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Comment: Re:Like a Confederate Flag (Score 4, Interesting) 346 346

And that's why I like not putting all of my discussion eggs in one basket.

I personally don't care if someone is a racist or a fatty when they talk about their opinions on technology. I'm sure I've picked up a great number of things over the years from people I may not have agreed with on other subjects. I'll just copy and paste my old post on what slashdot needed to do

Dice you've successfully figured out how to run one of the most best 'news' and opensource websites and run them into the ground for profit. /. and Fark were the only 2 places that could handle 9/11 traffic. I rode out that entire day on both sites when CNN was crumbling.

I'm glad I had Slashdot over Reddit when I was an angsty tenager. I took pride in trying to get +5 comments and put effort into doing so. Honestly slashdot made me a better writer. Reddit is nice for short terse communication but sometimes I want to "talk with adults".

Slashdot didn't need much. Unicode support. Newer HTML5 support. CSS3. Make a decent mobile app, move away from HTML for Markdown. Moderation made sense and was much better than a simple +- system. Voting was randomly enabled and you couldn't both vote and comment on the same article. -2 to 5 also limited band wagoning. It's easier to recover from a bunch of early 'down votes'. Instead you drove everyone away to other sites (which still don't quite scratch the /. itch). You shoe horn in what ever fucking agenda is "big in IT". Looking back at all the news I got from /. I can't ever remember thinking "I wonder if a woman did this" or "Too bad a woman didn't do this" because I didn't care. It was about the tech and news for nerds.

On 'Gamergate', 'sexual equality', 'gender issues', we don't care "Trans-gendered" is a big thing in the news these days (and especially around tech) but a long, long time ago I remember a Mac developer made the transition. (This was in the late '90s.) I read her bio. Shrugged my shoulders went "Neat" and moved on. Why? Because she made some awesome Mac games. Most other person I know in IT or engineering think the same way. None of us care what you do with your body or who you take to the bedroom. I do care if you can cut it and get your work done or contribute to society.

On the other side of that is Randi Harper (FreeBSD Girl) [] who actually write decent code. I've dug through some of her BSD commits, major props to her for doing that. But it can all be done without photoshopping traffic tickets to make it look like you got swatted, begging for money to move on twitter [], (When you already earn $3k/month from Patreon []), grandstanding on Twitter for no reason and bandwagoning users against anyone that disagrees isn't the way to do it.

You had the same opportunity to fix Sourceforge all of its' convoluted download mirrors (just use a proper CDN), update to Git, and everything else that Sourceforge isn't and GitHub is. Instead you rested on your laurels and are now trying to use this as one last cash grab before the Titanic goes down.

I don't know where I was going with this either. Just thought someone up top should know why your traffic is tanking and a lot of us are pissed off at you for what you've done.

I still won't forget the time you broke the capslock filter [], I remember BitTorrent being announced and people thinking it was useless, the iPod's lack of wifi and space compared to a Nomad, et al.

Thanks for the fish?

Comment: Re:Pao Wants "Safe Spaces" for Shills and Ideologu (Score 4, Insightful) 346 346

  • Fark's "You'll get over it"
  • Slashdot's buyout by Dice.
  • Digg 4.0
  • Reddit Pao-Pao-Paower Fail.
  • Myspace's Myspaceness
  • Facebook's "We'll let everyone sign up!"

    It's happened before, it'll happen again.

    The people that have historically been on reddit were a 'techy' or 'nerdy' minority. They were who Slashdotters were 20 years ago. They want to attract bored housewives and people not currently on reddit and they'll never do it with fat people hate or other people having full control of subreddits or big things like Secret Santa, so they got rid of everyone that disagrees. Victoria actually made celebrities do their own AMA. Now they can just have the PR firm phone it in.

    If anyone is upset at the changes then you they weren't the target demographic of Reddit 2.0. The type of people that originally came to Reddit a decade ago will find elsewhere. Reddit will continue to exist as a place for bored housewives to continue talking becoming a facebook of sorts. Right now all of those people are shoehorned into a terrible ayout of Facebook (Notice how facebook just added threaded discussion?). They're going to attract the people that want a "better" place to discuss things than Facebook but not actually have any real discussion. Why do you think CoonTown and SRS still exist? Loud vocal minority idiots are very profitable (Patreon).

    Write something in a low level, portable language. Someone on slashdot should know how to roll up Usenet, IRC, voting & a web front end into a single set of packages that anyone can host.

    Why isn't 'moderation' in a RFC yet? It's something that could probably be nailed out by now as we've tried multiple different methods.

