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Comment: Re:Mr Apple... (Score 4, Informative) 99

Not now he's bloody not.

I used to run an Apple dealership, and back in those days (90s) stuff like this would have been the subject of a warranty extension program right away. I don't know when the policy changed, but it has clearly changed.

They've been denying this is a manufacturing flaw since it first became obvious. I've had the motherboard replaced on mine, and it failed again within a year. I've been getting by by using gfxCardStatus to select the intel video for a couple of months while I decided what to do.

I wasn't able to claim under European consumer laws as my proof of purchase is made out to my company (it only covers individual consumers, not business purchasers).

I'm really doubtful I'm going to get another Mac, even though I've been a Mac user for over 20 years. I'll probably just go for Linux and run OSX in a VM so I can run the iOS simulator.

I also have little faith that the new motherboard is going to work for any length of time.

Comment: Good way to lose business... (Score 4, Interesting) 69

by radio4fan (#49045975) Attached to: LinkedIn Restricts API Usage

Next time a client asks me to have a 'most recent post' from LinkedIn embedded on their web page (yes, this happens), I'll just be able to tell them that LinkedIn don't allow it.


“It is typical for players in the new age tech economy to start with permissive and free access to gain share and users and then progressively curtail it to monetize the audience they have gained.”

No, that's no typical at all. More typical would be to start charging for a previously free service. Cutting off access to a service which attracts people to your business is hardly a good way to "monetize the audience [you] have gained". It's more of a good way to lose business.

This is the decision of a dim-witted suit, and no doubt once LinkedIn realise it's a stupid move he'll be long gone with his performance bonus securely trousered.

Comment: Re:Time for a UNION! (Score 4, Informative) 271

by radio4fan (#48867681) Attached to: The Tech Industry's Legacy: Creating Disposable Employees

In other developed countries (France, Germany, Japan, etc) there are a lot more hoops to jump through to lay someone off, and the layoff packages are legally set to be much greater.

I don't know about Japan, but these workers rights in France and Germany were largely the work of unions.

+ - Arrested For Not Giving Up Camera->

Submitted by ancientt
ancientt writes: The cop told him to hand over his camera, but he knew his rights. It didn't keep him from being arrested.

Andrew Flinchbaugh was approached by NJ police and ordered to give up his camera but he recorded the incident on his mobile phone. That recording has now gone viral. They did give him his camera back, but not without arresting him and not without going through the photos first, something that should require a search warrant they did not have. At one point he says that if they take his camera, they will have a lawsuit on their hands. It will be interesting to see if Mr. Flinchbaugh is true to his word.

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Comment: Re:Muslims? (Score 1) 509

by radio4fan (#48787833) Attached to: Anonymous Declares War Over Charlie Hebdo Attack

The same thing applies to Islam. It's just plain evil. It needs to be banned like Naziism. Just turn on your TV, and see what Islam is doing to the world today.

Or try turning off your TV and actually meet some of the 1.6 billion muslims and you'll find that you're completely wrong.

If you really think the solution to a few nutjobs is to wage existential war on 16% of the world population, you're a crazy as they are.

Insightful, my arse.

Comment: Re:Failed state policies (Score 1) 435

by radio4fan (#48619971) Attached to: In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations

1) Fidel Castro leaving the country for treatment actually happened, which is very obviously an option not available to the vast majority of Cubans, hence my quote from Animal Farm: "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others."

Really, that actually happened? Or does famous izquierdista Doctor Jose Luis Garcia Sabrido just work in Cuba? That's certainly where he treated Chavez. I honestly don't know; google isn't helping.

2) They could have the best healthcare system in the World and I still wouldn't want to live there. Nor would most people who value freedom and liberty...

I completely agree with you.

Comment: Re:Failed state policies (Score 1) 435

by radio4fan (#48619833) Attached to: In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations

So what your saying is that if we took all the illegal -- uh "undocumented" immigrants from third-world countries that Obama lets in and dump them into the socialist paradise of Cuba that America's healthcare statistics will look massively better than Cuba's.

No, that must be the voices in your head. Try increasing (or decreasing) your dosage.

Oh, and that infant mortality statistic is complete B.S. In Cuba, they just let the premature babies die and it never counts as a live birth to mess up the statistics. In the U.S. they bend over backwards to save babies but since they aren't always successful, the statistics get skewed.

OK. So they let premature babies die in Switzerland, France, Sweden etc. Right.

Comment: Re:Failed state policies (Score 1) 435

by radio4fan (#48619715) Attached to: In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations

Here's a list of countries with even better infant mortality rates that don't control the media or oppress free speech:

So what? Non-sequitur of the thread. Bet those countries rate higher on Maseratis per head too.

Cuba sucks, but their healthcare doesn't suck as bad as it ought to and that's not "Michael Moore fapping".

Comment: Re:Failed state policies (Score 5, Informative) 435

by radio4fan (#48619473) Attached to: In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations

There's exactly one fact that actually counts about Cuba's "universal healthcare": When Comrade Fidel gets a cold, the doctors that treat him are flown in from Spain via charter jet.

Here are some other facts that actually count:

CIA World Factbook Infant mortality rates:

Cuba: 4.76 / 1000 live births
USA: 5.2 / 1000 live births

The rest is a bunch of empty Michael Moore fapping.

CIA being a well-known source of Michael Moore types.

How about life expectancy?

Life expectancy at birth (years), UN World Population Prospects 2010:

Cuba: 78.50 (rank 37)
USA: 77.97 (rank 40)

World Health Organization has USA ranked 34 and Cuba 36, FWIW. Close in any case.

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