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Comment Re:Universal Apocalyptic truth (Score 1) 1291

We evolve into something that allows us to develop the intellect on a massive scale. That would be the intelligent thing to do. To recognize we are all in this together. Love is the answer.

Of course there is a freedom of choice.

We continue on our current path, destroying the planet (and ourselves) for the love of money or worship of made up deities.

Comment Re:Jettison != Outsourcing (Score 1) 273

Whitman for prez! She can almost afford it:
Total Annual Compensation, USD 1,500,060
Restricted Stock Awards, USD 8,147,640
Long-Term Incentive Plans, USD --
All Other, USD 9,964,470
Fiscal Year Total, USD 19,612,200

Nefkins does pretty well for him$elf:

Basic Compensation
Total Annual Compensation, USD 700,027
Restricted Stock Awards, USD 3,437,150
Long-Term Incentive Plans, USD --
All Other, USD 2,851,780
Fiscal Year Total, USD 6,988,960

Comment Re:Small? (Score 1) 86

Right now, a lot of them are more concerned about building new digs for their pro sports team than anything that means quality of life improvements.

I agree with that part anyway. For instance, Detroit Red Wings:


"I'm not afraid of dying, I just don't want to be there when it happens." -- Woody Allen