukes.

But, if the world takes a massive loss of life due to say Ebola going airborne, it would lower the likelihood of a nuke war.

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by WindBourne (#47895451) Attached to: UN Study Shows Record-High Increases For Atmospheric CO2 In 2013

The one who is lying is you.

Germany roughly 7tons per capita, USA roughly 18tons, that is close to a factor of 3, not 2.

Per the European Edgar DB, Figure 2.4, American per capita in 2012, was 16.4. In Germany, it was just under 10. That is a factor of 1.5, and no where NEAR 3x.

Chinas rate is still on the lower edge of European countries like Denmark or Germany.

in 2012, China's per capita was at ~7.2, while Europe's was at ~7.3. That was two years ago.
Since that time, Chinas CO2 emissions have risen more than 20%. China now accounts for more than 1/3 of the global emissions, with less than 1/6 of the world population.
And all of that is based on numbers that Chinese gov. has given up. OCO2 is about to shock the world and liars like yourself.

Secondly, over the last 20 years, Europe's rate has not changed much That is complete nonsense. Europes footprint dropped by 30%.

In POF, america is the only major nation to have made major cuts That is nonsense, too. Since 1997 you dropped perhaps in 5% ... if at all.

And while China continues to grow their emissions by 3-5% a year, and Europe is actually growing as well, only Americas continues to fall. wow three lies in one sentence, you are good at that.

Per edgar, EU27 was at 4.12 in 1992. In 2012, you were at 3.74. That is a 10% drop.
Now, in the same time span, we increased heavily due to W (from 5->5.91), and then due to our cheap nat gas, we dropped BELOW 5, though, edgar shows America at 5.19 in 2012. However, other groups show that 2013 was a major drop for America, pretty much a fixed level for Europe (esp. due to Germany's killing of their nukes and their massive build-out of coal plants), and a REAL MASSIVE increase for China's emissions.

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by WindBourne (#47895335) Attached to: China Targets 2022 For Space Station Completion
Several things wrong with that BS.
1) China has NEVER been transparent with their budget.
2) much of what is considered military in America and the west, goes under civilian budget, but military control, in china.
3) China is not a TRUE capitalism. As such, all those that work on the military side, are paid a fraction of what they are paid elsewhere. As such, building an AK-47 in China is a REAL fraction of what it would costs to build in America.

Far more important, is the speed with which China is growing their military, combined with the large number of military secrets that China has stolen from the west (esp. America).

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I'm sure that it's some bizarre, pestilential outside influence which has banned community ownership of teams (save for the grand-fathered-in Greenbay Packers) and required that a minimum percentage of a team be owned by a single individual.

No, no. It's patriotism. Community ownership is COMMUNISM, and totally un-American. It says right there in the Bible and the Constitution, that the individual profit is sacred. Besides, no fat-cat wants to live in Green Bay, where you get sucked dry by 12 pound vampire mosquitoes in summer and get your nads frozen off in winter.

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True... However the dealership model is one of the few decent middle class jobs creator in the country that doesn't require a lot of education and/or certification.

Direct sale just means more profit to the big auto makers (Their price will not be lowered) and less people will benefit from the auto economy.

Not just that, but warranty and aftermarket maintenance are performed by the dealerships as well. Without a dealership presence in the state, if your car is busted, then you are just out of luck, or you have to have your car shipped to the manufacturer to get it fixed.

I'm pretty sure that a factory owned retail outlet would provide pretty much the same level of service as an independently owned dealership.

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>True... However the dealership model is one of the few decent middle class jobs creator in the country that doesn't require a lot of education and/or certification.

It used to be, but sadly that is no longer true. The owner makes good money, and so do the parts manager, shop manager and sales manager. Sales droids, for the most part, don't make a living wage and don't last very long, with the exception of maybe 10% of them. Parts guys don't make squat. The mechanics make a good middle-class income, but that work needs to be done anyway whether at the dealership or a private shop. Also, being a mechanic these days takes an AA degree and lots of certifications.

If car companies owned the retail outlets, it would all be pretty much the same, except the owner wouldn't be getting rich. If one guy owns half the Ford dealerships in the state, how is that better than Ford Motor Co. owning them?

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by WindBourne (#47879975) Attached to: China Targets 2022 For Space Station Completion
Zero chance. America helped China before and what was found is that solutions were put into military before civilians. Basically, China values military use over civilian use of space.

where life us going to get interesting is when american private space lands on the moon in 2020-2022 and starts a base.

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