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Comment: Re:Where do you fill up? (Score 1) 275

Both gasses are "natural gas"

They are natural gasses but they are not Natural Gas: Natural gas is a hydrocarbon gas mixture consisting primarily of methane, but commonly includes varying amounts of other higher alkanes and even a lesser percentage of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and hydrogen sulfide.

You wouldn't be able to run the same car on that.

Why not? I make my living on large engines that run natural gas just fine. If you can run a car on propane you can run it on natural gas. You just have to account for knock and energy density. At which point Natural Gas runs better than propane. Methane has a Octane rating of 120. Propane has an octane rating of 112. (Most cars run on 87-93 in the US).

Honda has sold a natural gas vehicle in the US since 1998.

And the US Department of Energy is trying to get companies to make a cheaper home filling station:

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> That should be enough to charge a decent battery in a few minutes.

Gasoline density is 32.4 MJ/L.

Assume a 60L tank (~16 gallons).

Assume you can fill up your vehicle in 10 minutes.

60 L/10 min * 34.4 MJ/L = 3.4 MW

That's nearly 7 times faster than your 500 kW charger. Assume a 475 mile (30 mpg * 60 L) / 765 km (60 L / (7.84 L / 100 km)) range from that gasoline fill up.

That means your "quick and speedy" 10 minute 500 kW fill up can provide all of 70 miles of range.

It's a matter of physics.

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That's why I don't get why they're pushing Hydrogen.

With CNG I can fill up at home. It'd be like installing a high current plug except I'd pipe NG to a compressor and let it fill up my car.

Natural Gas is already flowing through hundreds (thousands?) of pipelines across the US. There are already filling stations. Honda has offered a CNG fleet vehicle for ages.

Get the price of a home compressor down to a Level 2 charger ($1000) and let me by a CNG car.

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by 0100010001010011 (#48438413) Attached to: Aereo Files For Bankruptcy

Split Comcast down the middle. Internet on one side. Cable TV on the other. Ma'Bell style.

Apply what ever laws for DSL to have dry loop DSL to Coax so that you have dry loop COAX.

Then you could have separate companies competing for your coax internet. Comcast wants to charge their prices? Fine. Some local startup (operating over the dry loop coax) could offer unlimited data. Maybe another offers a "Netflix" package since they have a local NetFlix mirror at their offices. They could pay any of the local fiber providers for backhaul to Netflix. Everyone wins (except for Comcast's internet division).

It will also force the Comcast Cable TV to innovate because they can't trap cord cutters by raising internet rates.

Comment: Re:Given how most spend their time in college... (Score 2) 226

by 0100010001010011 (#48406047) Attached to: Coding Bootcamps Presented As "College Alternative"

> Oh, god, don't make me support those people's code.

Why? Do we make engineers 'support' the welds from a welder. Do we make engineers 'support' the plumbing from a plumber?

There is a huge gap between hiring a full engineer and hiring a technician. There should be an analogous range for software. Right now that gap is being filled by cheap Indian and Chinese programmers.

Comment: Re:Given how most spend their time in college... (Score 4, Informative) 226

by 0100010001010011 (#48406019) Attached to: Coding Bootcamps Presented As "College Alternative"

Code Monkey == Wrench Monkey.

Which is what the US sorely needs. We stopped telling people to go into trades because EVERYONE HAS TO GO TO COLLEGE. I was told in high school I couldn't take welding because I was "going to college." Guess what jobs are in short supply these days? Welding, plumbing, etc.

Sometimes you just need a trade to do a job. Do I need someone that understands coupled classes or a hashtable to build me a website or implement an idea in C? No. If you put 5-10 good coders under a good software engineer I'd trust the output more than trying to hire 3-4 software engineers.

Companies don't hire all engineers, they hire techs as well. We don't need to hire all CS or SE majors but there is a place for them just like there is a place for someone that took a 19-week course on programming.

Comment: Re:An Illiberal's solution to every problem - taxe (Score 1) 554

by will_die (#48400575) Attached to: The Downside to Low Gas Prices
Based on facts you don't know why the USPS is broke.
Congress want to protect the taxpayer from having to take over the duties that the USPS said they would do,back in the 70s, the postmaster general and the postal unions want to make the taxpayers pay for their poor management and keep things as they are.
The postal accountability law,2006, requires the USPS to actually do some proper financial management and dropping it would not make them competitive again; even ignore the money they owe for this they would of lost money for the last couple of years. Without the money set aside they would not be able the meet the obligations they agreed to back in the 1970s and the people who retiring now would not have the monies that they are suppose to get. Privatization would solve nothing of this since the obligations would follow the company who purchased the USPS.
BTW the 75 years is number of years that is for ACCOUNTING purposes they have to figure future liabilities. It is NOT how long they have to fund benefits. That 75 years of accounting is followed by the DoD, social security, department of Housing, etc.

Comment: Re:You know they'll botch it (Score 1) 706

by will_die (#48366367) Attached to: President Obama Backs Regulation of Broadband As a Utility
You are using a non-standard definition of net neutrality, one that is used by previous bills or what President Obama used.
Net Neutrality was defined by Obama and would be under his proposal would treat VOIP the same as HTTP the same as video the same as QoS traffic from any source.

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by 0100010001010011 (#48341729) Attached to: Joey Hess Resigns From Debian

Is there a good *BSD that has figured out binary package management yet?

Not that I don't love being able to compile everything from scratch but I've stuck with debian for so long because apt-get "just works".

I think in 8 years of use I've had a handful of issues with it (or aptitude/dpkg) where as I've had many more with Windows dependencies.

Comment: Re:Ethics (Score 1) 321

It's closer to a big window with blinds. If you don't close the blinds you can't complain about people being able to stand on the sidewalk and see.

Just because the window is a fancy box you plug into the internet it isn't my fault you didn't read how to close the blinds. No one is physically entering my house. I can still call you from my cell phone while standing our street.

Close your damn blinds.

Comment: Re:net neutrality isn't protocol agnosticism (Score 1) 200

by will_die (#48323447) Attached to: Net Neutrality Alone Won't Solve ISP Throttling Abuse, Here's Why
No it does not! Read the various bills that have come out and you see that your definition does not apply.
Net Neutrality would mean that my ISP can no longer setup a spam email filter, it would mean school ISP can no longer block access to various sites(reason why some groups have been supporting net neutrality), it would mean my ISP cannot block traffic on various ports know for various security attacks and with no common usage.
What you are defining goes under the term application neutrality.

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