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Comment Re:video transmission (Score 2) 199

Submission is a beat-up, but TFA has some significance.
I believe any indicator on a webcam should be hardware. Unhackable. It should be fed from the power supply to the sensor, which is not difficult to do.
Otherwise, privacy is compromised. And trust. I use a webcam with a physical slide-down lens cover, because I don't trust the indicator LED, and this story has validated that.

Also, there is the issue of unnecessary standby power consuming gigawatts 24/7. You'd think a branch of "don't be evil" would be working to reduce that.

Comment Re:All while adding ads ... (Score 1) 315

The associated email address was, and still is is, my first name I've had that email address for two decades,

So set up email forwarding.

I am, in a way, "stuck" with that address until I die

And do you still get snail mail forwarded from the house you lived in 20 years ago?

Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 1) 591

Yes, it is a simplification. But without the thirst for oil, we in the west would never have allowed ourselves to be dragged so deeply into their mess.
Supporting the Shah, House of Saud, Mubarak, etc may actually be good (look how much worse it gets when they lose control) by does not make any friends for us among the oppressed populations. And it does not matter how much oil is under Syrian soil - is it not yet plain enough the connection between Syria, Iraq, and the rest of the middle east?

We train nearly twice as many people in Sub-Saharan Africa compared to the Middle east

You realise that article is about military training? "Here is how to use our weapons, and here is our catalogue."

I'm not saying the US should do more in Africa. Not until somebody figures out a way for foreign aid to do more good than harm there. So far all we have achieved is a population explosion.

Comment Re:Though spoiled is a likely side effect... (Score 2) 164

I immediately found an article from earlier this year reporting on a recent study which reported the opposite results, i.e., that time spent with children didn't matter.

You did not look very hard - that article is talking about something very different, kids 3 to 11. Babies and toddlers need a lot more attention than older kids.
It seems quite possible we are neglecting our babies, and overindulging older children who could be more independent, e.g. ride a bicycle, walk or catch a bus to school, friends and soccer instead of being chauffeured everywhere.

Comment Re:Though spoiled is a likely side effect... (Score 1) 164

Which does raise an interesting point as to whether or not the effect is due to spending additional time with children or is merely a byproduct of the fact that those who can take time off to spend with their children are far more likely to be wealthy, which is more responsible for the outcome.

Is wealth a direct cause, or just another correlate?

More likely I think, parents who care enough to take time off work are going to be better parents.

Its a bit like parenting books. Whether they have useful advice or just repeat what you know, the sort of people who read parenting books are going to be better parents.

But what is a good parent? Other studies have found that kids growing up in a house with lots of books do better, independently of whether the parents read much to their kids.
So much of what we used to think was parenting, turns out out looking more and more like genetics.

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