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Comment Re:Why buy a Surface Pro 4 over a Surface Book (Score 2) 87

Price? The entry level Surface Book (i5 / 8GB / 128GB) is $1499. The entry level Surface Pro 4 (m3 / 4GB / 128GB) is $899. Or for the same $1499 as the entry level you can get the i5, but with 16GB of memory and a 256GB SSD instead.

Weight? The Book is 3.48#. The Pro 4 is 1.73# (or 2.36# with the cover).

Size? The Book is 0.51" thick (0.91" with the keyboard). The Pro 4 is 0.33" (0.52" with the cover).

In other words, matter of preferences and priorities, like anything else.

Comment Re:Not the first time... (Score 1) 282

There are a few steps missing there. SCO originally released it as "SCO UNIX System V/386", then "Open Desktop", then "SCO UNIX", and then eventually "Open Desktop" and "Open Server". It wasn't until 1995 that they finally adopted the compound "OpenServer" name for good.

And technically the original SCO based all their releases on System III. It wasn't until OpenServer 6, which was released by ("The SCO Group", which was a rebadged Caleda), that they integrated the System V kernel.

Comment Re:No fine? (Score 5, Informative) 411

Yes, it is. See: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/42/7522.

And there is precedent for this specific case. Ford was fined millions for selling Econoline vans that disabled emissions controls at highway speeds, leading to excessive nitrogen oxide emissions. If anything this seems a more egregious violation. See: http://www2.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2014-06/documents/defeat.pdf

Comment Re:ipad pro (Score 1) 508

One platform might draw developers. The other has a base of twenty years worth of applications for the leading desktop platform. I think it's safe to say the latter has the advantage here.

Battery life remains to be seen. Apple claims ten hours, which is not "much better" than the nine hours that Microsoft claims. But more importantly, you're comparing a brand new product with a brand new processor (and presumably newer display and battery technology) with a fifteen month old product with a completely different processor architecture.

Performance claims are hard to evaluate on an unreleased product, but if we take the claim of being 70% faster than the A8X at face value, and look at the Geekbench scores of 1812 and 4477 that Engadget got for single and multi-threader performance respectively, that would suggest the A9X would get in the neighborhood of 3080 and 7610. That /is/ faster than the i5 version of the Surface Pro 3 (~2700 and ~ 5300) but the Surface 4 is expected to launch soon using the new Skylake processors.

Ultimately, I still think the Apple MacBook is still a more obvious competitor to the Surface Pro than the iPad Pro. The devices may be more physically similar, it's still a desktop platform scaling down to a mobile device versus a mobile platform trying to scale up to desktop tasks. Aside from the application base, there are aspects of the platform itself; e.g. fully windowed multi-tasking versus the slide-over split screen mode they added to iOS 9.

(And of course you can install Linux or whatever else you want on a Microsoft Surface, if you're really that worried about their nefarious fart-tracking. With the Apple product, on the other hand, you're stuck with what they ship, and their record of sending data "back to the mothership" is hardly sterling either. Remember when iOS was caught sending location data back to Apple? Or the revelation that Siri retains search data for two years? Or how Privacy Rights Clearinghouse found that a third of the apps they tested perform undisclosed sharing of health data (which in recent releases can include details like sexual activity and ovulation) to third parties?)

Comment Re:Already running a $50 phone. (Score 1) 141

You base your assumption on what? The BOM for this phone is not substantially different than what was discussed in TFA. The Qualcomm 400 is possibly a bit more expensive (estimated wholesale costs are in the $10-15) range, but that is offset by having half the memory and only one camera.

Microsoft certainly isn't making a bundle on these things, but I seriously doubt it costs "significantly more" than $50 to manufacture.

Comment Re:Already running a $50 phone. (Score 1) 141

This is an off-contract phone that I'm using with a $30/mo plan. Not much room for a hardware subsidy.

Entirely possible there is some subsidy, but given that the components in this phone are largely similar to the ones in TFA, I would be surprised if it was much. This is very firmly a budget handset.

Comment Already running a $50 phone. (Score 5, Interesting) 141

I'm actually using a $50 smart phone right now. A Microsoft Lumia 635 that I picked up on Amazon for $49.99 off-contract. Specs are about right - 4.5" 854x480 screen, 512MB ram, 8GB storage, no front camera, 5MP rear camera. It does have a quad-core Snapdragon instead of a Mediatek or Allwinner, but clocked at 1.2GHz, and actually does have an LTE radio and Gorilla glass (the two reasons I bought this instead of the 535, which is newer and has 1GB of RAM).

Know what? It's a perfectly serviceable phone. I bought it as a spare to use while I get the screen on my Moto G replaced, and in a lot of ways I actually like it better. Windows Phone actually runs surprisingly well on modest hardware.

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