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Comment Re:British Airspace (Score 1) 198

But our government is called the "British Government" even though it governs the whole United Kingdom, not just the island of Great Britain.

"Great Britain" refers to the largest of the British Isles. Ireland is also British, once known as Little Britain.
They'll probably still call it the British Government after Scotland secedes, so as not to upset the Welsh.

Comment Re:Well d'oh! (Score 3, Insightful) 109

The sarin/taurin rockets, mustard shells - they're real. And horrifying. But 'WMD' ?

More relevant, these were very old stockpiles, leftovers from the Iran-Iraq war. Probably useless.
As the line goes, the West already had proof of those older weapons because they'd kept the receipts.
They were not evidence of any renewed domestic weapons program, as claimed by the Neocons.

Comment Re:Three words : content addressible storage (Score 2) 284

They *already* do this, not because they're scanning things, but because they index files on their hashes in the first place.

Yes, I thought that was obvious. Do people think Google really stores a million copies of that cat video that has been emailed around?
At the very least, they must index hashes on whole files.

The hypothetical sounds a bit like "if you could strangle Hitler as a baby". Sure we would, but the precedent is of concern.

Comment future (Score 2) 11

A theoretical future where technology has advanced in unimaginable ways, but we are unable to go back to the moon for more samples?
Incon ... oh wait, we're there already.

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