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Comment: Illegal Issue needs to be RESOLVED, NOW. (Score 1) 267

This is exactly why we need the fucking GOP to get off their GD ass and resolve the fucking illegal issues.
The idea of giving ALL illegals amnesty is a joke. But even worse is the idea of taking kids that have grown up here thinking that they are Americans and sending them to another nation. It absolutely shows no compassion.

What is needed is a compromise in which the good kids are allowed to earn citizenship, the parents of any kids that remained here are allowed to have a 'pink card' ( basically, no citizenship and no social benefits such as SSI, Medicare, etc, however, they are allowed to remain and work), while sending all others packing.

Comment: Re:This plan has holes (Score 1) 346

by Rhys (#49557117) Attached to: The Future Deconstruction of the K-12 Teacher

Look and see if you have local Montessori schools. We're big fans of our local preschool + K classroom, and hope he can get into the school proper (but its new, and small relative to the preschool -- the headmaster though is awesome to talk to and seems to really know his stuff and have good but kind control of the class.)

Comment: Re:Time for the west to quit exporting 'waste' (Score 1) 78

by WindBourne (#49544511) Attached to: Africa E-Waste Dump Continues Hyperbole War
I have talked to WM (largest waste company in America) about their recycling stream and found out that all of theirs flows to CHina. Likewise, most of the electronic recyclers also flow it to China.

And Yes, I called multiple companies, include WM, to find out how this works.

Comment: Time for the west to quit exporting 'waste' (Score 1) 78

by WindBourne (#49539347) Attached to: Africa E-Waste Dump Continues Hyperbole War
Seriously, most of the 'waste' that is sent out are great sources of resources. Gold, Iron, Plastic, Copper, etc. Yes, there is Mercury and Lead in those, but that can be dealt with easily. We have various deep mines, well below water tables, in which the pure mercury and lead can be easily contained.

Australia has the right attitude of using Robotics to part out items.

Comment: Re:It's Just a Euphemism... (Score 1) 194

by Kozar_The_Malignant (#49534063) Attached to: Yahoo Called Its Layoffs a "Remix." Don't Do That.

It's just a euphemism. I remember working for a company that started embracing offshoring, which they called "right-shoring." Layoffs were called "right-sizing." And the executives were called "cunts." Amazing how just a little "word-smithing" can make things sound better than they really are, huh?

They're not really people anyway; they're just headcount.

Comment: Re:Cancer vs common cold (Score 3, Informative) 52

E47-inducible cell lines were generated by infection with
a retroviral vector expressing E47 fused to a tamoxifen-inducible
modified estrogen receptor (MER).

The way this was done was really clever: it uses a virus that causes cancer to treat cancer. Specifically, the retroviral vector is an engineered strain of Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus (MoMuLV), which can cause leukemia in mice (it is not known to cause disease in humans, though retroviral infection does carry at least a small risk of mutagenesis). The viral vector inserts a gene that expresses the protein E47, which acts in a variety of ways to make cancer cells revert to acting like healthy cells.

This is an exciting idea, though as the press release notes, "we are screening for molecules—potential drugs—that can induce overexpression of E47." That's a way of noting that retroviral vector gene therapy is in its infancy, and that it would be much better if we could find a small molecule instead.

These findings prompted us to ask whether
the growth arrest and acinar gene expression induced in vitro
might be sufficient to diminish the tumor-forming potential of
these aggressively growing cells. Indeed, temporary induction of
E47 for 2 to 8 days in vitro produced stable cell cycle arrest and
trypsinogen expression in transplanted human PDA cells. It will
now be of interest to investigate the effects of E47 on the growth
dynamics of established tumors.

And also the above- established tumors notoriously mutate and become genetically heterogeneous over time, greatly increasing the chances that at least some of the cancer cells are resistant to whatever line of attack you throw at them. Cancer cells that have mutant forms of E47's targets wouldn't be reprogrammed. Still, any advance against pancreatic cancer is highly welcome.

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