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Comment Re:It only cost GM $11 million so VW did it too (Score 1) 162

It's an example of opposing desires and a failure of regulation.
Don't try to turn it into left versus right because it is not.
I'm sure if you think before posting you can work out why I used "unfettered". You can't? OK then, it's because the right doesn't like bad actors fucking over society either so are no more fond of raw uncontrolled capitalism than the left. It's society versus someone extending a middle finger to society when caught kicking it in the guts.
I dumbed that down to the point of being condescending so please do not pretend that you are still too dumb to get it.

Comment Re:It only cost GM $11 million so VW did it too (Score 1) 162


At least that's my presumption. PBS - Independent Lens, as I recall. 'Snot too bad. I watch a lot of documentaries, probably too many as it is all I typically watch.

(KGIII I've seen it, too lazy to unpack and not going to login on my phone.)

Thanks, yes that's the correct name.
Cool moments like a opera singer showing what he can do in a huge abandoned railway station.

Comment Re:It varries (Score 1) 314

Why buy Dell when something better is cheaper and costs less to ship?
As mentioned earlier, ASUS were assembling for Dell, and there are several others. Lenovo also typically beats them on price and quality - but if it's not a laptop I prefer either parts or something like a SuperMicro reseller anyway.

Comment Re:Quality and compatibility ... (Score 1) 314

Ah, sorry I was confused. I only got one of those things back in the day to run a CDROM before they could run off standard IDE so needed a sound card with ATAPI. Every time I exited MS Windows to MSDOS or to shut down it would crash due to it trying to make an exit sound. Then I got a full length soundblaster on a board where it ended up jutting up against the CPU heatsink - five minutes running and it warmed up enough to expand the fibreglass to the point where the CPU starting coming out of the socket and crashed!
Pieces of crap and I really don't know why we put up with it.

At least now it seems easier to work out what bits to put in a machine, but I have to admit the range of Intel sockets confused me after I hadn't paid attention for a decade.

Comment Re:It only cost GM $11 million so VW did it too (Score 1) 162

I tried to move things from specific to general to help explain the problem yet you've moved to overly specific to needlessly complicate the issue. Would you like to try again and discuss things sensibly this time or did you just see the name of a "foe" and decide to be annoying?

Comment Re:It only cost GM $11 million so VW did it too (Score 1) 162

True. I watched the documentary "Detroitopia" last night, which although it didn't say much about GM it had a car show sequence where the comparison between the Chevy Volt and a Chinese electric car was brushed aside by some GM rep exactly the same way they said Honda etc didn't matter a few decades back. There's also the bit about new hires working for 50% less than the position used to pay but that may not have only been GM.

Comment Re:Sorry guys, Israel doesn't care what you think. (Score 1) 459

Wow. Bringing all that baggage in is just asking for a comparison with another bunch that put a minority they didn't like into ghettos and then went in to kill them in the ghettos. Do you really want to keep things on such a level?
Remember it's not "Israel" that is doing this, just the bunch of fascists currently running it that would have their grandparents recoil in horror. It's also not Daesh living in Gaza.

The real issue is people in power being utter pricks and exploiting a conflict for their own advancement. While advocating genocide no less.

Comment Re:Sorry guys, Israel doesn't care what you think. (Score 2) 459

Israel is not trying to censor speech. They're trying to stop incitement.

By censoring speech.
It's businesses as usual just like trying to discredit journalists writing about Israel that report anything other than roses and sunshine.

Look up "war propaganda" kids. It's a tool greatly employed by these extremists of the sort that their grandparents had to flee from.

Comment War propaganda for years (Score 4, Insightful) 459

The article makes it sound like Israel is trying to silence the Palestinians from presenting their side. This is not the case (at least in this particular instance)

Fair enough for this case, giving you the benefit of the doubt, but there are plenty of situations where the corrupt bunch of extremists currently in charge of Israel do so.
One sided war propaganda from a bunch that very much resemble what the Jewish people had to flee from is the order of the day. If this keeps up Israel is going to be treated like South Africa was some years back.

Comment It only cost GM $11 million so VW did it too (Score 4, Insightful) 162

GM got caught out doing something similar:
They were fined $11 million but probably saved a vast amount more than that by conducting that fraud.

If you look at things in terms of unfettered entirely amoral capitalism Volkswagen had a duty to their shareholders to carry out the same sort of fraud since the financial benefits looked as if they would vastly exceed the penalty for getting caught.

As for reputation - who remembers GM doing this? In a few years time will we still remember this current fraud and jokingly call them FalseVagen?

These frauds are going to keep on occurring unless there is some sort of incentive to convince the people involved to stop. We've seen in China how far these things can go with poison in milk to pass a regulatory test.

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