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Comment Re:Germany should take note (Score 1) 48

Disposable/Virtual VISA cards can be bought at any convenience store anywhere (gas stations, 24/7 stores) - at least in Berlin and Munich. You can even top them with a small amount when you buy them. You can then top them via bank transfer, and the limit is defined by the amount of info about yourself you give the broker. In Portugal, you have MBNet, a free service that will generate one-time usage VISA or Mastercard numbers with a limit amount, debiting it right on your bank account, but disposable VISA cards (eg. for anonymous usage) basically don't exist.

Comment Re:People still use Firefox? (Score 2) 115

Unless you're one of the users running into those mysterious "memory leaks" that nobody can replicate once they file an actual bug

I stopped using Firefox a couple of years ago because of this. They're not mysterious, they were real. Try opening a reasonable amount of tabs (50-100), and leave the browser open for a day or two, and you'll probably be able to reproduce it.

Comment Re:Good deal! (Score 1) 1307

Given the liquidity problems the banks have had this last two weeks, I'd seriously doubt that. Even if so, who is going to buy such assets? At what price? A fraction of the real value?

Comment Re:Good for greece (Score 1) 1307

The value of a thing is nothing more than more the price which people are willing to pay to acquire it.

So, why would you choose an unstable, national currency over a more stable, international one? As many african countries can attest, having your own currency is only effective if your economy is stable.

Comment Re:That is easy. (Score 1) 484

I've taken Longhorn for a spin like everybody else. Most of it seemed to be done in managed code. I find almost no resemblance to a typical Vista system, it seems they rewrote a huge part of the operating system (again). Or they just glued some concepts together (in c#) to show some progress. Either way, WinFS always seemed vaporware.

Comment Re:Linux Mint + Windows Games & Photoshop (Score 1) 484

I'm actually not a fan of Linux, but basically Mint is - by far - the most usable *nix desktop I've ever tried. If they could solve the out-of-the-box wtf-is-this problem with the fonts in Java (I know, its not really the project's fault, but the nineties called and they want their defaults back), I'd probably be running it right now. And I'm a BSD guy. On the other hand, what the f*ck happened with XDMCP? Everytime I tried it, its broken either by design (lxde login manager?) or just broken (gnome).

Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 484

Well, you seem to be way more versed in it than I am. I've used both Solaris Express and OpenSolaris on x86-64, without ever having this problem (I did some simple cluster configurations with both Solaris-HA and Sun Grid Engine and I'd guess this would be a major issue). Their virtual networking features were ahead of their time (at least UNIX-wise, I do know VMS, but mostly from reputation - typing in commands on a 1985 machine doesn't really count as experience), but maybe the guys buying actual SPARC boxes had their own issues.

Comment Re:Good deal! (Score 1) 1307

When famine people are pushed, no good comes from it. Giving money to their government, however, doesn't solve anything. Don't confuse my "macro economic opinions" and Greece's government and FUD campaign with lack of solidarity with their people (who elected them, btw). As a result of referendum, we will probably have a humanitarian crisis on our hands soon enough.

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