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Comment: Re:Sigh (Score 1) 110

it's not a bad strategy for the gaming market either (not great, but not bad). it's a developer gateway to including physics simulations in games. rather than cramming in even more pixels (at the point where most people won't even notice them) or cosmetic effects, even adding fluid simulation can create a more significant market differentiation than more anti-aliasing. pushing these cards on the "early-adopter" (read: sucker) crowd opens that door.

Comment: Re:Calculator? (Score 1) 177

by retchdog (#49263053) Attached to: Preferred programming paradigm?

Maybe you're missing the point. The names aren't usually for using or discovering them; they're for understanding them. A lot of algorithms are trivial to implement (at least in the limited form they are usually taught in), but proving optimality and knowing when to apply them (i.e. understanding their generality) is another story.

Care to give a few examples before you christen yourself a genius?

Comment: Re:The Real Thing (Score 0) 411

by retchdog (#49151563) Attached to: Leonard Nimoy Dies At 83

And yet he was brainwashed by the communist Federation despite that... that's the real "inspiration" here, whatever you're inspired to do with it.

The only characters with consistent ethics or integrity were the Ferengi, who expressed their logic rationally and improved utility on average through free trade rather than elitist self-indulgence.

Comment: Re:Tineye or similar? (Score 3, Interesting) 96

by retchdog (#49008123) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Automated Tool To OCR CCGs Like Magic: the Gathering?

uh, you're thinking of cryptographic/non-invertible/fast-mixing/whatever hashes specifically. it's not exactly defined what a hash is, but generally it means a possibly many-to-one (i.e. lossy) function of data, usually with outputs of fixed (or parametrizable) size.

for example, an OCR is a hash; it (ideally) hashes images of arbitrary dimension into an output space of characters according to which one it most resembles; similarly for any other image recognizer.

Comment: Re:And this is why MBA CEOs fail (Score 1) 126

by retchdog (#48893975) Attached to: Linus Fixes Kernel Regression Breaking Witcher 2

it's not ignoring it, per se. driving hard-working decent people to poverty and desperation is analogous to firebombing Dresden.

i.e., not really necessary for the primary objective (moving line X to ledger Y), but it's an impressive show of power and has some ancillary gains ("corrects" the cost of labor downward, far downward).

Comment: Re: a better question (Score 1) 592

by retchdog (#48872179) Attached to: Why Run Linux On Macs?

though, hey, if you're interested in applying that small amount of polish for me and accomplishing what Ubuntu cannot, i'd be very interested in ditching Apple's monopolistic business model.

saying "fuck you" to Apple would easily be worth, say, $500/year for me (for software alone); maybe even more if the UX is even close to as good as Mac OS. that's what i'd pay for an easy-to-use Linux. interested?

Comment: Re: a better question (Score 1) 592

by retchdog (#48872137) Attached to: Why Run Linux On Macs?

thanks for an actual answer, though nothing that would substantially improve my life (nor most people's lives, even on slashdot) the way that Mac OS X's "arguably" superior interface has.

i don't have time to apply a "comparatively small amount of polish" to every feature i might want to use (and compared to what exactly? building the OS from scratch?) i don't think the slivers of time i might gain from improved SSD caching would even come close to the time it would take to apply that small amount of polish.

if and when i do need one of these esoteric features i'll either rent time on a server or buy a box.

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