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Comment Re:A lot of people are dismissing this idea outrig (Score 1) 232

It's complete bullshit, at least at the current state of the art. It's not a new idea either. People who aren't actual developers have been pushing this idea of drag-and-drop "programming" since the early 80s at least. 30 years of work, and the most they've managed are tools to automate generating the boilerplate code to lay out UI elements in the software's interface. They haven't even managed to automate moving the values from the UI fields into the software's internal objects/variables, the task's just too complex for their tools. So, why would anyone thing they'll overnight overcome all the problems and hurdles in their way and suddenly make orders of magnitude more progress in the next couple-three years than they have in the last 3 decades?

Comment Re:Like "self regulating" industries (Score 1) 42

Thats not the whole story though. It depends on which regulatory regieme. When threatened by ONE, they may do this.

However, when they are threatened by many different ones simultaneously (say the individual states of the US) then they see an even bigger threat than regulation.... differing regulations. Nothing fucks up the bottom line like having to duplicate effort for incompatible procedures.

So they do that sure, but they also begind direct lobbying for higher level regulations, since they only want to have to bribe one agency, not 50.

So, maybe if a handful of states could draft very different and stifling regulations.....

Comment Carbon nanotube tether eh? (Score 2) 92

I was reading the blurb, half-thinking that this is cool that this is happening" - you know, after the resounding success of the Rosetta mission, anything to do with a comet seems possible. And then I read "carbon nanotube tether" and I stopped reading, as this is yet another NASA dream that'll never happen, like the space elevator.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 119

> In a pretty well sealed facility like this, the insects really don't have much place to live. There's no soil, so they can't live in the soil,

Not all pests require soil, some are quite happy on leaves/stems, or even in bare roots.

Just off the top of my head, thrips live in soil before they become adults and move up to the leaves. They have been observed to thrive on hydroponic crops just fine.

Of course, we already have the answer on this....they do a sanitary cleanout.

Shit, I know a guy who doesn't do that, and uses no pesticides. He manually inspects every leaf, every day, and manually kills any bugs he finds. Works great. Doesn't scale very well to crops where you can't call 1 room full of plants your full time job.

If you have no pest problems, and you are not using pesticides, I don't care how sealed your facilities are, you must not be keeping continuous crops for long periods.

Comment Is it a problem? (Score 5, Interesting) 148

N. fowleri can easily survive for 24 hours

But is it surviving? Does it even exist in our water system at present? I only know about this amoeba, because it became an issue up here in Minnesota when a boy swimming in Lake Minnewaska was believed to have contracted the disease and passed away. (Although, it was later determined that he died not from an amoeba but rather from bacterial meningitis.) But, as this was happening, it was shared that there's been only 35 confirmed deaths from amoebas over the last 10 years. Do we really need to concern and trouble ourselves over something killing 3.5 humans a year?

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 119

I did specifically qualify it as "without a sanitary cleanout". 20 days is most certainly not shorter than the life cycle than most plant pests, but is enough to keep them from establishing a colony so yah that would work.

However, i do wonder how much of this significant amount of work is being considered when saying its so much more efficient.

In many ways a closed environment can be worst than open air because open air crops attract both pest and pest predator, closed environments are far more resistant to predator establishment than pest.

Comment Bullshit (Score 3, Insightful) 119

Ok, main place I started being skeptical was the LEDs vs the SUN. Now, MAYBE its possible that the LEDs are efficient enough that the electricity cost of running them is offset by the decreased water, other energy needs, but....

The sun is a lot of energy and plants convert light to sugar.... they need light, so converting it to something else and back has to be less efficient than letting it shine on them directly. But....

"no pesticides" way. None to start maybe but, plant pests will get in and they will require pesticides to remove. Might get your first crop or two pest free, but without pesticides or a complete sanitary cleanout between crops, its not going to last.

Comment Re: Fascist bastards ... (Score 4, Insightful) 188

Whao there, isn't NBC one of the companies entrusted with a section of the public airwaves? The same airwaves that the poster you are responding to is prohibited from broadcasting on, such that they may have the privilege of doing so, for commercial benefit, but also to benefit us all, as they are our shared resource?

Seems a government subsidized company would be a valid target for some criticizm for the messages they choose to carry or not on our medium.

Comment Re:Go talk to Spamhaus (Score 1) 106

Well you know, its nice when they actually sign their name to it. No really.... the fantastically brilliant marketing campaign for his personal consulting business was to use the school network to email a joke to a massive list of his closest friends, with his ad as the email signature.

Oh totally fooled me, you must really just have a million friends that you never emailed before this day....right..... I am sure they all opted in too.

Comment Re:Go talk to Spamhaus (Score 2) 106

If its any consolation, I was once involved in keeping a mail server under heavy spam load working and shutting down the incoming spew.... which did actually result in someone being taken away by the police and the last words the network engineer heard as they walked away was "you are lucky you are not in handcuffs".

Admittedly it has nothing to do with the FTC and actually involved someone at the University who was intentionally misusing resources to spam in the most bone headed way (from his own desktop in his own assigned office!) still makes me smile.

Comment Re:You just don't get it. (Score 2) 106

This. Spoofing is so overblown. Spoofing is generally not the real issue with almost anything.

The bigger issue is that people don't need to spoof, they just use someone else's machine. Getting malware installed on a machine is easy, getting it installed on hundreds or thousands of machines is easy.

FFS my mother gets calls on the phone from people halfway across the world trying to trick her into giving them access to her machine (I find them fun, she hands them to me now...trick is to act very concerned and play along, pretend to have system issues, and keep asking them to hold while you "try to fix it")

This list of IPs is like a "list of IPs of home machines that are or once were infected, and may not even be assigned to the same machine anymore"

Comment Re:Shocked actually (Score 1) 82

Actually, any government employee can get that protection since under the Westfall act, with the certification of the AG, they can say the employee acted as part of his duty and substitute the government itself as a defendant.

Course, that isn't so likely in a criminal case since it would basically be the same people filing the charges as excusing him.

Comment Re:So it's not unlimited, then... (Score 1) 331

Making the "Umlimited" plan only actually 100GB (before you get throttled like everybody else who goes over their limit; TMoUS never actually kills your data connection) would be pretty reasonable, I think

You know what would be more reasonable than making your Unlimited plan only actually 100GB?

Making your 100GB plan only actually 100GB, followed by one of either making your unlimited plan unlimited, or making your unlimited plan non-existent.

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