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Comment: Re:Something is wrong with the respondents! (Score 1) 282

by dbIII (#48902647) Attached to: Best 1990s Sci-fi show?

So you saw at least three of those episodes if you watched them all.

They must have come after the Janeway-Paris amphibian sex episode that rubbed in how outside of DS9 there is zero consistent continuity in Trek, at which point I gave up. The firing was reported a bit in the press as was her getting paid significantly less than other cast members. I recall a few trekkies getting very pissed off about it, however how much was Hollywood rumour and how much is real I do not know. The firing may not have been the result of asking for a raise, we'll probably never know it that rumour is true unless she decides she can live without convention gigs.

Comment: Re:Shame (Score 1) 57

by dbIII (#48902627) Attached to: SpaceX, US Air Force Settle Spy Sat Dispute
Consider the above posters posting record. I think in his view both transgressed against their leaders so seen as equivalent - King before Country.
So with that viewpoint Benedict Arnold is the patriot and Washington the traitor. Funny how someone can grow up like that in the USA isn't it, but there you go, it takes all kinds.

Comment: Re:Something is wrong with the respondents! (Score 1) 282

by dbIII (#48901715) Attached to: Best 1990s Sci-fi show?
Nice retcon to provide a story reason, but sadly the reality was when she had a lot of screen time but was still stuck on her initial pay, while the rest of the cast were not, and questioning that was enough to get her fired.
I never made it to "Boobs of Nine" and really can't see how it fit with the concept of the Borg at all - sounded like yet another wrecking ball taken to continuity.

Comment: I don't get why but some people hate VMs (Score 1) 94

by dbIII (#48901649) Attached to: DirectX 12 Lies Dormant Within Microsoft's Recent Windows 10 Update
Sadly there's still a pile of stuff that won't run on Win7 or later, while the newest MS Office runs on XP, so more reasons against than for in some cases.
Also for some odd reason many users seem to hate mucking about with a VM - their nice seamless desktop paradigm gets broken by it or something, so some refuse to use it if there is an alternative. I've had to run an old version of AutoCAD (with the old interface the user likes) on WINE on a linux box and export it via X to the users Win7 box to make them happy - icon launch or nothing for that person and forget about a VM. The user already had X for some scientific software so it was doable.

If there was a way to launch the MS Windows application from an icon without presenting the user with an extra desktop that would make a difference. Trivial in X circa 1990 or later but for all the bleatings about revisions to remote desktop I just cannot see a way to get a remote or VM app exported from an MS system to act like a local application.

Comment: Re:Is someone looking for a job? (Score 1) 57

by dbIII (#48901517) Attached to: SpaceX, US Air Force Settle Spy Sat Dispute

Despite the first Delta IV Heavy launch failure the DoD still chanced it

Looks like space has become a commodity in the eyes of some people. I suggest you take a look at the history of spaceflight to get some understanding of why you don't give up entirely at the first glitch. Giving up too early results in a lack of progress.
Also are you sure SpaceX needs a perfect flight every time to stay in the game?

Comment: JMS didn't get to run it like a movie director (Score 1) 282

by dbIII (#48897223) Attached to: Best 1990s Sci-fi show?
Also Claudia Christian wanted to know if she had a job for season 5 and was sacked for asking, Andrea Thompson was sacked for getting into a relationship with Jerry Doyle etc - HR really fucked with that show instead of letting the director direct.
The fifth season was apparently going to have Claudia Christian's character running the station but since she's been got rid of Tracey Scroggins was brought in to play a similar role, which despite a good effort didn't quite work as well IMHO.
See also the spinoff series for even more ridiculous amounts of executive interference.
Maybe the secret is to shoot in Canada or Australia so the executives don't have a clue what you are doing and so don't interfere as much.

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