    I personally prefer Slashdot's style of moderation for most things. (Where its limited to -2 to +5, and you have taxonomy built in). But for some things I prefer Reddit's where everyone gets a vote. Let people write their own implementations of the RFC and let anyone incorporate it into their website. Slashdot and Reddit are open source in the same way that OpenSSL was. Technically open source but such a pain in the ass to get running for most people it wasn't worth it.

    Add on Tor/I2P and you now have all of the above 'off' of the main internet.

Comment: Re:Hm (Score 1) 346 346

"We" can write an alternative. Make a new Usenet. Integrate IRC. Add voting somehow.

Usenet solved 30 years ago the exact problems a lot of people are having with Reddit/Voat/Slashdot. It's distributed, you can't 'take it down'. Make a new RFC and let people host their own 'sites'.

It just needs voting/some moderation on top of it. Make it a simple, straight forward interface. If I want to spin up a 'chat, discussion, et al' website on AWS.

I would peer a node on a discussion if someone wrote it.

Comment: Re:Who watches this crap? (Score 1) 133 133

I cannot imagine how watching someone type for hours is instructional, you could get well in to a book by that point.

I cannot imagine how just sitting reading a book is instructional. I would rather see someone do it. Look at the proliferation of youtube videos on how to do basic stuff like change your oil. Some people are visual learners. Those people used to go into trades where as book learners went to college.

A civil engineer could tell you all the theory behind pipe flow but I want a plumber plumbing my house. Someone that learned through hands on visual training.

Programming and coding is on its way to being a trade and it's sad seeing Slashdotters get on the case of people that are visual learners because they can't imagine why anyone would want to watch someone do something.

Comment: Re:Who watches this crap? (Score 1) 133 133

People that learn by watching?

Some people learn by doing, some people learn by watching, some people learn by reading.

Reading and doing have been covered for a while but.

My coding technique is closer to the shotgun approach where I throw stuff at the wall, see what sticks, peel it off and throw it at more walls. It's hacky but it's how I code. When something is ready for final public release is when it gets documentation and proper indentation.

Just reviewing someone's final proper code won't help me figure out how they got there.

This just reeks of "Old man yells at cloud", just because it's different than how you learned it or do it doesn't instantly make it wrong or stupid.

Comment: Re:Interesting (Score 1) 37 37

There is no defined definition of what SPAM is for EU countries, it varies on the country.

Vicky Ford, a MEP and part of Parliamentâ(TM)s ECR Group negotiating team has twittered about it and said various new releases that say ISP SPAM and content filtering is allowed are based on old versions.
If you go read the latest EC press release it mentions right in there that member states can set their own filtering, which is an exception to the non-filtering rule.
So maybe a MEP and the EC sites are both wrong in which case please give a site which has correct info.

Comment: Re:Today's computer science corriculum is practica (Score 1) 153 153

A decent car mechanic might not know the building code by heart but he's probably unblocked a drain or two in his time simply because he's the sort of person that enjoys using tools to do stuff.

You'd be wrong. Car Mechanics have become specialized enough that some of them only work on certain brands of cars. I wouldn't hire a plumber that did residential installs to plumb a hospital. The codes and requirements are completely different.

Comment: Re:Today's computer science corriculum is practica (Score 1) 153 153

I'm a Mechanical Engineer and could tell you nothing about how to fix your car. I could tell you how your car worked, theoretically. I couldn't tell you what was wrong with it.

I work with PhD'd engineers that can barely tie their own shoe, but could tell you more about fluid boundary layer conditions than any other human I know.

If you wanted people that knew how to calculate IP ranges maybe you should have hired someone that took some sort of vocational IT training not someone with an advanced degree.

Comment: Re:Paywall (Score 1) 153 153

We had an excel VBA that ran our production lines. Talked to Oracle, talked to the hardware test at the end of the line. VBA was responsible for millions of dollars of product going out the door on time.

Because that's what tools the people that designed it had available. It was either that or Matlab but everyone already had Excel and it was 'free' to use.

Now I would love to see something redone in Python.

Comment: Why I chose the the BSD. (Score 1) 164 164

I don't sell the code I sell the support.

I release everything I work on under BSD and if a company has questions about it I have contact information and an hourly rate available for support. If a company takes it and runs with it (Tivo) then it's not like it was something I was going to get around doing anyway.

If they don't want to pay for support and their product is good enough, a competitor will.

I don't lose out on anything. My code gets used (what I wanted and why I released it) and in 5-10 years if some company wants a subject matter expert I have my contact information and hourly rate available. Beyond that I honestly don't care.

The UNIX philosophy basically involves giving you enough rope to hang yourself. And then a couple of feet more, just to be sure.