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Comment Re:Thanks, MS! (Score 1) 155

Exactly. Everything is as promised in the lifecycle that Microsoft published years ago, so I have no idea what LichtSpektren was talking about when he said that Vista got f@#!ed before the promised EOL.

It was never getting a newer version of IE, but the current version will be supported through its extended support period.

Comment Re:End of life? (Score 1) 388

There is little fundamental difference between tags and user-defined flags, which have been in IMAP since at least 1988 (see: RFC 1064).

The problem is that Google presents what are essentially searches (for a specific tag) as folders at a protocol level. This breaks not just an assumption, but a requirement that messages reside in a single folder, as IMAP UIDs are only valid within the context of a folder.

Google's solution is to layer a second, global identifier to each message, so that changes can be propagated to other views of the same message. This requires not only supporting the X-GM-MSGID extension, but making its use mandatory when the server advertises it.

This is not being a good actor, in my opinion. Protocol extensions are intended to provide additional functionality; not a means to work around your broken implementation of the core specification.

Comment Re:Is there such a thing? (Score 1) 189

I'm a fan. I was using a Moto G and managed to drop it screen first onto marble tile, so I picked up a $50 Lumia to use until I fixed the G. That was months ago, and I haven't bothered fixing my old phone.

To be fair, my needs are modest. All I care about are the stock social media apps, a browser, a music player, a podcast player and a terminal client.

Comment Re:All Figures Lie, and All Liars Figure... (Score 1) 239

Three million units more than "total sales of the Microsoft Surface tablet range"? If they're talking quarterly sales, it's possible.

On the other hand, Microsoft sold an estimate 2 million Surface tablets in their last fourth quarter. Before the Surface 3, before the Surface Pro 4, before the Surface Book. I'm not going to hazard to guess their sales this quarter, but given the introduction of three new products (and two new form factors), generally positive reviews, and holiday sales on the remaining Surface Pro 3 inventory, I would be surprised if they don't hit 3 million units (which is what 9to5mac is projecting for the iPad Pro).

Comment Re:who has a tablet? (Score 1) 239

Erm, wot? Are you buried in a bunker or something? Tablets are ubiquitous.

Heck, I currently have thirteen of them at home (a Surface Pro 4, a Surface Book, two HP Touchpads, a Fire HDX, a Fire HD 6, a Fire HD 6 Kids edition, and six of the new 7" Fire tablets). Granted, the Touchpads have been relegated to toy status (for playing with Open WebOS), and the six new tablets are Christmas gifts (with a couple being given to relatives).

But in a family of six, we still have five tablets in regular use, and will have at least eight after the holidays.

Comment Re:Wildly expensive (Score 1) 104

Joel covered this in one of the updates. You're failing to account for the campaign fees collected by Kickstarter, credit card processing fees, and the cost of the rewards being offered.

See here:

"At the end of the day, our goal is to make each feature-length episode of MST3K for around $250,000... And remember: that $250K isn't just to hire our writers, cast and crew, or rent equipment and space. It also includes the cost of LICENSING MOVIE RIGHTS, and that can get pretty expensive."

Comment Re:Odd choice (Score 1) 337

The keyboard and trackpad on the new Type Cover are actually quite nice. I certainly prefer the buckling spring keyboard on my desk for extended typing, but it easily matches or exceeds the majority of mobile keyboards I've used.

A bluetooth keyboard and mouse is one solution, but not necessarily an idea one. Most options right now (including the Apple keyboard and mouse) haven't been updated to use the new "Bluetooth Smart" low energy mode, so you're going to lower the effective battery life of your tablet or phone by using it. The devices themselves need power as well, which means keeping those devices charged or dealing with removable batteries.

And of course you have additional parts to carry around, unless you're using a keyboard case. For everything but the iPad Pro, that's a third party accessory (which isn't necessarily a problem). And given the lack of native iOS support for pointing devices, that will still be a separate device with third party support.

I actually think the relatively constrained storage is the biggest mistake in the iPad Pro. Cloud storage is fine for some applications, but local storage is still necessary for offline access (like keeping the kiddies occupied with movies on a road trip), application storage (they just upped the limit for an app to 4GB in the Apple Store) and production. That last point is of particular import as the iPad moves away from being a consumption first device. In the era of 4K video, 20+ megapixel cameras, and multichannel high resolution audio, 128GB doesn't go very far (and 32GB is a bad joke.)

I'm frankly surprised they didn't go at least 64GB on the base model and 256GB (if not more) on the top end. I'm less surprised they didn't include an SD card, though the inclusion would have been as useful for loading content as expanding storage (think digital photographers, who can easily fill a high capacity SD card in a single shoot).

But then for editing tasks the storage may not matter. Even if the A9X is surprisingly fast, the relatively meager 4GB will become an issue. (Amazing that's considered meager these days, but that is absolute entry level for notebook from Apple. Microsoft does offer a Surface with only 2GB, but that's on entry level Surface 3, which is $499 (or $599 with LTE).

Assuming that ISVs actually supports Apple's bid to expand the scope of iOS as a platform, I fully expect future iterations bump both the base and top end specs, but I have to wonder if Apple made a mistake not aiming higher in the first place. If people buying it are just buying it as a "big iPad", they will fail to fundamentally change the app ecosystem. On the other hand, the number of people who actually WANT just a big iPad may render that moot (and it will keep producers buying the more expensive Mac OS X based products).

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