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Comment breaking: cheap guns can harm users at a distance (Score 1) 101

A "security" company has discovered that a cheap, easily available gun can be used to harm or even kill a user at a distance by projecting a small piece of dense metal into the body. The damage has been shown to last a minute or longer.

That's especially worrying if you are ever within the line-of-sight of another human being, as so many users are! Click through for our press release and support our pioneering work.

Comment Re: Sorry, but Apple still deserves most of the cr (Score 5, Insightful) 335

Intuitive? Are you kidding? Working on OSX is like being in your garage under your car, working, only, you have an obsessive compulsive wife, and every time you set a tool on the concrete in arms reach, she immediately puts it on the shelf because everything must look pretty, at all times.

I have never hated working with an operating system the way I hate OSX. It has literally brought me within inches of quitting my job in frustration on numerous occassions. It is beyond "bad", it is downright hostile.

Comment Re:Not unlimited, 7 GB (Score 1) 301

it's probably both. they'll turn a blind eye to your technically-a-violation mods (note, this is actually a concern to them of some level; basically every consumer-level service agreement is "service Y in exchange for $X per month and all the personal data we can mine". they just hide the latter part in the fine print.), as long as you don't put a drain on their services. this is how civilization tends to work.

Comment Re:What has happened to the Republicans? (Score 1) 561

Eh, just think of it as try-outs. You know, some company wants to see whether policy X will fly, but they don't really want to be associated with it, so they flog it out to some branch manager with a hard-on for power. He'll be zealously enthusiastic about it. If it works out, they pay him off with a moderate sum and bring him into the fold; if it doesn't work out, they'll deny any association ("Shocked! I'm shocked at this xenophobic nonsense! This is a country of liberty!").

When there are almost twenty competitors for the Mr. America crown, you'll be willing to do anything to stand out. The minders just sit back and watch how the public reacts to this pageantry; they check which lines are safe to cross in which demographics, and at the end they program the Romney-bot (or, equivalently, the Hillary-bot) to pander optimally to the lowest common denominator without rocking the boat too much.

Comment Re:There are better ways (Score 1) 561

heh, maybe not even that.

when i landed in Charles de Gaulle airport, almost the entire staff was apparently on strike. there were a few people milling about doing odd jobs, but no one at debarkation. the French arrivals seemed jaded to it, and the rest of us just shuffled, somewhat confused, through a barren airport and wandered into France without so much as a glance.

Comment oh, why bother? (Score 3, Funny) 264

"Other additions include carrot, cucumber, and avocado"

can't we be honest and just put a long skinny dick, a thick dick, and a stubby thick dick, so that people don't have to use vegetable analogues?

otoh, this way we can text shopping lists and sexual encounters/anxieties with the same symbols, so i guess it makes some sense.

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