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+ - What happened to the guts?

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rbochan writes: "Nicholas Petreley's blog over at Linux Journal asks an interesting question: What happened to the guts in mainstream publications? Back in the 80's InfoWorld pressured Lotus into ditching its copy protection scheme by docking Lotus 1-2-3 several points in reviews because of the inconvenience. Other vendors jumped on the bandwagon and abandoned copy protection. Not only has copy protection come back from the grave, it has risen like a juggernaut zombie bent on eating everyone's brains. You'll find appropriate outrage in a handful of renegade publications, but what happened to the mainstream journals with the guts of yesteryear?"

+ - Exchange Server Time Bug

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rbochan writes: "The Register is reporting on an unusual bug in Microsoft Exchange 2003 in the UK. October 2006 (also 2010, 2011, and 2016) has 5 Sundays, however Exchange 2003 is hard-coded to 4, and will adjust from BST to GMT on the 4th Sunday. The bug causes programs like Outlook to turn clocks back a week early, turning Britan's "Blackberry-weilding suits into a thundering whirlpool of temporal bedlam." A fix is available here, but is for Exchange 2003 SP 2 only."

+ - The Real Lenovo Laptop Deal

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rbochan writes: LinuxPlanet is reporting that the new "Linux-enabled" Lenovo laptop launched this week at LinuxWorld will not actually come "pre-loaded" with Novell SUSE Linux, a high-ranking Lenovo official said today, contradicting previous reports stating otherwise. Rajat Aggarwal, Lenovo's worldwide product manager for ThinkPad T Series, told LinuxPlanet that the T60p will be sold with a "blank hard disk", and users wishing to run Novel SUSE Linux will have to purchase a license from a 3rd party before they would be allowed to download necessary drivers for the laptop. $3,099 for a laptop with a blank hard drive, plus licensing fees. Nice.

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