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Comment: Re:So? Old news. (Score 1) 43

by TheCarp (#47722005) Attached to: Experimental Drug Stops Ebola-like Infection

> Or are there enough people out there who have been exposed within three days and are as of yet symptom free?

Well that number seems to be increasing every day. So that is a positive um right?

Actually I think the way you do it is with a double blind in a population that is already likely to be exposed, or likely to be exposed soon.... then watch for whether the people vaccinated with the real deal vs the placbo get infected at higher rates.

Since you don't even know if it works, its not like you are actually withholding treatement on those with the placebo, and its a population you expect to have some cases anyway. So if it works, it could protect some of the population and allow for others.... if it doesn't work, any new risks they are exposed to are only from the drug itself, as long as you can weigh that against the risk and outcomes of ebola infection.....

Essentially I think the only viable population is medical professionals themselves who work with Ebola patients, and family of patients who just recently brought their family member to the clinic. That is mostly because any cases that are found have to be isolates asap and so there is no possibility for any real control group outside the clinics/centers.

Comment: Re:Informative winners list (Score 1, Interesting) 146

by Rosco P. Coltrane (#47720321) Attached to: The 2014 Hugo Awards

If there's one thing I've learned reading all kinds of award-winning books, is that more often than not, the award is a big warning that the book is shit, or pompous, or written specifically to woo often sophisticated, pedantic jury members into giving the award.

In short, I usually go for stuff that hasn't been awarded certain kinds of awards. The Hugo certainly seems overrated these days, and has been for many years.

Comment: Merkel wasn't two-faced about spying on friends (Score 4, Interesting) 168

'Spying among friends is not at all acceptable,' Merkel said

And I doubt very much Turkey is a true friend of Germany: it's a economical, immigration and to a certain extent, religious threat to Germany - or at least perceived as such by a sizeable part of the German population. It's also a liability, as it's capable of singlehandedly dragging Germany into the huge Iraqi and middle-eastern quagmire if it starts to get involved and calls on NATO members to provide help.

Turkey just happens to be a member of NATO like Germany, is all. That doesn't make the two friends.

Comment: Re:Bottom line... (Score 4, Informative) 168

...nation states are always a bunch of hypocritical jerks.

Oh please, don't be disingenuous. It's been well known by everybody for decades that every state in the world spies on all the other statse, and that to a certain extent, every state spies on every one of its citizens too.

The real problem comes when a certain state is outed, and flat out lies about its domestic and international spying activities to the representants of its own people.

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by Triv (#47703953) Attached to: News Aggregator Fark Adds Misogyny Ban

browse at 2+, and threads look like a coherent discussion of the issues broached in TFA.

Only if you agree with the overall tone of the thread. Moderation re-enforces the party line, and the choice of articles and/or post content are catered to generate interaction. Unpopular threads get pushed down pretty fast and hard, or (worse) are barely moderated at all.

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by TheCarp (#47703165) Attached to: Rightscorp's New Plan: Hijack Browsers Until Infingers Pay Up

> Rushing a red light is bad, but it is not always more dangerous than exceeding the speed limit.

This is true, but what is really most annoying about this whole issue is.... there is already, and has been for MANY YEARS a better solution, and its very simple.

All you need to do to virtually eliminate the kinds of accidents that happen from light running is.... to delay the green slightly. Put in a 2 second delay between one road getting the red and the other getting the green. Done. Do people still rush lights? Yes they do....but.... a lot less collisions.

Once again showing where tightening regulations and enforcing them even more strictly is not always the best solution in fact, its a bone headed one.

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by TheCarp (#47702759) Attached to: Nuclear Regulator Hacked 3 Times In 3 Years

Well, I agree there is probably little of value there, however, I think you are missing what documents of value they do have. Specifically, information about their inspection program and any investigations they may be doing. That is data that, at least theoretically, has value to the subjects of any investigation or inspection.

Whether it is of real value or whether they would actually pay for it (or hire someone to get it) is another question entirely. I would have no problem believing that a few times a year someone breaks into their systems hoping to find something like that which they could turn around and sell... I am more doubtful that its a very profitable endeavor.

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by TheCarp (#47697263) Attached to: Feds: Red Light Camera Firm Paid For Chicago Official's Car, Condo

No the fallacy is yours in assume I made a claim I didn't. Yes it would be fallacy to claim that because it happens here it must happen everywhere but, there is ample evidence this sort of corruption has happened everywhere humans have had the chance to be corrupt. My own evidence of it going on is only one small confirmation in a several thousand year long history of people using whatever power they are given to their own advantage.

Comment: Re:Pretty obvious (Score 2) 115

I'm not surprised. A local municipality pushed these through (which I'm not staunchly for nor against the cameras), and there was a bit of public outcry. To be fair, intersections were not configured consistently, and stops often could have been handled as yields, but anyway.

The council proposed putting the item up for vote, Redflex thought it would appropriate to sue the city.

Comment: Re:Truly sad (Score 1) 358

by danheskett (#47694487) Attached to: Ebola Quarantine Center In Liberia Looted

You have presented the exact reason why many argue that we should shut down the US border, with the military as necessary, quarantine foreigners, and become a far more closed society.

Education is an unproven method of preventing the spread of the plague. The three proven methods are: (a) kill the sick, burn the bodies; (b) quarantine all the sick and their families until they all die; (c) vaccine. Also, combinations of a and b and c.

There is no amount of education that will guarantee that an infected carrier doesn't make it to the US, spread the infection, and become patient zero for a stateside epidemic.

Comment: Re:our presidents origin story (Score 2) 115

by TheCarp (#47694381) Attached to: Feds: Red Light Camera Firm Paid For Chicago Official's Car, Condo

This. I live in MA, and its no different here. Hell, they caught one of our state reps on camera actually stuffing an envelope of cash in her bra. A business my wife used to work at owned the building they were in, right in south boston. They applied for a permit to get a roof deck; and were asked straight out for a bribe to make it happen, when they refused.... so was their permit. This shit goes on everywhere.

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