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Comment Re:Keep in mind (Score 1) 120

"Everything material in the Universe is an oscillation. One day in a distant future all these vibrations may stop.
The sole purpose of our material existence is to develop our Individual Intellect. Everything material is temporary.
Shouldnâ€(TM)t the material technology be used to assist in
development of our Individual Intellect?" - Thomas J. Chalko

Comment Re:ARCTIC vs ANTARCTIC (Score 1) 319

No, the source article you link too:

As recently as July 12, Antarctic sea ice extent was at a record daily high extent for the satellite period of observations. For much of early 2015, Antarctic sea ice extent was either slightly above or slightly below the levels seen on the same date in 2014, the record high year. However, beginning in mid-July, the growth rate for Antarctic sea ice slowed significantly, causing the 2015 maximum extent to be only the sixteenth highest in the record.

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