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Comment: Re:No Way! (Score 1) 261

by quenda (#47125825) Attached to: Curved TVs Nothing But a Gimmick

But normal TVs give the appearance of 3D just as well, without the stupid glasses or headaches.
Neither TV is truly 3D (holographic), one just adds stereoscopic vision to the other depth cues.

3D would be more useful in still photos, where important motion cues are missing, yet 3D still cameras are still seen as a gimmick.

Not only does 3D have some utility, but most of the time you just turn it off and it does no harm. You can't turn off the curvature of your silly new curved TV.

Comment: Re:Pre-emptive chuckle at the cloth ears brigade.. (Score 1) 188

by quenda (#47116673) Attached to: Apple Confirms Purchase of Beats For $3 Billion

Even audio-freq headphones and line-level cables use shielded cable.
Its only for speakers where wire does not matter - so long as the impedance is low compared to the speaker, hence the coat-hanger theoretical example.
Of course the comparison in only in sound quality. There are mechanical disadvantages.

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by quenda (#47114851) Attached to: Parenting Rewires the Male Brain

Dude, did you even read the article?

Did I what!? Welcome to slashdot, BTW.

OK, I did read a bit, but it was so stupid I had to stop. Terrible assumptions. I hope TFA does not accurately reflect the study.

In other news, it is often assumed that men are natural drivers, but if women practice motor racing, their brain is rewired to improve performance. Duh!

Researchers led by Ruth Feldman, a psychologist and neuroscientist at Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel

This has nothing to do with the US.

I wouldn't say "nothing". US taxpayers have long been propping up Israel to the tune of $billions per year.

Comment: Re:That remind me of the glutamate scare (Score 1) 146

No. There *IS* no need for added salt.

That depends what you mean by "need". I once made bread and forgot the salt. Edible, but surprisingly unpleasant, not just bland.
I suppose you could get used to it, but why? Moderation can be both healthy and tasty.
The problem is very high salt levels in processed and take-away food, not the half-teaspoon added to the pot at home.

if you eat a reasonable quantity of ocean fish, is sufficient.

Isn't that for iodine, rather than sodium?

Comment: going off-grid (Score 2) 131

by quenda (#46947589) Attached to: Tesla Logged $713 Million In Revenue In Q1 and Built 7,535 Cars

Looking at the spec's: a 60 kWHr battery! With that plugged into my house and an array of photovoltaics on the roof, I can tell the electric authority to go **** themselves. (In Western Australia we pay 26c/kWHr, despite having massive natural gas and coal reserves locally. Plus supply charge.)

Figuring that in the Tesla does not look quite so expensive. And as a bonus I can look down on all those carbon-polluting Prius drivers.
So the question: will they allow me to use the Tesla battery while parked, or will that kill the battery as surely as my 8-year warranty?

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